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Last updated 2022-05-06

In 7.3.5 a new set of PvP achievements was added to the game: Family Brawler. The meta-achievement requires of you to complete 10 sub-achievements; one for each family of pets. Every one of those asks you to win 10 PvP pet battles through 'Find Battle' with a full team of level 25 pets of just one family. (e.g. Humanoid Brawler)

Completing them all rewards you with the Master Trainer's Tabard. But don't think this will be an easy task! With a team that consists of just one family you will not only have to deal with three times their strengths, but also three times their weaknesses. To help you find a setup that will get you through this grind as fast as possible we offer you a whole collection of strategies to outdo your opponents.

Good luck!


wrote on 2024-02-26 20:39:19

Finished my brawler achieve and got both the tabard and stunted direhorn. Thanks to everyone for your recommended teams! Now on to 1000 win achievement for the trainer title.


wrote on 2021-02-03 13:48:02

Just wanted to drop in a huge THANK YOU! ... to all ppl who make this (and this site) possible! I've learned so much since I'm using this, collected so many pets meanwhile... wouldn't have been possible to get it all done without the help of this site.
Right, now I'm off; doing some PVP "pettles" :P
Cheers to all!

Saveda wrote on 2020-10-14 10:14:09

May be it is luck, but i have already 4 in a row wins with Juveline Scuttleback, Pearlescent Glimmershell ans Bloodseeker. I can't believe aquatic team is weening.


wrote on 2019-03-14 17:56:23

Kudos for doing this for everyone! minor corrections-under Flying you aren't showing Tero with nature's ward in skills. same for under Mech, clockwork isn't showing Turret. Anyone who will spend time actually reading won't have a problem. Those who don't....... lol

BTW i have never done PvP and i was wondering if opponents are totally random or is there some pairing system for noobs?


wrote on 2019-03-15 12:43:07

thanks for pointing out the mistakes...stuff that happens when u upload 20 strats at once ^^
as far as i know the matchmaking is for the most part still random, so no noob protection. i think i've read somewhere that there were some changes to it with some sort of simple ranking according to the amount of played games but i don't know if this is genuine


wrote on 2019-03-16 20:05:10

"If you’d like to compete head-to-head with other players, the PvP pet battle matchmaker has been improved. Now, players who are new to the PvP battle pet system are more likely to be matched up against other new PvP pet battlers."


wrote on 2019-03-18 00:30:33

cool ty for finding that. I have been using the original list here to collect pets for Pvp, now i just have to dive in. ;)


wrote on 2019-03-04 15:05:50

I LOVE the idea of framing PvP teams and strats in the familiar structure of PvE strats. LOVE IT! Great idea - already thinking of how to expand on it. Thank you.

A brave move this! I've just wandered around your initial teams, and have some immediate thoughts. I'll let this sink in a bit ... mostly. :P


wrote on 2019-03-04 18:44:56

i'm glad you like it :) there is still much to be done...not only with the brawler article but with pvp in general. i'm currently working on other things and have a lot of ideas, but am limited to time. if there are any suggestions please let us know!


wrote on 2019-03-03 11:49:02

I'd like to add that the strategies I added to the release of this article are by no means perfect!
I already completed those achievements a while ago and therefor I had to come up with new teams again. Of course you can (and I hope you will^^) add your own teams and strats to help others :)

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