Using Rematch + Pet Battle Scripts

This guide explains how to use Pet Battle Scripts together with Rematch

If you want to learn how to write TD Scripts you can click this link with instructions for it: Writing Pet Battle Scripts.

1. Required AddOns

Pet Battle Scripts

Also you'll need a source from which you can get strings and scripts prompt and easy.
Fortunately this site is just the right one for that task.
Every strategy automatically offers a Rematch String and those that are marked with the respective Tag also provide a Script.
Hint: when a strategy doesn't include a script on its own there is a good chance somebody in the comments is sharing one.

2. Importing Rematch Strings

1. Open the Pet Journal ingame. On the right edge you'll see one or multiple tabs (which you can edit). Now right click on the tab in that you want to import a certain team.
2. Now left click on "Import Teams".
3. A window will open in which you can insert a Rematch String.

3. Obtaining a Rematch String from Xu-Fu

1. Go to the desired strategy on http://wow-petguide.com/.
2. Now left click on the button "Rematch String".
3. Act as described above and then import the already saved string in the open window.
4. Click "Save".

4. Importing Pet Battle Scripts

1. Right click on the saved team ingame.
2. Left click on "Write script".
3. A window opens to either write or insert a script.

5. Obtaining scripts from Xu-Fu

1. Go to the desired strategy on http://wow-petguide.com/.
2. Now left click on the button "Script".
3. Act as described above and then import the already saved script in the open window.
4. Click "Save".

That's it!

When you face the corresponding encounter Rematch will now automatically (depending on your settings) load the right team and will also enable you to press just one button (by default A) to play every turn.

Tx92 wrote on 2024-04-27 04:58:45

Hi all, has something happened since the 10.2.6 as i can no longer write scripts for my pet teams. I have both the Rematch and Pet Battle Scripts addons installed but when i right click a team the 'Write Script' option isnt available.


wrote on 2024-04-20 18:19:14

I just saw the mass export for Rematch. Anyway to also mass export the Scripts too? Great site, btw. Love everything about it and this system :) (edited)


wrote on 2024-04-20 19:02:47

Unfortunately, it does not ^^'


wrote on 2022-05-27 00:24:42

how do you change the A for auto key to a different key?


wrote on 2022-05-27 15:10:04

Someone already answered you on the Discord, but in case anyone else is wondering:

Hit Escape > Interface > Addons tab > tdPetBattleScript > General tab. The keybind option is near the bottom.


wrote on 2022-11-12 19:31:11

The System and Interface buttons have since been combined into a single button, Options. The rest of the instructions are unchanged.


wrote on 2024-03-24 10:31:45

Dragonflight changed this to:
Escape (? on micro toolbar) > Options > click on Addon Tab > Pet Battle Scripts (TD Scripts was abandoned several expacs ago) > change the AutoBattle Hot Key from A to e.g. Space Bar


wrote on 2024-02-10 23:27:40

I used to be able to have the script open when in a pet battle so that I could just follow along. No matter what I try now though, whenever I start battle, the script disappears and I have to keep going back to the webpage to follow along there. Is anyone else experiencing this or am I doing something wrong? I have up to date versions of both addons


wrote on 2023-12-15 03:04:52

Is it intentional that I have to click the Autobattle button (or A key) every single turn? Maybe some limitation that Blizzard forced on the developers so that people can't pet battle without being at the computer for the entire thing?

I was hoping the addon would run the entire battle for me, start to finish, and I could watch or read something else while that was happening. It would make power leveling more eenjoyable (especially the Squirt battle).


wrote on 2023-12-15 15:18:10

Hey! That is indeed a limitation by Blizzard. Their anti-botting philosophy is that every ingame action requires a player input. The addon is (still?) allowed to take over which action is being done, but it can't work around needing a keyboard press for each of them.

What you can do is bind the action key somewhere else, like your mousewheel, and just spin it. As close to automating as it gets :D


wrote on 2023-12-08 14:10:49

Pet Battle v 10.2 / Rematch 10.2 managed to import the team fine but there is no "Write Script" button (auto button is grey but not surprised as it wont let me write scripts) any suggestions?


wrote on 2023-12-11 01:46:42

I just right click on the team and select "Edit Script"


wrote on 2023-12-12 13:15:48

Got it working, looks like i had both the new pet battle scripts and the old tdbattlescripts and they were conflicting somehow


wrote on 2023-12-13 00:59:45

Ohhhh that could also be it, hehe. Glad to know it's working!


wrote on 2023-11-21 04:47:28

I was having problem with the scripts too. First they didn't save (a message of something write wrong) then the auto buttom just became inactive and finally I didn't have the option to write scripts anymore. I downgraded Rematch to version 4.15.4 and using tdBatleScript with v. 1.9.1. It is now functioning again!!!


wrote on 2023-11-09 20:24:16

The latest Rematch V 5 is way different from the pervious version, I have not been able to find how to re add the scripts that appear to be missing, got so frustrated with it, I've gone back to the previous version which work a treat. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


wrote on 2023-11-12 11:08:36

i have also problems. unfortunally, i removed the note where they offered a solution for problems


wrote on 2023-10-20 17:51:25

Hi there, I am still having problems with the Autobattle button. I have deleted and uninstalled all my Pet Battle addons and then installed Rematch and Pet Battle Scripts. I have copied the suggested script for the fight from this site and everything looks fine, but when I go into the battle, the Autobattle button is still grey. Does anyone have any ideas, please?


wrote on 2023-11-01 21:15:16

Happening to me as well, so not just you =0) -- although my button's not greyed now that i reread your comment, mines just not doing anything when i press it (edited)


wrote on 2022-12-01 14:51:40

I have Pet Battle scrips and rematch and still cant get my auto key to work


wrote on 2022-12-01 22:25:24

same. even reinstalled everything


wrote on 2022-12-04 09:28:40

Same here, still not working. Any fixes soon?


wrote on 2022-12-07 18:55:18

td scripts is out of date and we waiting on author to update it till then we need to manual do battles


wrote on 2022-12-09 16:00:18

not work for me too... importing team, ok! but importing battle script not =(


wrote on 2022-12-10 16:42:46

rematch updated yesterday fyi


wrote on 2022-12-16 15:55:58

Pet Battle Scripts keybind stays greyed out even when I change it to another key in options. Rematch is updated to the latest version.


wrote on 2022-12-16 22:44:58

same for me


wrote on 2022-12-19 18:29:46

Checking in to see if there is a work around for getting the Auto button to work?


wrote on 2022-12-20 19:01:12

I have been using Pet Battle Scripts without any issues since switching from the abandoned tdBattlePetScript addon. I am not sure what to tell you beyond checking that there is no addon interference causing PBS / Rematch to not function as intended.


wrote on 2022-12-23 16:39:50

The Auto button doesn't work even when Pet Battle Scripts and Rematch are the only addons enabled.


wrote on 2023-01-28 20:02:48

still not working


wrote on 2023-02-04 01:40:37

Works for me. I have rematch and Pet Battle Scripts addons.


wrote on 2023-02-06 18:20:38

We are talking about Auto button. If the Auto button is working for you could you please post the addon versions you are using. Everyone posting here is not saying that Rematch and Pet Battle script are not working, we are saying the AUTO BUTTON does not work. Rematch is fine and the script displays fine so we can do it manually. The issue is the AUTO BUTTON not working. (edited)


wrote on 2023-02-06 23:14:23

I have v1.5 for PBS and v4.14.13 for Rematch, if that helps any. (I'm the one not experiencing the issue.) (edited)


wrote on 2023-02-07 08:45:52

Mine was v4.14.13 and v1.5 as well. Assume that you still need to press a key to push the "auto" button instead of let the addon play everything for you, correct?


wrote on 2023-04-25 07:08:05

I see this topic has not been updated in months but for anyone having this issue...
The addons alone do not make the auto button work. You must create a team and then add the script to that team. Then load the team when you do the fight and then it should work. You have to pick a team that you have the pets for as well so you may have to collect and level up many pets to have options for every battle.
There is more info on this site about building teams and adding the scripts for each specific pet battle and it helps a lot if you log into your battle.net account and it sees your pets and it can suggest the best for you.


wrote on 2023-05-06 00:38:40

I'm aware of how it works, It used to work for me and now it does not since Dragonflight. I have teams imported for every expansion and have been using rematch and battle scripts for years. There must be a conflict with another addon because no matter what I do, the auto button will not work. I have just been doing the fights by hand.


wrote on 2023-06-07 01:17:31

Be sure to remove the old "tdBattlePetScript_Rematch" addon folder, as the new "Pet Battle Scripts" addon uses only the tdBattlePetScript folder.

I noticed a few months ago that if you attempt to just install the new addon over the old one, the old code in the "tdBattlePetScript_Rematch" folder will remain and you'll end up with strange conflicts. I don't know if the old Rematch showed up as a separate addon that can be disabled, so I'd say it'd be best to remove it to be sure it doesn't load.


wrote on 2023-01-04 13:13:18

I am now getting this error on any TD script import: "Found error: Invalid Condition: 'self(#2).active' (Not found cmd 'self.active')

Seems it was reported, but I've found no help in getting it fixed. Can anyone point me in a direction? TIA



wrote on 2023-01-12 20:57:59

TDBattlePetScript and TDBattlePetScript Rematch were abbandoned, so another person created a fork for 10.0 that replaced them Check "Pet Battle Scripts" addon:



wrote on 2023-01-06 00:33:54

Same I have an error in the script I can't make them work


wrote on 2023-01-12 09:30:13

I had the same error. Go to Curseforge, search for Pet Battle scripts. it will tell you how to fix this


wrote on 2022-12-28 14:47:58

Does the Auto button happen to work with the new Press and Hold casting? I doubt it, as it doesn't work with macros, but figured I would double check! TIA (edit: wording) (edited)


wrote on 2022-12-12 22:05:26

with the tdbattlescript and battlescript rematch not being updated, is there any other options ?


wrote on 2022-12-09 23:18:45

Rematch is sometimes conflicts with heartstones and has to be turned off

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