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Last updated 2022-10-28

Patch 7.2 brought one of the most anticipated features in the pet battling world: a new pet battle dungeon!

To enter the dungeon, your character needs to be level 110 and you need one level 25 pet in your collection (although it is recommended to have a few more ^^). Head over to Dalaran above the Broken Isles and visit the pet shop. Either Serr'ah or Lio the Lioness will offer you a breadcrumb quest to fly all the way over to the Wailing Caverns in the Barrens.
When you arrive, visit Muyani on top of the entrance and you will be offered the quest Wailing Critters. Muyani will also start the scenario for you.

Inside the dungeon, you will have to beat six waves of enemy pets. In your very first run, you can heal your pets in between each fight. This is the normal mode.
In the respective section here (green skull) you will find some strategies that work well. While having more pets is recommended to be done faster, most of the individual combinations will even work for the whole dungeon (with the help of a lot of healing).
Beating the dungeon on normal mode will reward you with one Ultimate Battle Training Stone.

It also unlocks the Challenge Mode, during which you cannot heal or revive your pets, much like the Celestial Tournament. If you also beat this additional challenge, you get an achievement and two rewards, the pet Son of Skum and a new satchel, the Damp Pet Supplies which has a chance for one of these:

Young Venomfang
Cavern Moccasin
Everliving Spore

The main challenge is not in the individual fights (like it was with the Celestial Touranment), because the fights are not very hard. The difficult part is the amount of fights that will slowly drain the number of full-health pets in your collection.
If you have a large collection of pets at your disposal, the challenge mode won't be hard for you.

Xu-Fu can scan this section for the most suitable strategies according to your preferences and show the required pets.
The Regular option will allow using pets multiple times.
Heroic mode will use each pet only once due to the restriction of no healing.


wrote on 2024-02-06 20:07:40

If you're having difficulties picking up the breadcrumb quest, go to Legion Dalaran and speak to Lio the Lioness there. She won't have this quest in your garrison. She also didn't have a quest marker (!), even with low level quests turned on. Once I moused over her, the ! showed up on my cursor, but still no ! above her head.


wrote on 2024-01-27 23:27:54

I am having to recreate all of my teams (& yes I will back them up after they are set up) as my Blizz UI got corrupted & I had to wipe all of my Add-ons WTF etc... to get Bags useable/ visible. Unfortunately many of the teams are importing without strategy notes & I have no idea how to make sure the notes are included when I do a mass import.

wymon wrote on 2023-12-13 07:01:25

hello , when i download the heroic mode strings, its not showing the strategies for the fights, just wondering if its an issue on my end or an issue in the string? okay thank you have a good day


wrote on 2023-12-13 13:04:03

I just took a look, and Heroic Mode is exporting the strategy strings as the comments for me.

Maybe it went wrong on import?

Maybe try deleting your current teams for these battles before you do the iimport?

I don't know, but I can see that the site is exporting the comments for me.


wrote on 2021-03-18 13:20:46

Macro adapted for Shadowlands:

/run for k,v in pairs({Wailing=45539,Deadmines=46292,Stratholme=56492,Gnomer=54186,Blackrock=58458,Celestial=33137}) do print(format("%s %s", k, C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and "" or "<< Available")) end


wrote on 2023-09-29 17:20:31

You rock!


wrote on 2023-01-31 10:08:31

You might want to update the Character Level requirement in the Article. Deadmines page indicates level 45, here it is level 110. :)


wrote on 2020-09-24 14:25:46

Do check the code, it placed 4x Teroclaw hatchling for me.


wrote on 2020-11-16 15:51:04

cage a 4th?


wrote on 2020-11-17 15:34:00

That's one way ^^
I have it in my todo list to implement the limitation of 3 (or 1, for unique) pets.


wrote on 2021-02-19 20:16:45

Only 4x? Please, mine recommends 5 lmfao. I wonder what the highest amount recommended is.


wrote on 2021-03-06 06:38:15

It's got six listed for me...


wrote on 2023-01-08 09:28:20

7 here. Almost every battle.

Saltytears wrote on 2021-09-05 12:02:44

Anyone know the level requirement for this and/or Gnomeragen since the level squish to 60?


wrote on 2020-09-15 03:36:50

Are all the pet dungeons weekly? Is there a script to find out when you can redo them. I have done some on Alt's and don't remember what day I did them. I can't seem to get into any of them.


wrote on 2020-09-15 09:05:07

All the dungeons are account-wide and weekly. I posted a script below:

/run for k, v in pairs({ Wailing_Caverns = 45539, Deadmines = 46292, Stratholme = 56492, Gnomeregan = 54186}) do print(format("%s: %s", k, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and "124cff00ff00Done.124r" or "124cffff0000Not Done.124r")) end


wrote on 2020-09-15 09:42:14

it responded with a code (124cff00ff00Done.124r) for all but that doesn't tell me when I can redo them


wrote on 2020-09-15 13:06:40

You can do them again after weekly reset.

Also I see that the edit here stripped the backslashes from the macro, which shows the colour code as hex when run. Gaaak!

/run for k, v in pairs({ Wailing_Caverns = 45539, Deadmines = 46292, Stratholme = 56492, Gnomeregan = 54186}) do print(format("%s: %s", k, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and "Done." or "Not Done.")) end

at least spares you the gobbledygook.


wrote on 2020-09-15 13:53:26

Thanks for your help. What day is weekly reset? I'm US server


wrote on 2020-09-15 15:56:06

You're US? I thought today was your reset. In EU, it will be in 11 hours.Did you do them today? (edited)


wrote on 2020-09-15 19:03:45

I was trying too but it was before 11AM. Did not know today was reset.


wrote on 2020-08-30 02:27:56

So does she not have a currency item to sell?


wrote on 2020-08-30 06:14:43

no. the only reason to repeat the dungeon weekly is for the pets that can be in the bag. mostly for the everliving spore that is worth a fortune


wrote on 2020-08-31 22:12:44

thanks for the info!

Anna wrote on 2020-04-30 17:49:31

I have over 1000 pets, I have around 461 level 25 pets, I'm level 120, I've done Stratholme and the Deadmines but Lio the Lioness is not offering up the crumb quest for the Wailing Caverns nor any of the rest of the pet raids. How do I trigger the quests?


wrote on 2020-04-30 18:02:42

If you've done the Deadmines, you must have done Wailing Critters. You don't get Deadmines until you've done WC.

Lio doesn't give the quests anyhow.

Go to Dana Pull's shop in Boralus, or Breanni's shop in Legion Dalaran.

P.S. On second thought, I'm not sure you can get the quest for Blackrock Depths in Breanni's shop. Dana Pull is a safer bet.

https://www.wowhead.com/npc=142065/dana-pull (edited)

Anna wrote on 2020-04-30 18:59:39

It's not there and I can't find the NPC at the front of the dungeon. Nor does the void have the transport there. Dana Pull doesn't have the quest either. Maybe it's sitting on one of my alts.

Anna wrote on 2020-04-30 19:03:57

<facepalm> those quests are account wide and I don't have the quest


wrote on 2020-04-30 19:09:08

Do you have the transport to Deadmines?

Anna wrote on 2020-04-30 19:21:09

I was late getting to all these pet dungeons. I just started a couple of weeks ago. Lio the Lioness (in Dalaran and in Breanni's shop) had the quests for both Deadmines and Stratholme. I was expecting the others to pop up once I finished those two (which I have and have on farm). But nothing. Tizzy Gearjolt doesn't have anything either.

Anna wrote on 2020-04-30 19:21:37

Yes I do and I have it to Stratholme


wrote on 2020-04-30 19:33:05

Run this command, which shows which of the first 4 dungeons you've done this week:

/run for k, v in pairs({ Wailing_Caverns = 45539, Deadmines = 46292, Stratholme = 56492, Gnomeregan = 54186}) do print(format("%s: %s", k, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and "124cff00ff00Done.124r" or "124cffff0000Not Done.124r")) end

Then separately run this:

/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(45423))

That says "true" or "false" depending on whether the game believes you have ever done WC.

I'm reading around to try and find out whether they changed something so it's possible to do DM without finishing WC first.


wrote on 2020-04-30 19:59:02

Gotta go, but just a final thought. Check your Achievements for "Pro Pet Group" or "Crew" or "Mob" and check your Achievements for "Pet Battle Challenge: Wailing Caverns".

If they made a change to allow people to do DM before WC, I can't find it.

Anna wrote on 2020-04-30 20:44:58

Thanks so much for all your help. That first script the results are:
Wailing Caverns: not done
Deadmines: done
Stratholme: done
Gnomeregan: not done

The second script is false.

I have both the achievements Pro Pet Mob and Rookie Pet Mob. Like I said I have over 400 pets over level 25.

I remember getting access to Gnomeregan a while ago. I failed the first boss a few times and just left the dungeon and eventually deleted the quest thinking I would pick it up later. My next step is to look where the NPCs should be outside and see if they are there.

Anna wrote on 2020-04-30 20:51:19

Hooray. The Gnomeregan NPC Zoox is there! I guess I just need to find the NPC for Wailing Caverns.


wrote on 2020-05-01 09:35:44

Thinking about it afterwards, I now suspect you must have done the initial quest to meet Muylani. Can you try

/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(45540))
which I suspect will show "true"
/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(45423))
which I suspect will show "false"

If so, you need to find Muylani, who should be standing in the left eye socket of the "skull" at the entrance to WC.

I know you say you can't find her. I don't know what to say to that. If you're EU, I can meet you there ingame, just to check, but I don't have any more help to offer than that with what I know so far.

Anna wrote on 2020-05-01 15:58:01

Thanks for ALL your help. I just couldn't find Muylani. The quest marker wasn't showing up. I finally found her name and where she was and as soon as I got to the eye she showed up. So now I'm in the dungeon and I have it all figured out.


wrote on 2020-05-01 19:27:49

OK. Glad you're in. Have fun!


wrote on 2020-01-10 18:48:01

It seem to have a level requirement to receive the quest. I went to Dalaran at 78 and didn't find any quests


wrote on 2020-01-10 19:03:04

you have to be at least 110 to get the quests for wailing caverns and deadmines (legion) and 120 for gnomeregan, stratholme and blackrock depths

NightBadger wrote on 2017-04-08 18:15:36

Could we have these fights as a rematch string please?


wrote on 2017-04-09 07:40:07

You can extract every single fight on the strategy table, there is a button for it.
A mass export is currently possible only for Family Familiar and Wailing Critters (click on the red skull).

Uroshnor wrote on 2019-11-16 23:51:02

Where is the "red skull?" I don't see one anywhere.


wrote on 2019-11-18 05:23:14

Sorry, we discontinued the split of normal vs. challenge mode and just have the strategies all in one place. The red skull is no more ^^ (Above comment is 2y old, we changed a number of things since then)

anymsis wrote on 2018-08-24 14:17:03

Please bring back the Hecoic version of the guide.


wrote on 2018-10-28 17:31:03

I used the same strats for challenge mode, seems to work fine for both.


wrote on 2019-06-17 21:49:46

You're right, but when you only have so much time, it's somewhat frustrating having to look through all the strats to make sure you're not using something you'll need later.


wrote on 2019-01-31 09:13:05

Did anything happen to the Teroclaw Hatchling in the most recent patch? I've been using the Nature's Ward/Ravage method since the big nerf and haven't had any problem using the same Teroclaw Hatchling for the first three fights and any subsequent fights that call for it, but this week I ended up using all three of my Teroclaw Hatchlings and had difficulty finishing fights with more than 60% health. I've been leveling pets when I do the dungeon lately but I had to abandon that in this run through.


wrote on 2018-08-21 23:10:34

Where is the choice between Heroic and Normal mode for dungeons?


wrote on 2018-08-23 18:52:16

Its missing for me too, and appears to only show normal mode I believe.


wrote on 2018-10-20 20:12:03


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