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The Trading Post is a feature added in patch 10.0.5 and became first active on February 1st, 2023.
Each month, the Trading Post offers a new and different set of rewards, that are largely cosmetics such as transmogs, mounts, but also unique battle pets.

In order to buy the rewards, players need to collect Trader's Tender. Some of it is given every month simply for visiting the Trading Post in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. The majority of Trader's Tender, however, is provided for reaching Battle Pass style milestones within each month. Progress and details of tasks can be found within the Adventure Guide ingame.

Like the rewards, the tasks to earn points towards Trading Post milestones change each month and in some month, these include specific pet battling challenges, such as beating specific tamers with a specific family of pets.
Since they don't always overlap with already existing family achievement, we will list those fights here in order to show fitting strategies for everyone.

Pets featured in the Trading Post so far:


wrote on 2023-06-05 03:55:12

I didn't realize you couldn't defeat all the pets the same day...dumb me... so I guess I'm doing this the next 4 days...for those of us that are directionally challenged need to put this comment somewhere please,. lol


wrote on 2023-06-01 05:39:48

June 2023 - Defeat the four Forbidden Reach bosses with at least 2 elemental pets.

I first defeated the Ohunas around Flow, and then defeated the Rare version of Flow, and got Trader objective credit for it.

So for the June Trading Post, defeating the Rare version works just fine.

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