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The two new regions of the expansion Battle for Azeroth, Zandalar and Kul Tiras, come with a large list of new world quests.
24 of those are related to pet battling. Similar to Legion, they provide different pet related rewards, from bandages over pet upgrade stones to the new Polished Pet Charms.

In this section you will find strategy guides for each one of these new world quests.
Xu-Fu can scan this section for the most suitable strategies according to your preferences and show the required pets.
Depending on the amount of fights in the section, this can take up to a minute to process.


wrote on 2023-01-25 08:03:52

Question: What do I need to do to unlock the Dailies in Vale of Eternal Blossoms? I never see any of those pet tamers.


wrote on 2023-01-29 22:59:29

Without knowing where you're at in the BFA content, I'd check out this wowhead guide on it:



wrote on 2020-04-26 15:29:30

Hello, I do not know if it is a possibility, but because I never look at the quest name but always at the npc name. Is it possible to make it so that if you hover over the quest name on the list on the lefthand side that it pop ups a little window right next to it with the NPC name? (edited)


wrote on 2020-04-27 03:14:35

Hey! Often requested feature. Yes - I'm (very slowly though) working on this as part of a bigger rework of the entire menu :-)


wrote on 2020-04-27 07:04:36

Aah, okay. I did read your progression on that site but didn't really saw that anywhere sorry for asking again then ^_^


wrote on 2020-04-27 08:02:42

No problem at all!! :)


wrote on 2020-08-14 16:17:41

Hey Aranesh, Is it also possible to add the names with a mouse over orsomething to these WQ Names. I know you already did that with the Family Battler ^_^ Would be great.


wrote on 2020-08-15 14:50:26

That's quite some effort and I think with Shadowlands looming, I'll focus on other areas of the page for now. It would definitely be part of the bigger rework I mentioned earlier. The Trello link still works and you can see the progress on that :D

That would be a complete overhaul of the entire menu structure, mostly the database, which limits many options right now. For example the option to easily move a strategy to somewhere else. It's not fun work though and I keep pushing it back. At least right now I have a great excuse haha :D


wrote on 2020-05-22 00:45:22

I've tried searching the site a bit, but is there a place with a "master list" of teams? I know teams are user-created, but for instance, if I wanted a list of all of DragonsAfterDark's teams, could that be found somewhere?


wrote on 2020-05-22 02:58:55

You can go to a persons user profile and see all their strategies:

Other than that, there isn't right now. What kind of masterlist would you be interested in?


wrote on 2020-05-23 02:01:33

Well, I mean I generally go with the most upvoted team on each page unless I don't have the pets that strat requires. Thanks for the advice though! (edited)


wrote on 2020-04-06 22:26:43

Is it possible to add new strategies for World Quests that don't appear in the list at all? E.g. Brain Tickling in Vale. I was looking to add a strat for it but am only seeing a way to add new strats to existing World Quests.


wrote on 2020-04-06 22:49:16

The Vale and Uldum WQs are not on the list by their WQ name, they're by the NPC name. So for Brain Tickling, I believe it's Tormentius. All 8 of the new pet battle NPCs are to the left of this comment section, and are the two sections on the top under Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Uldum. (edited)


wrote on 2020-04-06 23:41:30

Ahh ok I see that now, thanks. I didn't expect that change up in format.


wrote on 2020-04-07 00:14:54

When they were added during the PTR, we had the datamined list of NPC names, but not their WQ names. Once it went live, it just wasn't changed.


wrote on 2020-04-07 02:30:40

@Aranesh told you to keep the format :smudge:


wrote on 2020-04-07 04:04:23


Eh! Want me to change those 8 here to their quest names now? Might be a tad bit confusing for a while but better for consistency right now?


wrote on 2020-04-07 12:54:26

i vote for consistency


wrote on 2020-04-11 11:40:41

Well, okay then!


wrote on 2020-03-21 12:07:24

Just out of curiosity, have anyone found any in-game bugs with pet battles that we could band together and report to get fixed? I've reported a couple, but I doubt that one player's report will make the devs stand up and listen. Maybe if more people make similar reports we could get them to fix stuff.

I've noticed that pet attacks that can hit multiple times can complete all their hits, even if they die on the first hit. I first noticed this when Chitara attacks my pet with its Thrash ability and got killed by my Tinytron's shields (Due to RNG this doesn't happen in every fight, btw), but I've also seen it a couple of times on my own pets' attacks in other fights). This could be related with the bug that makes dead pets retain animations over them after they die (Such as the Zzz when they heal/rest).

Also, Horde players can get flagged for PvP (Probably by a mounted guard) while engaged in battle with Michael Skarn in Drustvar (The Bee fight "What's the Buzz"). This is the only fight I've found where this happens, and I have several toons on both sides. (edited)


wrote on 2020-03-21 13:43:27

nothing of what you listed is a bug, but rather bad game design.

"pet attacks that can hit multiple times can complete all their hits, even if they die on the first hit" this just seems like it's a bug because common sense suggests that a bad pet couldn't attack. however it still will if it dies during an animation due to balancing, otherwise you would lose on value even tho you could use and perform an ability (and i think this is just fair from a PvP perspective)

"the bug that makes dead pets retain animations over them after they die" again not a bug, just very poor scripting from blizzard's side. this is related to the haunt nerf. one of the new mechanics after the nerf was that all the auras (buffs, debuffs and such) remain on the haunt pet when it comes back to life. blizzard's solution to this was to just disable the auras from being removed once a pet dies. that's why all dead pets keep them.
i really don't like this change because it was a short-sighted solution that has already backfired with the addition of the blizzcon pets which can revive pets

well and with the PvP flagging... like you already said, just a poor placement of the trainer near a patrol path from a guard

also i'm sure there was at least one forum post in the past of collective (actual) pet battle bugs that didn't change anything (i believe it was made by wazzak) and i'm convinced that they would ignore a new thread again (edited)

Anymsis wrote on 2020-02-27 14:26:27

After the changes to the pettracker addon, it no longer displays the CD of enemy pets while in battle.
Is there any good alternative addon which lets you see the enemy spells and their cooldown?


wrote on 2020-02-27 14:47:41

It's not my favorite because I don't like the placement, but Derangement's Pet Battle Cooldowns will display enemy spells and their CDs.


wrote on 2020-02-27 16:59:21

derangement is like rematch. once you've used it you can't play without it anymore


wrote on 2020-02-27 17:02:38

I just preferred Pet Tracker, because the enemy team's icons were right above mine. I dislike having to look between the top and bottom of my screen.


wrote on 2020-02-27 17:08:47

Yeah, it sucks hard. This thread suggests a way to modify the code to put CDs back. I think I'll take a look sometime soon.


Also this one, a bit more rudimentary

https://github.com/Jaliborc/PetTracker/issues/148 (edited)


wrote on 2020-02-27 17:41:46

i smell pve arguments


wrote on 2020-02-27 20:21:00

Update just went out about half an hour ago. Hopefully this is the fix you were looking for:

> Battle: fixed bug preventing game from keeping track of battle status (and thus no cooldown predictions). (edited)


wrote on 2020-02-28 09:31:07

Apparently there may still be a problem with it, but stay tuned for another quick update.



wrote on 2020-02-07 18:52:01

Remember, when you're fleeing madly across the opposing faction continent, to set up your team before you leave your FP. Then, if you're not currently in combat, you can immediately enter pet battle when you roll up on the pet trainer. This reduces the chances of getting killed by some opfor hoser camping the battle site. (edited)

CircleA wrote on 2019-12-26 15:12:02

So what's the deal with the BfA battles in the Vale of Eternal Blossom and Uldum. Are they active? I don't see them when I go there. (edited)


wrote on 2019-12-26 16:07:01

those are the 8.3 world quests that pop up during a N'zoth assault. so right now they are limited to the PTR

CircleA wrote on 2019-12-26 19:53:29

Thank you. Exactly what I wanted to know.


wrote on 2020-01-10 14:54:41

For 8.3 world quests which pets are the best to have? Couldnt find it anywhere. Thanks for an answer in advance.


wrote on 2020-01-10 15:11:18

the 8.3 strategies are in the bfa world quest section within the Uldum and Vale of eternal Blossoms tabs. so on the top left from here

Olliyx wrote on 2020-01-15 19:32:05

@Shenk Do you know any information about Family Achievement for 8.3 Legendary pets at Uldum and eternal blossoms like argus ? I search that on internet but i have nothing about it :(


wrote on 2020-01-15 19:42:33

There are no family achievements for the 8.3 pets in Uldum & the Vale. The only thing a few of them are used for, besides WQs, are quests in the Shadowbarb Drone (mount) chain.


wrote on 2020-01-16 04:21:29

Thanks shenk


wrote on 2020-01-16 15:41:50

You're welcome, DaD


wrote on 2020-01-16 17:57:21



wrote on 2019-10-03 22:05:31

Does anyone have any information on a possible new pet challenge that is right outside the Hall of Beasts on the Horde side. There is a big group of "Tamers" of all sorts standing in the courtyard there. And there is a Challenge post. It is able to be clicked and I got Terrible Turnip, Carrot, and Globulus. Was able to battle them but didn't receive anything from it. It just appeared today and I know it was not there Tuesday when I ported to the pet dungeons for my weekly go.


wrote on 2019-10-03 23:01:49

Interesting. I confirm I see it. I got the Garrison battle from yesterday Mr. Terrible, Carroteye, and Sloppus, which I presume is what you meant.

I can't say for sure myself that the post wasn't there before. I might well have missed it.


wrote on 2019-10-04 13:53:07

also can confirm. and if i remember correctly some of the pets that walk around there are different ones now. i wonder if winning that fight there counts towards the garrison daily

sure hope they will bring in some new content there, felt strange so far having a pet battle area without anything new but a vendor


wrote on 2019-10-05 14:56:25

I guess the faction factor prevents it… that being said, Ruff Waters could also use some fresh ideas so it's not impossible IMHO :)

edit: also it's that trio today as well, like maybe this is the only quest? (edited)


wrote on 2019-10-10 20:05:02

It would be great to have some new content!!


wrote on 2019-10-12 16:36:18

I just did this and got the Mark of Pet Mastery for the garrison menagerie daily (having first accepted the quest), even though the opponents were different to those in my garrison.


wrote on 2019-10-17 13:18:52

It's been there for a while. I remember finding it back when I got flying and was flying around exploring the place.

Edit: This is about the Challenge Post. That's been there for a while. I think the new pet battle going on there is new, as I don't remember seeing it, but don't quote me on that. (edited)

literallyacat wrote on 2019-10-20 23:35:25

I found this post and could battle the challengers back when BFA launched but have not seen them do anything with it since then.


wrote on 2019-07-25 10:47:29

I just wanna let you know i Love this site i just started out with Pet Battles and Celestial Tournament and everything u need to know is here its amazing :)


wrote on 2019-07-26 05:03:35

Thank you very much :-)

Penny wrote on 2019-08-28 11:04:11

I love the site too. most of them I can do without help but the one that I can't ------ well really appreciate your site


wrote on 2019-09-15 09:01:05

i, too, am quite thankful of/for this site; i've been coming here for, i dunno - a year or so? And i find it indispensable for pet battling. Thanks for the effort!!


wrote on 2019-07-31 00:45:45

I wish there was a filter option to hide leveling strats for the BfA trainers. I'm trying to replace as many of my pre-8.1 teams as possible with faster strategies, and having to wade through the clutter doesn't help.


wrote on 2019-08-24 13:41:41

I agree. Especially since the BfA trainers don't give much exp.

Craizee wrote on 2019-05-28 02:28:12

Do the BattlrbPet Masters give extra pet xp during pet battle week? I did good for 3 days with finding battle masters to spam, but not the past 2 days. Is that normal?


wrote on 2019-06-01 04:43:26

BfA Tamers had their base xp reduced since they are available at all times to battle, minus the single pet fights, who don't award much in the way of xp anyway. Your best bet is to head to the powerleveling page listed in the guide tab at the top. It'll give you a working list of repeatable tamers from Legion.

Anymsis wrote on 2019-06-10 12:39:59

To answer the question, yes they give more xp during the pet battle week. The xp bonus is applied to all sources of battle pet xp.
But as DragonAfterDark mentioned, since the xp gain from BFA trainers is already so low, the bonus xp will ofc not be much either as it's % based.

River wrote on 2018-09-17 02:08:27

hey, first of - one wonderful site you have created!
one suggestion - in the BfA list (table on the left) you put the list of quests but not the trainers names, and when trying to find a trainer you first need to search (somewhere else) for the quest related to it.
i think replacing or adding trainers names to the list would be a good idea.
tnx again for your great site.

Thomas wrote on 2018-09-20 07:45:46

But it says in the quest tracker what the name of the quest is? For instance, the world quest to defeat Leana Darkwind in Stormsong Valley clearly has the quest title "Captured Evil", so I don't really see the problem here?


wrote on 2018-09-20 21:20:37

I agree. You can only fight these things when the WQ is up anyway. So knowing the names of the targets isn't really helpful at all, in my opinion.

Mergas wrote on 2018-09-30 16:58:32

You are both correct, to a point. Some people think of the quest by the name of the trainer, and when looking up a strategy for future use they go by that name. So having it cross referenced in the list would be helpful when you don't have the quest to refer to or can't think of the quest name but want to research a new team for the fight..


wrote on 2018-10-01 12:26:12

It actually isn't a bad idea, or something similar at least. There have been times where I've made my way to the trainer, loaded up my saved team, started the fight, and because the fights are new enough and I don't have them memorized like say Pandaria trainers, I want to open up the strat here on the site. But I don't remember the name of the WQ because I'm forgetful like that and I'm in the fight. Knowing something like the trainer's name or the first pet's name would be helpful. What I currently do is open the map and find the WQ, while in the battle. It works, but an identifier on the list wouldn't be bad. Maybe a indicator (like a green paw) that shows up next to active WQs, similar to the flags on the menagerie list?


wrote on 2018-10-11 00:34:58

Sometimes my UI bugs out, and I can't see the name of the currently tracked quest (seems to only happen in pet battles,) so I would appreciate the trainer name as well.


wrote on 2018-10-11 18:59:23

I agree. Rematch, by default, will save the team by the Trainer name. Going back to find the team for any reason is then very difficult. I've figured out how to add the WQ name in Rematch, but now have to go back and find the WQ name to match with the Trainer name. Just think having both names would be very helpful.


wrote on 2018-10-13 14:35:27

You can hover over the quest name (on the physical strat page itself, not the sidebar) and it tells you the name of the trainer :)


wrote on 2019-06-02 12:10:32

Yes, having the trainer name next to the quest name on the sidebar would be amazing - especially on the Family Battler page. I was down to a couple trainers on each family, and it would have been great to see them on the side bar for easy reference.


wrote on 2018-12-13 07:32:08

So it seems like about all BfA wqs no longer grant significant pet experience, is that correct? I don't have much gametime to verify many of them, just curious if it was discussed somewhere, have devs clarified if it was intended change or a bug, and whether it spreads to all pet battles vs npc, including old pandaria ones, etc?


wrote on 2018-12-13 10:15:30

There was a blue post about it. With the release of Family Battler, they made Kul Tiras and Zandalar trainers able to be fought at any time so the achievement will be much easier to complete compared to Legion's. They also reduced the xp so you can't power level pets with that change.


wrote on 2018-12-14 23:17:31

So now we need non leveling strategies that are a little faster.


wrote on 2018-12-19 08:19:31

It seems like some of the pets choose abilities that will kill lower level pets too. I was doing 'That's a big carcass', and my Pandaren Fire Spirit would take a hit in the first round, be swapped out, the first enemy pet would die and the second would come in with an AOE that killed the Spirit every time. I switched it out for a higher level (but not maxed) pet, and it did cleansing rain like it always did previously.

Geki wrote on 2019-03-04 10:48:36

I'd like to suggest a purge of all comments related to the experience nerf, and a sticky put up front. I'm getting tired of having to sort through all the 'exp was nerfed' and 'this strat is useless cause low exp' or 'this strat should not be titled high exp it gives nothing' comments to actually reach useful ones.

Darrwin wrote on 2019-03-14 14:27:35

A sticky about this seems like a good idea. I didn't realize and was searching for answers till I saw this comment.


wrote on 2019-03-17 15:35:08

Whenever a tamer is low xp, I like to throw in a level 24 in the leveling slot-high enough to help in a pinch but still able to get a bit of benefit from the effort. I highly recommend the Rematch addon (found on Twitch) to automate tamers - can not say enough good things about this addon for pet tamer battles!!

Trueheart wrote on 2018-09-11 02:46:04

I love your pages. One of the things I miss though is that pet battle strategies do not often show what pets the world quest npc has. We are left to hope that someone lists them in comments. Is there someplace on the site that lists the pets we are fighting against? Thanks for all of your hard work!


wrote on 2018-09-11 02:48:53

There is :)
Every strategy has this downfacing arrow below the pets. Click it and a panel with additional info will open, including the enemy pets. For some few fights I don't have them, but they should be listed for about 98% of all fights here.

Geki wrote on 2019-01-22 14:20:51

Gotta ask again about that. When I click that arrow a dropdown menu comes up, and when I click any of the pet's names it sends me to their wowhead page and... well. Wowhead is nearly always wrong. It marks everything as a B/B with 260 power and speed unless someone edits it correctly.


wrote on 2019-01-22 16:46:21

Well, I don't have any more info on them than their names and wowhead links, I'm afraid :-(
What info are you looking for?

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