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Mists of Pandaria

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Dragons deal 50% additional damage on the next round after bringing a target's health below 50%.
50% vs. 33% vs.
33% vs. 50% vs.
The runts of Malygos brood, these whelplings are prized for their boundless arcane magics.
The Nexus Whelpling spawns only in Coldarra, west of Borean Tundra, circling the crater around The Nexus. People have reported some trouble in finding them, but I think their spawn rate was increased since. In any event, they are well worth the effort! You definitely want at least one P/P breed, and likely a P/S or a P/B.

The Stormborne Whelpling is always P/S breed, and can be configured for battle to be identical to the P/S Nexus Whelpling in its usual moveset choice, which may make a P/S Nexus Whelpling slightly redundant.
Last Update: 2021-07-05 03:43:17 (Patch 9.1)
The Nexus Whelpling lays down a mighty barrage of Magic damage - up to 3000 danage over 5 rounds.

Use Arcane Storm, then Mana Surge, then Arcane Storm again for a huge burst of damage over five rounds. if it lives that long.

Three Nexus Whelplings is a lazy way to obliterate some of the easier tamer battles, notably in BfA.

Discussion: One of the simplest pets to play. Set up your Arcane Storm, hit Mana Surge, and sit back for three rounds. Then use your spammable attack until you are killed.

The Nexus Whelpling is all about delivering a lot of damage over the four rounds of Arcane Winds and Mana Surge. To maximise that damage, you want the maximum Power, hence a 341-power P/P breed. The 305-power P/S breed, or the P/B with a fraction more Health may come in handy occasionally, but mostly you are content to be slow, and get the extra benefit from Tail Sweep.

The one consideration is weather. Since Arcane Winds adds 40% to the power of Mana Surge, you would like to avoid having your opponent change the weather. This might lead you to using your spammable attack first, to avoid having a weather change in the first or second round, depending on the opposing team.

The Stormborne Whelpling has identical stats to the P/S Nexus, and can be set up for the same most common moveset, so you might consider a P/S Nexus redundant, and focus on the P/P and P/B breeds.
Last Update: 2021-06-27 22:31:13 (Patch 9.0.5)
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