Glimr - The Purple Murloc

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Aranesh, schlumpf#2707


최신 업데이트 2022-10-31

A wandering adventurer saved a small band of murlocs that had lost their homes, and a glimmer of hope was born.

Found on November 2nd of 2020 by the secret finder community, here's a step by step guide get this adorable purple murloc pet:

  • Head to Venture Bay in Grizzly Hills - /way #116 18.44 88.22 Glimmerfin Scout Murloc (Grizzly Hills)
  • Wait for a few minutes if the Glimmerfin Scout is not around. Once he is, interact with him. He will run away but leave behind the quest Glimmerfin Scale
  • After picking up the quest, fly to King Mrgl Mrgl in the Borean Tundra
  • He'll task you to go back to Grizzly Hills and collect crab meat.
  • Once you have the required amount, hand them in at Glimmergut - he's underwater, so use a waterbreathing method of your choice or one of the elixirs you got from King Mrgl Mrgl.
  • Glimmergut asks you to kill a seal above. Do so and bring the Pile of Blubberfat back to a Glimmerfin Oracle
  • You then have to dive deep — into fatigue — to collect a Giant Pearl. Make sure to use underwater breathing for this step and avoid the elite guard.
  • After the pet battle, you have to collect different seaweeds. Make sure to avoid touching the kelps as they do damage.

Congratulations, Glimr is now yours!

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