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Dragons deal 50% additional damage on the next round after bringing a target's health below 50%.
50% vs. 33% vs.
33% vs. 50% vs.
This little dragon is all fired up! It looks like he's got some things to do.
  • Zone: The Waking Shores
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A big thank you to Neryssa on Wowhead for doing the majority of the legwork on finding this pet!

As of right now, there are two quest chains you'll need to complete before you have access to everything for this quest.

To get access to the quest itself you'll need to complete the campaign quest chain through Wrathion's Gambit. Before you do this she will not be at The Hissing Grotto /way #2022 20.14, 39.54 Vazallia

Keep in mind she does turn into a dragon and fly around the grotto, and according to Lazey; "She's doing a 240sec cycle, 105sec human form for quest, 135sec not available while flying around."

Before she'll offer the quest, you need to speak with her and select the dialogue prompt; "What are you doing here?" She'll reply something along the lines of; "Whatever I please." Then the quest will become available from her.

Before you do any quests, two of the drinks are available for you to pick up:

Riptide Brew ~ /way #2022 63.24, 79.92 Riptide Brew
Slam Bam Swill ~ /way #2022 46.92 30.71 Slam Bam Swill

Once you pick up the quest, three of the drinks will be available without any extra steps:

Poppfizz Punch ~ /way #2022 39.30, 38.33 Popfizz Punch on a shipwreck
Stealthy Elven Port ~ /way #2022 25.71, 55.17 Stealthy Elven Port (Outfitter Tipech)
Happy Trigger Sour ~ /way #2022 43.08, 67.37 Happy Trigger Sour Firstmate Kaleson (Patrolling Vendor)

For Whirlwind Wine there are three steps:
1. Purchase Kul Tiran Red from Kora Fullsails in The Obsidian Bulwark
2. Fly to the Skytop Observatory, then head over to the Restless Wetlands for some air elementals around /way #2022 76.32, 47.33 Rampaging Wind
3. Throw the Kul Tiran Red at one of the Rampaging Wind, and it will spit out Whirlwind Wine directly into your bag, so make sure you have room!

For the final drink, Flameslinger Rum you will need to complete a short, multi-quest chain. The Worldbreaker chain will start with Ingot's quests: Punching Up & A Cultist's Misgivings

Ingot can be found at /way #2022 39.44, 48.30 Ingot

Once you complete the chain, Dealer Vexil will be inside the cave and to the left across from where you killed Cygenoth for The Shadow of His Wings

/way #2022 35.71, 47.96 Cave Entrance for Dealer Vexil
/way #2022 34.73, 46.73 Dealer Vexil (Inside Cave)

Once you get all the items, head back to Vazallia at The Hissing Grotto. When you turn it in you get gold, xp if you're still leveling, reputation, and Spyragos will appear in your bag.
Last Update: 2022-11-27 22:47:33 (Patch 10.0.2)
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