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Ruta wrote today on: Extra Pieces
Reliable. I like it.
Shauru wrote today on: Captured Evil (Flying)
Worked with a Bloodgazer Hatchling
Worked perfectly
Didn't have a Ziggy so replaced with Blighthawk (uncommon) and managed with a bit of tweaking
Prince was great call, thank you!
Kat wrote today on: News
thank you for the post! i would've totally missed it otherwise! -
Yeah P/P is the best followed by P/B. My rematch does weird things too :p - - At least you got the W though, and good luck on your next run :)
Corgi wrote today on: Christoph VonFeasel
I didn't check which breed of Iron Starlette the string had put into my team - randomly, it was the P/B. I missed comprehending the timing, and therefore my Starlette didn't get to explode before Syd died, and my trainee pet got nothing from the fight. :( I'll have to watch for that more carefully the next time.
Used an H/P Baby Stonehide in place of the Stunted Shardhorn and it worked the first time through
If you weaken Wildfire first, by killing the crab pet battles, he will give you a pet.

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Are They Not Beautiful?
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2023-06-07 01:29:42
The time has come, once again, to level all your pets!

The weekly reset brings the pet battle bonus week, and The Sign of the Critter offers a 100% increase on pet experience, so it's the perfect time to tackle that queue.

1 Repeatable Tamers

If you'd like to know what repeatable trainers to look out for this week, head over to our Powerleveling Guide to find out which ones are great for maximizing the use of the bonus xp. It will also offer the top leveling strategies for each of the fights, tips & tricks, and links to non-repeatable tamers as well as other useful guides.

Our widget on the home page will let you know which repeatable Legion tamers are up for the day!

Also, keep an eye out for strategies that have the Level tags for regular, non-repeatable fights. Every little bit counts!

2 Sunday the 11th Super Squirt for European Realms!

Super Squirt is one of those magical days during pet battle bonus week where Squirt is up in your WoD garrison menagerie, and it offers a useful, repeatable battle that does very well in leveling your pets, and has a nearby free heal. Here's where you can find all our Squirt Strats.

Though much emphasis is placed on Super Squirt, there are plenty of viable leveling fights from the repeatable tamers listed in the Powerleveling Guide. If you don't have your garrison up to par for Squirt, you'll likely still get a fair few tamers that will do nicely in Squirt's stead.

We wish you the best of luck in leveling your pets, and hope you have a happy battling week!
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2023-05-25 12:37:17
In a classic homage to Diablo, World of Warcraft is holding a special in-game event with hellish rewards!
Strange winds blow in from another world, and sightings of odd, bag-holding creatures spot the land. Find them and see what treasure they may hold!

When: May 25 at (10:00 a.m., Pacific) through June 14
Where: Across capital cities and Dragonflight zones.

The spreadsheet in the Wowhead article was created by Xirev-Vashj EU and the Achievements Discord, and it confirms the Treasure Goblin's spawn cycle. Image link from Wowhead.

This event is the source of Baa'lial, the lovely little demon goat that was datamined:

From reports in the EU, it has a decent droprate, and from Lazey:
Baa'lial Soulstones drop even if you've learned this account-unique pet. They are tradeable with eligible players (4 hours incl. time offline, no need to be in a group on kill), so help the more unlucky people with your duplicates or ask gently for one.

It looks like it's going to be a better version of Baa'l with a more useful ability set, so best of luck to everyone hunting down this pet!
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2023-05-23 02:26:41
We must now go back to a time when the very land itself cries out in agony, as the one meant to watch over the earth and deep places of the world rends our home. Deathwing wrought a terrible change upon Azeroth, and those of the Infinite Dragonflight seek to break the timeline, just as the former Earth-Warder sought to do the same to our kingdoms. This is where you come in, champion. Preserve the timeline, defeat the Infinite Dragonflight, and maybe pick up a few pets along the way...

Welcome to Cataclysm Timewalking week! Between the vendor and the Firelands raid there are six different pets to collect!

1 Firelands

1.1 Secret Pet: Wishwing

As part of collecting the secret pet, Wishwing, you'll need to collect the Glittering Phoenix Ember from the boss Alysrazor in the Timewalking Raid. It does not appear that this item will drop outside of the Timewalking Raid.

1.2 Boss Drops

Firelands has a chance for four pets from boss drops:

Boss: Shannox: Blazehound

Boss: Beth'tilac: Cinderweb Recluse

Boss: Majordomo Staghelm: Infernal Pyreclaw

Boss: Baleroc: Surger

These pets are also part of the achievement, Raiding with Leashes V: Cuteaclysm

2 Cataclysm Timewalking Vendor: Kiatke

Kiatke can be found in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, respectively.

Among her items for purchase is the Bag of Shiny Things for 150 Timewarped Badges, and one of the items that has a chance to drop from this bag is the Strand Crawler:

However, if you're not looking to spend your badges or run the raid, feel free to drop by the AH and purchase the above pets. The price can vary between realms, so check your local AH or The Undermine Exchange for pricing.

And that's it!
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2023-05-16 21:53:35
The Secret Finding Discord has discovered that odd little non-combat pet that showed up in our journals today: Mote of Nasz'uro!

Here's what Mat had to say from the SFs:
To obtain the Mote of Nasz'uro pet you need to interact with 16 Mote of Nasz'uro scattered around the Dragon Isles, they are unlocked Region-Wide after an Evoker crafts their Legendary Weapon on that Region. Currently EU doesn't have the Motes active.

TomTom commands to the locations of the 16 Mote of Nasz'uro, there is no order to interact with them, you can do it in any order:


The Waking Shores

/way #2022 22.84 88.41 Apex Canopy
/way #2022 24.15 55.56 Obsidian Throne
/way #2022 58.50 67.65 Ruby Lifeshrine
/way #2022 63.89 44.81 On Tree

Ohn'ahran Plains

/way #2023 61.23 64.36 Windsong Rise
/way #2023 34.33 58.74 Emerald Gardens

The Azure Span

/way #2024 78.84 34.13 Vakthros
/way #2024 61.57 71.43 Imbu
/way #2024 36.40 56.46 Azure Archives
/way #2024 8.23 53.08 Hudson's Rock


/way #2025 62.71 13.23 Veiled Ossuary
/way #2025 61.23 40.74 Algeth'ar Academy
/way #2025 72.88 55.05 VotI Entrance
/way #2025 70.87 69.85 Thaldraszus Peak
/way #2025 62.61 85.07 Temporal Conflux

Forbidden Reach

/way #2151 36.02 34.24 Caldera of the Menders

Quest Flags:

Use this macro to check which one you have clicked.

/run for i=76178,76193 do print(i,C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(i))end

76178 Vakthros
76179 Imbu
76180 Azure Archives
76181 Hudson's Rock

76182 Windsong Rise
76183 Emerald Gardens

76184 Apex Canopy
76185 Obsidian Throne
76186 Ruby Lifeshrine
76187 On Tree

76188 Caldera of the Menders

76189 Veiled Ossuary
76190 Algeth'ar Academy
76191 VotI Entrance
76192 Thaldraszus Peak
76193 Temporal Conflux

Note: If you are still working on the Uuna quest chain, you will not be able to summon this pet.
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2023-05-11 19:34:27
10.1.5 has hit the PTR, and here's everything we have so far for battle pets!

1 Battle Pet Updates

Inert Phoenix Ash is now found on both varieties of fire elementals in the area it drops in (was only one type), and at a significantly increased drop rate.

The dragons have more eggs than they can handle, so they’ve called in the crew at the Little Scales Daycare to help. The crew quickly finds itself overwhelmed, and so asks the player (as a great friend of the dragons) for help.
Guide five dragon whelps as they grow and learn. Teach the whelps (and players) about the dragon flights.

2 New Pets

2.1 Whelp Daycare (11)


  • Family: Aquatic
  • Abilities: Water Jet, Healing Wave, Whirlpool, Tail Sweep, Spiked Skin, Tail Smash
  • Quest: A Scaly Pet
  • Additional Information: This pet is part of the Whelp Daycare, and is the pet received during the Bronze Whelpling portion.


Axel likes to chase bees. No one knows why.

  • Family: Dragonkin
  • Abilities: Breath, Sear Magic, Wild Magic, Tail Sweep, Flame Jet, Deep Breath
  • Achievement: Whelp, There It Is


  • Family: Dragonkin
  • Non-Combat
  • Quest: Patience, Please


  • Family: Elemental
  • Abilities: Stone Shot, Extra Plating, Dodge, Obsidian Bite, Stoneskin, Reforge
  • Quest: A Solid Pet
  • Additional Information: This pet is part of the Whelp Daycare, and is the pet received during the Obsidian Whelpling portion.


  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Arcane Blast, Phase Shift, Deep Research, Shriek, Amplify Magic, Table of Discontents
  • Quest: A Scholar's Pet
  • Additional Information: This pet is part of the Whelp Daycare, and is the pet received during the Azure Whelpling portion.


  • Family: Dragonkin
  • Non-Combat
  • Quest: Hibernation

Princess Vorquistrazsa

  • Family: Beast
  • Abilities: Hoof, Spiked Skin, Headbutt, Chew, Evanescence, Stampede
  • Quest: A Cavalier Pet
  • Additional Information: This pet is part of the Whelp Daycare, and is the pet received during the Ruby Whelpling portion.


  • Family: Dragonkin
  • Non-Combat
  • Quest: Anatidaephobia


  • Family: Beast
  • Abilities: Bite, Crouch, Rampage, Roar, Hibernate, Bend Time
  • Quest: A Sleepy Pet
  • Additional Information: This pet is part of the Whelp Daycare, and is the pet received during the Emerald Whelpling portion.


  • Family: Dragonkin
  • Non-Combat
  • Quest: Sight Isn't Everything


  • Family: Dragonkin
  • Non-Combat
  • Quest: Temporal Immunity

2.2 Time Rift Vendors (7)

Briarhorn Hatchling

Loves: Broccoli, playing, and smashing things. Hates: Meat, sleeping, and mean Titan Keepers who won't let you smash things.

  • Family: Mechanical
  • Abilities: Horn Gore, Trample, Call Lightning, Trihorn Charge, Headbutt, Stoneskin
  • Vendor: Sorotis - Ulderoth / Titan Utopia Vendor
  • Cost: 120g


He seems to be very angry, but it's possible he's just hungry.

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Jab, Consume, Wild Magic, Nether Blast, Weakness, Consume Magic
  • Vendor: Falara Nightsong - Azewrath / Burning Legion Vendor
  • Cost: 120g


Gill'dan earned his great power by drinking the blood of a demon, which would also have turned his scales green had they not already been that color.

  • Family: Humanoid
  • Abilities: Punch, Curse of Doom, For Adventure!, Fel Immolate, Call Darkness, Bubble
  • Vendor: Sir Finley Mrrgglton - Azmerloth Vendor
  • Cost: 120g


This eye has witnessed untold horrors, and these fangs may be responsible for a few of their own.

  • Family: Flyer
  • Abilities: Dark Talon, Phase Shift, Void Cyclone, Infected Claw, Face Bite, Expunge
  • Vendor: Provisioner Qorra - Azq'roth / Black Empire Vendor
  • Cost: 120g

Killbot 9000


  • Family: Mechanical
  • Abilities: Alert!, Interrupting Jolt, Warning!, Lock-On, Supercharge, Ion Cannon
  • Vendor: Gill the Drill - A.Z.E.R.O.T.H. Vendor
  • Cost: 120g


A lifetime of servitude to Anub'arak, then the Lich King, and now... you!

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Consume, Sticky Web, Leech Life, Diseased Bite, Poison Fang, Spiderling Swarm
  • Vendor: Baron Sliver - Azmourne / Lich King Vendor
  • Cost: ??

Obsidian Warwhelp

A war-obsessed world turned her into a weapon... but they couldn't break her spirit.

  • Family: Dragonkin
  • Abilities: Flame Breath, Razor Talons, Decoy, Spark, Time Bomb, Armageddon
  • Vendor: Warden Krizzik - Warlands / Dystopian Vendor
  • Cost: 120g

2.3 Quest (1)


Ten thousand years spent floating in a time stasis is quite a bit of time to work on material.

  • Family: Elemental
  • Abilities: Magma Wave, Heat Up, Conflagrate, Flame Breath, Sunlight, Rupture
  • Quest: Retrieve the Blade

2.4 Secrets of Azeroth (1)


With a nose for secrets, Tobias is ready to be by the side of super sleuths.

  • Family: Beast
  • Abilities: Bark, Howl, Superbark, Lick, Buried Treasure, Sniff Out
  • Event: Secrets of Azeroth
  • Achievement: Community Rumor Mill

3 Whelp Daycare Quests

The Whelp Daycare is a new daily quest hub that Blizzard will introduce in Patch 10.1.5. It appears as though we'll guide a whelp of each flight by doing daily quests in the Little Scales Daycare in Valdrakken.

Keep in mind your days may not exactly reflect what is shown below. Sometimes the quests will be jumbled so they are in a different order from player-to-player.

We'll be updating this section as more information becomes available. Right now the PTR is introducing the quests a little oddly, so I'll be splitting them up into 'Campaign' Quests, Daycare Quests, and Whelp Dailies. However, from prior iterations of the PTR each whelp will take 4 days until the next Whelp.

3.1 Daycare Quests

  • Off the Page
  • Fowl Runic Scribblings
  • A Wealth of Whelp Snacks
  • Appetizing Aftermath
  • Arts and Crafts and Baths

3.2 Whelp Dailies

These are the dailies that will come from the Whelps themselves.

  • Obsidian Obfuscation
  • Dignified Disguises
  • Eternal Escapades
  • Scanning the Stacks
  • Cozy Camouflage

3.3 Daycare Derby Quests

  • Pole Position Posidriss
  • Runaway Rusziona
  • Zhoomsa
  • Zaleth on the Go
  • Blistering Belastrasza

3.4 Campiagn Quests

Introductions Quests

Obsidian Hatchling Chain

  • Tag, You're Anxious
  • What's a Duck?
  • **A Solid Pet ** You will receive the battle pet Iggy here
  • Anatidaephobia: For this battle you will fight the Lifelike Mechanical Duck. As of right now on the PTR, it is a level 1 mechanical pet so any Elemental pet will do. You will also need Iggy on the team. Once they go into their mech rez round they surrender the fight. At this point you will receive the non-combat version of Rusziona.

Ruby Hatchling Chain

  • The Ruby Hatchling
  • Crimson Comfort
  • Warm Dragonfruit Pie
  • You're Playing Wrong!
  • I'm the Boss!
  • **A Cavalier Pet** You will receive the battle pet Princess Vorquistrasza here.
  • Patience, Please: For this battle you will fight the Lifelike Mechanical Turtle. As of right now on the PTR, it is a level 2 mechanical pet so any Elemental pet will do. You will need both Iggy and Princess Vorquistrazsa on the team. Once you defeat them and turn the quest in you will receive the non-combat version of Belastrasza.

Bronze Hatchling Chain

  • The Bronze Hatchling
  • Nothing Like a Sandy Nap
  • Artisanal Aging
  • Here? There? Everywhere!
  • Sneezing Through Time
  • **A Scaly Pet** You will receive the battle pet Annuna here.
  • Temporal Immunity: For this battle you will fight Sporeflower. As of right now on the PTR, it is a level 3 Elemental pet so any Aquatic pet will do. You will also need Annuna on the team. Once you defeat them and turn the quest in you will receive the non-combat version of Zhusadormu.

Azure Hatchling Chain

  • The Azure Hatchling
  • A Scholar's Delight - You will need an Awakened Frost x 1
  • Crystal Nutrition - The crystals on the ground are small and easy to overlook, and parts of the area are mob-dense.
  • Well, Actually...
  • New lenses
  • **A Scholar's Pet** You will receive the battle pet Pallibrius here.
  • Sight Isn't Everything: For this battle you will fight Midnight Terrorwing. As of right now on the PTR, it is a level 3 Flying pet so any Magic pet will do. You will need Pallibrius on the team. Once you defeat them and turn the quest in you will receive the non-combat version of Zalethgos.

Emerald Hatchling Chain

  • The Emerald Hatchling
  • Home Sweet Dirt
  • Hochenblume Harvest - You will need Hochenblume x 5 in 2 Star Quality
  • So... Tired...
  • A Green Who Can't Sleep?
  • **A Sleepy Pet** You will receive the battle pet Somnius here.
  • Hibernation: For this battle you will fight Treanthony. As of right now on the PTR, it is a level 3 Critter pet so any Beast pet will do. You will need Somnius on the team. Once you defeat them and turn the quest in you will receive the non-combat version of Posidriss.
  • Note: As of right now on the PTR you cannot learn Posidriss because Somnius' flag is connected in some way, and shows Posidriss as collected.

3.5 Achievements for the Whelp Daycare

4 Unknown Datamined Pet Models

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wrote on 2023-05-24 20:08:28

When I go into strategies it automatically picks one type and I can't pick that I want all types. Anyone know what to do?


wrote on 2023-05-24 21:40:28

I don't understand, Do you mean you want to see Family strats? Like if youa re looking at https://www.wow-petguide.com/Strategy/16923/Swog_the_Elder-Beast and want to see the Flying versions, just click the Flying icon top left,


wrote on 2023-05-15 07:44:06

Are there teams/scripts for the Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor daily pet battles? Trying to level from 1-70 with just pet battle dailies, and would like to level up the most pets I can efficiently. Thanks :)


wrote on 2023-05-15 11:52:52

There are not. The six highest are listed in the Misc->An Awfully Big Adventure menu anove, but not lower. The others will be wiped out by pretty much any Blue Level 25.

But, honestly, dailies through EK and Kalimdor are not worth doing. Only very low level carry pets will get any XP, and that not very much. And it's a lot of travelling time.

You can get very good character XP and some pet XP - better than EK/Kalimdor dailies, at least - from wild battling.

But what I would recommend is to put War Mode on, and park your alt at the pet area in Legion Dalaran.

Legion Dalaran repeatable tamers are up maybe twice a week on average, BUT when one is up, you can get full tamer XP for each battle for your pets, so a pet levelled in 4 battles, and also excellent character XP, with no travelling time, and you can repeat as much as you want while the tamer is up.

See the Powerlevelling Guide https://www.wow-petguide.com/Guide/44/Powerleveling_Guide for more about levelling with wild battles, and the Legion Tamers.


wrote on 2023-05-16 04:23:49

Thanks for the quick reply <3


wrote on 2023-05-14 20:20:54

This has been bothering me for awhile and want to ask: Has anyone else been clicking the link to go directly to the comments section on an article page and instead it only scrolls down to the middle of the scroll sidebar for that web page?


wrote on 2023-05-14 21:40:34

Yes. Same here :) But only on long articles like this one.

I'm guessing Aranesh will pick up on this, but it really isn't a problem.


wrote on 2023-03-15 19:00:57

Hello All,
I seem to have run into a problem with Magpie website. My browsers list Magpie as "unsecure" and say the certificate has expired. Does anyone else have this notice?

Update; Thanks for the reply and all the hard work. If not for this website and all the info it provides I probably would not be doing any pet battles. Thanks once again.


wrote on 2023-03-15 19:38:31

Yes, I see the same. Looking at the cert, it expired yesterday. I have flagged it in the DIscord, and I'm sure Aranesh will fix it.

Meanwhile, I wouldn't let that stop you using Magpie. There is no confidential information being exchanged, and nothing that is prone to malicious use. Anyway, the SSL still holds; it's just that it's dur for renewal.


wrote on 2023-03-15 20:12:35

Hey, sorry for that. I've renewed the certificates now. Thanks for the poke. I'll set myself reminders for the future so it won't happen again :)


wrote on 2023-02-25 17:38:11

I am having trouble with what teams show up when using the "Rematch" feature on Xu-Fu when finding out what teams to use. For example, when pulling up Stratholme suggested teams it suggest a team that is further down the list and low rated by community. When the top rated team for that specific battle has like 100+ likes and I even have all the pets for at 25 its not suggesting it when clicking the rematch for the whole dungeon. It just suggest the latter (Even one of the pets suggested is one I don't have max level). I can of course just go to that specific fight in the list and just find the best team suggestion, but it'd be super helpful to have that best team already suggested in the FULL list for the entire dungeon. In my Xu-Fu settings, I have, "Script, Level, Breed, Staff Pick, Fast, Long, & Shop" in Preferred and everything else in Unfavored. Am I doing something wrong or am I just overlooking something? D:


wrote on 2023-02-25 19:38:29

Why do you have "Long" and "Shop" in preferred? It will then favour long strategies using shop pets.

I don't know which battle within Stratholme you're talking about, so I can't check.

My preferences are

Preferred: Staff Pick, Fast, Level
Neutral: TCG, Breed, Shop, Script
Unfavoured: RNG, Long, Tricky, Unobtainable

Now, that might not be the ideal choice for everyone. I can certainly imagine some people Unfavouring Breed, Shop, and TCG, and/or Favouring Script.

But if you try it again with those preferences, you might get a better selection.


wrote on 2023-02-25 22:19:14

Thanks so much!


wrote on 2023-01-10 21:59:01

Is there any way to automatically blacklist pets from another team in that group so it doesn't use it in "random pet" slots from other teams in that group? Hope it is understandable english is not my first language. I'm asking here because idk if there is a general chat forum, if so let me know.


wrote on 2023-02-20 20:50:06

I *think* you are thinking of Rematch, and dungeons.

Your question would be: is there a way to tell Rematch not to fill an "Any Pet" slot with a pet that will be used elsewhere in the dungeon. Is that right?

If so, the answer is no. When Rematch sees an "Any Pet" string, it does use a random pet.

What I have done in cases where the strat uses "Any Pet" is to import the team into Rematch and then manually fill the "Any Pet" slot with a pet of my choice.

If I have misunderstood your question, please clarify.


wrote on 2022-12-23 03:20:13

Magpie is broken for me. Am I the only one? Have trouble loading character and if it does load there is an error about old auction data and Blizzard API not working with no auction data being shown, only the error info. Thanks

EDIT: Thanks for all the hard work you guys do. It is very much appreciated.


wrote on 2022-12-29 22:23:22

Fixed now!

Ed wrote on 2022-12-23 16:43:29

I'd like to report that Pet Collection Viewer is broken for me. It takes ages "loading" but shows nothing.


wrote on 2022-12-29 22:22:58

Fixed now!


wrote on 2022-12-29 19:46:17

YAY! Thank you for fixing the pet collections!


wrote on 2022-12-29 15:31:18

Thanks for fixing Update Collection! Thank you for all that you do on here!


wrote on 2022-12-28 12:42:13

I spent ages working to get the 1500 pets for Proven Pet Parent which I finally got 12/05/22 only to have it nerfed days later!! VERY disappointed! Since the nerf, the pet collection is no longer updating, at first it was not on Blizz but now it seems it is just xufu,


wrote on 2022-12-27 16:49:41

the site is acting weird for me, takes long time to load, then white page, and can not update anything for my pet collection or my profile. Are they in maintenance mode ? I will make a last attempt and then stop the link with my battle net until i know its safe


wrote on 2022-12-23 20:42:26

Yes the collection and magpie are both broken for me


wrote on 2022-12-13 21:58:53

Did you notice the pet achievements were nerfed ? it's now 1400 and 1600 from 1500 and 1750 ! Nice ! (edited)


wrote on 2022-12-22 15:39:52

They literally must have done that within the past week or so because I was JUST working towards that over the past few weeks and I am only FIVE pets away from the 1500. I'm so mad now. (edited)


wrote on 2022-10-26 14:14:40

Will tdBattlePetScript Rematch and tdBattlePetScript be updated?
They seem to cause issues with the prepatch stuff :(


wrote on 2022-10-26 17:03:25

Pretty sure they will be. Usually it just takes a bit before the authors had the chance to make the necessary changes to it and release a new version


wrote on 2022-10-27 01:32:27

Indeed, a horrible experience without tdBattlePetScript. Had to do pet battles today by clicking the correct ability button each round! On top of that, BattlePetBreedID seems broken too. Guess I'll suspend my pet activities until someone fixes these ;)


wrote on 2022-10-27 08:22:06

Manually clicking ability buttons!? The madness.
TD script is in the works, that much I know for a fact. The others I'm sure will follow soon :)


wrote on 2022-10-27 14:49:19

Oh cool, Thank you for the answer!

Manually clicking buttons is the hardest thing I've had to do in a while >:


wrote on 2022-10-28 07:04:33

UPDATE: Super has just confirmed it is now available on Curseforge.

Hrmph, this Younger Generation who find it too much work to click different buttons... Arrr, when I was young, we had to click ALL our buttons while trudging in the snow all the way around Pandaria , and it was uphill both ways! (Shakes stick and yells at clouds.) (edited)


wrote on 2022-10-28 08:28:13

Ayyy, updating the files manually from GitHub fixed all the issues I had :D

No more button clicking!

Shadow11 wrote on 2022-11-01 19:19:28

Was tdBattlePetScript Rematch updated? Mine still says out of date and curse says it was last updated Dec 14 2018.


wrote on 2022-11-01 20:21:00

Are you getting any actual errors with tdBattlePetScript Rematch, or is it just saying out of date? Because if it's working and you are not getting errors, I wouldn't worry about it.


wrote on 2022-11-08 16:23:45

tdBattlePetScript Rematch works fine for me.

@Shadow11, Blizz's "Outdated" check is a fake check, as it just reads a number in the addon's index file (toc). That is, if my addon is completely incompatible with a new game version because of API changes, I can make it "updated" for Blizz' check by just updating that number, even if the addon crashes your game, freezes your computer and drinks your beer.

Many addons that haven't seen updates for months or even years are still 100% compatible. Maybe they are truly abandoned (and still work or not), or maybe the author just decided to not waste his time with toc updates, if the addon is not affected by the last patch changes.


wrote on 2022-11-09 22:09:58

Note there is a new tdBattlePetScript version. It's called "Pet Battle Scripts" PBS. tdBattlePetScript Rematch is no longer needed.


wrote on 2022-11-12 20:00:08

There should be a news article made to highlight this. Who should I tag? :P


wrote on 2022-11-14 17:42:43

I'll be making one tonight ^^


wrote on 2022-11-17 22:22:47

Yes, it is really reassuring to know that we now have an actively developed continuation of the old addon. I've always dreaded the day when tdBattleScript stops working and no one can fix it.


wrote on 2022-11-11 03:01:16

There is an error in Magpie. Something about the API not updating. TSM link indicates API hasn't updated for 2 months but I haven't had this message that long. Is it just me or does everyone have the same error icon. Thanks

EDIT: Icon is gone and everything is good. Magpie updating and current. Thanks