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Last updated 2022-10-31

Every zone of Shadowlands offers four different tamer challenges that can be active world quests. Completing 14 out of those 16 awards you the achievement Battle in the Shadowlands and the toy Mawsworn Pet Leash.

Most of these tamers are always available to challenge, not only when their world quest is active, and you can challenge them repeatedly. You can find maps on where to find each of these tamers by visiting their specific section and hovering over the map symbol next to the coordinates.
This can be especially useful if you are aiming to complete the achievement Family Exorcist for which you need to defeat tamers with teams made of pets from specific families only. Strategies for all those combinatins are available in the Family Exorcist section.

Another interesting piece of information, thanks to Valinrista#2543 for the heads-up: these world quests can be done once per character, instead of once per account, as was the case in previous expansions. This can be useful to farm pet charms at the same time as ticking off some family achievements, if you don't mind logging around a few characters.

Happy Battling!
Xu-Fu can scan this section for the most suitable strategies according to your preferences and show the required pets.
Depending on the amount of fights in the section, this can take up to a minute to process.


wrote on 2022-02-16 07:55:06

I just did the Scorch one in Revendreth - Ashes Will Fall? - and got Bunny Soul :) questline. FYI. What other cool things could pet battling in Shadowlands give you? I'm used to just getting Stones. (edited)


wrote on 2021-07-05 22:54:50

this is a great write up, i've been considering making some strats, and would like to write some scripts for it but I havnt learned how to write them yet


wrote on 2020-11-29 18:14:45

I found a battle pet in Revendreth that's not listed in any of the Shadowlands sections. Scorch. I'm not sure how to add this then, so here it is. I used Elusive Skimmer 2-1-1, started with Whirlpool, Cleansing Rain, Water Jet until Elusive Skimmer died. Brought in Dancing Water Skimmer 1-2-2 used pump, pump, Scorch died. I didn't need to bring in my 3rd pet, I suppose it can be anything, but I had Young Sand Sifter at the ready just in case 2-1-2. Edit: It might be a world quest idk, I think it's a rare, it has a copper hand over it's head. Single pet, no adds helping it. When it hits, it also hits the back pets for some damage.


wrote on 2021-03-02 20:34:02

Unborn, Ikky, Any level 25 - common strat works for this fight as well. As they do with most of the legendary pet battles in SL. (edited)


wrote on 2020-11-24 07:03:04

Anyone know which is the quickest pet battle? <60-70seconds ideal for leveling your character.


wrote on 2020-12-26 07:36:56

Sir Galveston in Dalaran, very quick fight, 100% reliable using Court Scribe and Surger.

Scrappy wrote on 2020-12-16 20:43:23

I have pets with abilities that aren't working correctly: Missing with 100% abilities, skipping attacks, Only 1 attack when their should be two and etc...

I have over 500 lv 25 pets and in my opinion, if it is the DEV's intent is to kill this aspect of the game by making pet battles so overly complicated and frustrating, they are succeeding.


wrote on 2020-12-04 05:29:02

There are so many Worldquests and Pets missing for Shadowlands, also not possible to creat Strategies for it :/
Tried to import my Rematch for "Jawbone" but the the site made it for for "Mighty Minions of Maldraxus"?!


wrote on 2020-12-09 11:19:28

The battles are listed under the world quest name, not the pet name, maybe that's why you don't find them? For example the strategies for Jawbone is found under Mega Bite.

ailindria wrote on 2020-12-07 21:37:32

for jawbone fight use same as Crystalsnap it works.


wrote on 2020-12-01 16:16:44

As there's no better place than here to say this: Having strategies submitted that utilize carry pets is all fine and dandy (despite Blizzard's world quest pet XP nerf in BfA), but it'd be nice if it were easier to find non-carry strats.

Just want to get that out there; not trying to knock on anyone.


wrote on 2020-12-05 20:03:30

Even if it has a leveling pet, it will auto load a random pet from your collection for you.


wrote on 2020-11-30 12:21:40

I did the mass rematch export, its all fine and dandy. i also use TD scripts, do i just manually copy and paste each script in to the corresponding team?


wrote on 2020-11-30 14:43:59

Yeah from what I gather thats the case. I found this link and info helpful.



wrote on 2020-12-01 11:12:08

Cheers, i've always done the rematch strings and the TD scripts manually, this was the first time ive seen the Mass import option, but only some of the battles have scripts, ty, i'll go put the missing ones in :)


wrote on 2020-12-01 14:58:55

what is the rematch strings? Maybe thats what I don't have done. Is there a tutorial?


wrote on 2020-12-02 15:15:42

when you see a pet battle you want to copy on this site on the left hand side of the box with the 3 pets is a button that says rematch string. you need rematch to import.


wrote on 2020-12-02 17:07:00

thanks for this i didn't know about adding that so i did that and then i reinstalled and now the auto button is finally working for me woot woot. Thank you so much! This was helpful. found https://wow-petguide.com/index.php?m=UsingTDScripts


wrote on 2020-11-30 02:27:42

Anyone having issues where the Auto option isn't lighting up? and know a way to fix it?


wrote on 2020-11-30 14:32:22

I'm having issues with the Auto working round 1 then never working again for the script. I did find an option to open the notes and lock it to your screen so you could do the battle yourself manually. Anyone know why this isn't working like it's suppose to?


wrote on 2020-11-30 16:31:22

Yes the Auto option doesn't light up for me, not sure what I'm missing. I have Rematch, tdBattlePetScript and tdBattlePetScript Rematch installed, I imported the the Mass Export into a new tab, loaded the right team for the match, is there anything else you need to do?


wrote on 2020-11-30 17:19:42

Ok I finally figured this out, the mass rematch export might not choose teams with a tdBattlePetScript, you need to look at each trainer on this website, click on alternatives, then search for alternatives with 'TD Script' tagged. Select that alternative, export and import the rematch script, export and import the TD Script and then you'll be good to go! Just won my first fight with Caregiver Maximillian in Maldraxxus XD


wrote on 2020-11-30 17:24:33

The mass import of Rematch won't import tdScripts. You have to go to the strats and copy them from the site individually, open Rematch, right-click the team, select Write Script, paste in the window, then save.


wrote on 2020-11-30 19:31:51

I did the mass import for the teams and then did all the tdScripts copy/paste on all but Ashes will Fall because it doesn't have a TD script yet and still in my battles the auto button doesn't follow the script. It was suppose to do a cast and it didn't do anything. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong I have all the pets for the default teams and I have the scripts on there but it will do it one round and then the auto button just flickers everytime i select it. By flicker I mean it lets me click it but it does nothing but acts like it did something. (edited)


wrote on 2020-11-30 19:34:51

Awesome mate, Thank you very much that worked perfectly!


wrote on 2020-12-01 16:11:32

@Ashmiach101#1783 what do you mean by the default team? You need to use the specific team that the tdScript is built for - the default team you get from the mass import is probably a different team and it won't work ...


wrote on 2020-12-02 13:00:33

I just reinstalled it and now it's working for me finally. Added rematch strings and works. Cheers! Question, when i enter battle it says no update found quit or cancel, whats that about? Besides that just won my first battle using the script woot woot! (edited)


wrote on 2020-11-28 13:35:56

Where do I paste the "Mass Rematch Export" from the shadowlands pet battle guide that it creates for you?


wrote on 2020-11-28 17:08:46

right click a tab on the right side and select 'import teams' then crtl V to paste it in the team import window. I create a new tab for each category I am working on. (edited)


wrote on 2020-11-30 14:39:45

thanks Morgue this helped me out a ton!

chris wrote on 2020-09-15 17:41:16

any clue on prices for pets in shadowlands yet? wondering how many polished pet charms we will need


wrote on 2020-09-16 04:45:16

so far you'll need 3000 charms for the pets we know about. DragonsAfterDark has a summary of all the currencies needed for pets in shadowlands here

chris wrote on 2020-09-16 23:31:08

thanks a ton so my 12k pet charms will do me fine :)


wrote on 2020-09-28 18:15:38

But(!), how about pet stones? Are they still 15 charms for a Flawless and 60 for an Ultimate Battle-Stone?


wrote on 2020-09-02 20:40:03

Is there a secret I'm missing on getting any good pets from the import? 90% of all the strats here use pets I don't have. Even tried deleting all toons and reimporting them.. but by golly, i have silly ones out the ying yang ;) like 3 of every cat there is... snakes, chickens, moths..


wrote on 2020-09-03 00:53:06

The Character Copy for PTR and Beta frankly doesn't work for pets.

Your copied account comes across with the original 1000 pet limit, even if you have upgraded your roster to 2000 on live.

Internally, it seems that pets are held in a simple 2000-slot list, with the first pets you learned first. So when your character is copied over, the first 1000 you learned are all that are brought with you. And, of course, for a lot of us who came up the intended way, that means that we are left with the various wild pets we collected on our road to Zookeeper, and not the power-creep pets from more recent expansions.

This makes testing more a matter of trying to game the import system than of, y'know, actual testing. SOMEBODY in Blizzard needs to be told to get that working right.

Character Copy is an unusable mess for any attempt at pet testing.

The Beta testers who made these strats have used heroic measures, like caging all their tradable pets on live before copying, and then deleting pets and learning the ones from the cages on Beta.


wrote on 2020-09-03 17:28:38

i was caging pets for every encounter. before rematch worked on the beta i had retail running in the background just for that and while looking at a trainer's team i caged every single pet that might be useful (and i don't have on beta) on retail and then copied them to the beta. all in all i think i transferred like 90-120 pets individually

also updating the pet journal limitation did work for me back on the 8.3 ptr, so there must be a difference between the ptr and beta accounts

what was really annoying was getting non tradable pets with certain breeds on the beta before the addons were working... when you have to capture a new one without knowing the breed and then leveling it with fights since leveling stones are buggy on the beta (edited)


wrote on 2020-09-03 18:48:11

OMG, @Gráinne.. that last statement was the one I think I was looking for :) That makes so much sence.. Thank you so much. ---------- "/emote Runs off to live to cage pets"


wrote on 2020-09-03 18:57:17

If you didn't do much on beta, maybe you wanna try this... https://twitter.com/patf0rd/status/1297488029972602880 (please read all of the replies there) (edited)


wrote on 2020-09-03 20:09:26

Thanks Lazey :) Had not done anything on that server.. worked fine... alot easier for sure.


wrote on 2020-09-20 10:30:55

I was really looking forward to testing the pet battles in beta and caged and copied roughly 120 of the most used pets with my main toon. Unfortunately, so far, I have not been able to use the battle pet leveling stones, only the upgrade to rare stones, so that was a bummer (server is Oribos, haven't tried any other).

The pain was in getting the best breeds of non-tradeable pets and leveling them. I took a chance and uploaded the Pet Breed ID add-on and even though WoW says it's out-of-date, it will show the pet breeds, which is a help.

What I found very strange is that, through the first 3 zones I have now levelled in beta, I have yet to see the first live battle pet to engage and/or capture. Has anybody else had the same (weird) experience?

Just dinged 60 and hope that the pet battle WQ's will work as I put a hell of a lot of work and time into getting a suitable stable of battle pets to (hopefully) contribute to some more strategies, as I am a huge fan of this site.


wrote on 2020-09-20 14:08:55

Wild pet battles are not yet active in Shadowlands zones. Every zone has 4 tamer pet battles, one will be active in each zone for 24h (daily reset). (Mega Bite in Bastion still not playable). BreedID addon has known pets in its data, for new pets you want see breeds. (out of date for addons doesn't mean they won't work, they only have an old version number but have a chance to still do their job when Blizzard didn't change some of the functions they need. (edited)


wrote on 2020-09-06 15:39:38

Notice there are a couple quest/battles missing from Bastion list. Have I got something set wrong again :) Not seeing Cliffs of Bastion or Mega Bite.

Edit: Mega Bite is the world quest today, but he is still not being cooperative and letting you battle him :) (edited)


wrote on 2020-09-06 15:47:18

I remember reading that a couple of the new battles don't work on the Beta. Those are probably the ones missing.


wrote on 2020-09-06 16:42:43

jawbone can't be engaged and the 3rd pet from stratios is very buggy. we don't want to have people upload strats for fights that are clearly not working properly and are definitely going to be changed anyway (edited)


wrote on 2020-09-07 07:49:26

Understand and agree 100% thanks.


wrote on 2020-09-03 19:01:54

Will add this for anyone else wanting to do the "Heroic Measures" LOL....

1. Add this to a macro on live to grab a pet in your journal you have the mouse hovering over and it will "quick cage" it for you

/run C_PetJournal.CagePetByID(GetMouseFocus().petID)

2. Then once you have all the pets in your bag, copy the toon to beta. Once in beta with that toon, add this macro to like the 1 key and just spam it ;) all pets will be put back in the journal.

#showtooltip Pet Cage
/use pet cage

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