Strategy Creation Guide

Every registered user on Xu-Fu's Pet Guides can create their own strategies to publish for the community.
This guide explains the creation and editing tools in great detail.

When taking strategies from other sources, please include a link to the source or add the creators name in the Info section of your strategy.

All editing options are available directly on the strategy page itself. Check below for details on each individual setting.

1. Creating new Strategies

Clicking on the purple "+" sign at any fight will create a fresh template for you to work on that looks exactly like the screen above.

2. Publishing and Unpublishing Strategies

Using the toggle button at the top menu, you can publish and unpublish your own strategies at any time.
Unpublished strategies are only visible to yourself and will not show up in searches.
Newly created strategies are always set as unpublished at first.

3. Changing the pets of your strategy

Use the "Pets" button to open the Pet editing menu. It looks like this:

3.1 Modifying pets

Use the drop down menus to pick the pets for each of the three battle slots.
- Special pets like "Any Pet" or "Any Dragonkin" are on top of the list.
- The search bar is your friend to find the correct pet fast.
- If you want to pick a pet that has many similar pets, like a moth or rabbit, pick any of them that works for you. The substitute finder will automatically show all other fitting pets on your strategy.

3.2 Pet Abilities

Pick the abilities your pet needs for the fight.
I recommend using the wildcards where possible when a certain ability is not used at all. This can allow the substitute finder to select more pets that might fill the slot equally as well as your own choice.

3.3 Required Stats

Required stats are important for some strategies, for example if your pet has to be faster than an enemy pet. If you enter values in the requirements, all breeds of your chosen pet and substitutes will be excluded. This is very strict so please only add requirements that are absolutely necessary for the strategy to work. For example, if any breed of a pet can finish a fight, but the one with higher power takes one turn less, you should not add a power requirement. Such "softer" info you can always add to the strategy comment.

3.4 Breeds

If the pet has more than one possible breeds, the option is shown for you to pick which one is viable for your strategy. Note that this only affects your chosen pet. Breed selection cannot be transferred to the substitute finder.

3.5 Minimum required level

For special pets, you can pick a level requirement on top of specific stats.
This is especially important for level pets, as it will be reflected in Rematch strings.

4. Creator Comment

A click on the Info tab lets you add a comment from the creator.

Use the Quick-Codes on top to format your comment or add pet or spell names via the tool, which are auto-translated into other languages. Please note that there is no translation being done for these comments.
When saving, the comment looks like this:

5. Tags

Most tags are being added automatically, such as the Experience info or TCG / Shop / Level tags based on the pets used in your strategy.
There are some optional tags that Strategy Curators can add if they test your strategy and think a specific tag should be added.

6. TD Script

You can add a TD Script to your strategy if you like. Adding text via the TD tab activates the TD Script button. Removing all text from it also removes the button.
You can read more about TD Scripts in this guide.

7. Strategy Steps

Editing your strategy steps is quick and easy. You can see the options to do so when moving with your mouse over any of the strategy steps:

This is what the four buttons do, from left to right:

7.1 Quickfill

The Quickfill options are the recommended way to fill in your steps. All of these options are automatically translated to other languages, and provide tooltips for pets and spells.
Clicking on any of the options fills the line with that content. It also adds the "Turn 1, 2, 3" part without any need for editing.

7.2 Manual editing

Using the manual editing options allows you to write custom text into your strategy steps. You can use the buttons provided to quickly add or change text. The buttons provided from left to right are:
Formatting options for italic and underline. Bold is excluded since all strategy instructions are bold by default.
Pet names of your own pets.
All skills that your pets have selected.
Enemy pet names.

Important: Manual editing is always changing the default language, English! Many sentences will be translated automatically, but if you add custom instructions in a different language than English, others might not be able to read it.

7.3 Minus Symbol

Does what it implies, it removes the currently selected line.

7.4 Adding a line

Adds an empty line of instructions below.

8. Deleting your Strategy

This button is quite obvious.
When deleting a strategy, all associated data will be wiped from the database. This includes votes, favourites and all comments. The process is final and not reversible. Use with caution!


wrote on 2022-07-21 22:02:41

hmm is there a way to search for strats using specific pets? Didnt know where to ask


wrote on 2022-07-22 14:02:52

Hey! Not as a tool or such, but if you go to the page of any pet like this one: Kunchong Hatchling - you can go to the tab Strategies and see which one each pet is used in. You can search for pets by typing their name in the search box top right corner. Hope that helps a little at least!


wrote on 2019-01-12 09:47:11

This may not be the place to post this comment and if not I apologize. I have been a big fan of the site for a while now and just for the first time registered. Once I registered I thought about doing some guides and was wondering why there is not a section for old trainers such as the ones in the old world and BC zones. Is it that the XP is not worth it or just never gotten around to it. I am just wondering. If there ever is a section and it seems worth while I would love to put some stats there.


wrote on 2019-01-15 12:26:43

They are not represented because most of them are very easy fights, once you have level 25 pets. Which means there is not much sense in offering strategies if any level 25 can beat them.


wrote on 2018-08-20 15:51:09

Is there a way to see all of the strategies you have added?


wrote on 2018-08-20 16:20:30

I'm working on exactly that feature right now :-)


wrote on 2018-08-21 13:09:52

That would be awesome, thanks! :)


wrote on 2018-08-02 13:30:14

If you have question about writing a td script or would like someone to help make one for your strategy, drop by on Discord!

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