The Forbidden Reach

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There are four world quests in The Forbidden Reach against Flow, Tremblor, Vortex, & Wildfire.

  • The stats & quality of the enemy can be reduced from Legendary > Epic > Rare if you defeat two (sometimes three) of the smaller enemies in the small area around the WQ enemy. This weakening will time out, causing them to regain their previous qualities, and you will need to re-battle the smaller enemies to re-weaken the WQ NPC again. It appears that other players can benefit from someone else weakening the enemy, so if you weaken it down to rare it will weaken down to rare for everyone there at the time, too.

  • Additional Information: Defeating this enemy in its RARE form will also reward an item that teaches a pet by the same name. You will not receive the pet while defeating the Legendary or Epic versions. However, you can receive credit for the WQ while fighting their Legendary and Epic versions.


/way #2151 89.37 60.22 Flow (Flood Warning)
/way #2151 67.24 12.40 Tremblor (Shifting Ground)
/way #2151 18.34 13.24 Vortex (Cutting Wind)
/way #2151 13.09 53.71 Wildfire (Combustible Vegetation)

Happy Battling!
Xu-Fu can scan this section for the most suitable strategies according to your preferences and show the required pets.
Depending on the amount of fights in the section, this can take up to a minute to process.


wrote on 2023-03-22 19:16:33

Thank you for having this ready at launch! I suggest you add the smaller enemies, such as the Storm-Touched Ohuna's that weaken Flow, to this page.

Jessica wrote on 2023-03-23 15:28:57

highly second this! Would love some guides to get to RARE level for the adds around


wrote on 2023-03-23 16:32:46

Most of them can be defeated with a team of any 3 pets strong against its class. Like for aquatics, use Ikky and 2 other Aqua-strong pets, or even 3 moths, and so on.


wrote on 2023-03-23 17:22:50

On the two we've had so far, I just used a couple of Nexus Whelplings with Arcane Storm/Mana Surge against the Ohunas, and a couple of Ikkys against the Swoglets (the second Ikky just need one Savage Talon, so pretty much any ability from any pet would do.). Zero thought went into that; I'm sure you could do better.


wrote on 2023-03-24 15:34:25

I thought they would be as easy as a wild pet battle, but with the boss buff, it makes sense to provide some strategies, so I've added them as fights to the menu now :)

iri wrote on 2023-03-24 10:33:04

Can we only battle them when they are a wq?


wrote on 2023-03-24 03:07:49

so, no capturable pets around here......


wrote on 2023-03-23 23:15:18

Im so confused why do they not have pet battles for the pets surrounding the WQ pet NPC ? Did someone forget to put up templates for all the storm-touched ( NPC NAME HERE) surrounding the actual 4 NPCS on the forbidden reach ?


wrote on 2023-03-23 23:43:08

Because they're so easy?

One Ikky will almost finish a Storm-Touched Swoglet. One Nexus Whelpling will almost finish a Storm-Touched Ohuna.

Any of the standard anti-Boss techniques will easily destroy them.


wrote on 2023-03-23 16:24:59

As of 3/23, Vortex looks to have a bug that makes 2 of him, one seems to always be Legendary and one is the real form (if you've weakened). I had to re-enter the battle a handful of times before I got the right one to appear. (edited)


wrote on 2023-03-22 20:07:45

It may already be implied, but please make it clearer that you can only weaken the major battle pet NPC through defeating the surrounding minor battle pet NPCs. I was dumb yesterday and thought, "well why not just weaken Tremblor by fighting it repeatedly". I defeated legendary Tremblor and everything despawned... (edited)

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