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You can own up to three copies of this pet.

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The default rarity is the minimum when a pet is learned. For wild pets this is usually "poor". Pets from other sources can be common, uncommon or rare by default.


World Event


Wrath of the Lich King

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Undead pets return to life immortal for one round when killed.
50% vs. 33% vs.
33% vs. 50% vs.
These possessed puppets are given a semblance of life by whimsical spirits of the departed.
World Event: Day of the Dead

How to Get Your Macabre Marionette

1 – Log in during the Day of the Dead event Nov. 1 & 2. The calendar indicates that the event runs until server reset on the 3rd, but we advise doing it on the 1st or 2nd in case anything goes sideways with the reset.

2 – Head to your race’s capital city:

  • Orgrimmar: Orc, Troll, Goblin
  • Stormwind: Human
  • Exodar: Draenei
  • Silvermoon: Blood Elf
  • Ironforge: Dwarf, Gnome
  • Thunder Bluff: Tauren
  • Darnassus (Phased): Night Elf, Worgen
  • Undercity (Phased): Undead
  • Dalaran (Northrend), Dalaran (Legion), Shattrath: Pandaren / Allied Races / Any Race or Faction

I can’t verify where all the allied races would go, but from what I’ve seen in the comments it looks like the Nightborne can go to the Silvermoon City graveyard. However, either of the Dalarans or Shattrath consider the allied races as part of their ‘any race’.

3 – Purchase at least one of each: Simple Flour (Cooking Supply Vendor) & Ice Cold Milk (Beverage Vendors or Innkeepers). Also while in the capital, if you haven’t learned the cooking skill yet you’ll need at least a skill of 1 for the Bread of the Dead recipe, so train that before you leave!

4 – Head to the graveyard of your city
  • Dalaran (Northrend / Legion): The grassy area between the Violet Citadel and the Magus Commerce Exchange, near an entrance to the Underbelly.
  • Shattrath: Located in Terokkar Forest, directly between Shattrath City and the house beneath the words Cenarion Thicket on the map.
  • Orgrimmar: Go out the front gates of Orgrimmar, and take the second, short ‘road’ on the left. The graveyard is near a small pond.
  • Undercity: In the Ruins of Lordaeron above Undercity. It’ll be in the same area as the Hallow’s End NPCs.
  • Thunder Bluff: Northern side of the middle rise, in an area just below the elevators.
  • Silvermoon City: Head out of Silvermoon City to the flight master, and fly over to Falconwing Square. Head south out of the entrance to Falconwing Square and it should be just to the left of the entrance. Or, you can just head out of Silvermoon and ride toward Falconwing past the Dead Scar. The graveyard is just before you get to Falconwing Square.
  • Stormwind: At the Graveyard behind Cathedral Square/Dwarven District, almost exactly at the middle point of the 'lake' between the two districts. Coords 46.93 26.22 while in Stormwind map.
  • Ironforge: Go out the gates of Ironforge, and cut directly left. The graveyard is at the end of a small path that hugs the side of the mountain.
  • Darnassus: If you look at your map of Darnassus in mini mode, the graveyard will be located directly between the two Rs in Warrior’s and the two Rs in Terrace, (Warrior’s Terrace). If your map is in its large form, it sits between the RI in Warrior’s, and the RA in Terrace.
  • Exodar: Head out to Azure’s Watch on the Azuremyst Isle, and the graveyard is south of Azure’s Watch, right near the sign post.

5 – Use the emote /dance with the NPC Catrina for a super easy achievement. Purchase the Bread of the Dead recipe from Chapman, the male vendor near Catrina, as well as either an Orange Marigold, or a Bouquet of Orange Marigolds. The recipe requires a cooking skill of 1.

6 – Learn the recipe and cook the Bread of the Dead.

7 – Use your Orange Marigold or Bouquet of Orange Marigolds in the graveyard. Remember! The buff to see the dead from the Marigold items only lasts 30 seconds, so be prepared to accept the quest and turn it in quickly!

8 – You should now be able to see a ghost, Cheerful [insert city name here] Spirit, that offers the quest The Grateful Dead.

9 – Accept the quest and turn it in immediately. You’ve already made your bread, so you should be good to go!

10 – Congratulations! You now have your Macabre Marionette!
Last Update: 2024-02-06 12:19:30 (Patch 10.2)
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