Pet Battle Scripts schreiben

1. Requirements

For this guide, it is necessary to install the addon Pet Battle Scripts.
It is assumed that installation and setup are already done, and teams are set or easy to set by you.

2. How it works

Basically the addon selects the required ability following instructions written in the script. E.g.:

use(Schutz der Natur:574) [!self.aura(Nature's Ward:820).exists]
This set of lines result in the following actions:
round 1: it casts Ausweichen
round 2: it tries to cast Ausweichen, but since it is on CD, it goes to the next line and casts Schutz der Natur
round 3: it tries to cast Ausweichen, but since it is on CD, it tries the next line. Since aura Nature's Ward is active, it goes to the next line and casts Alphastoß, and so on.

To summarize: each line is read sequentially until it finds a command that can be executed. The challenge here is writing scripts able to cast the spells according to the desired strategy.

3. Script creation

3.1 The editor

The easiest way to write a script is when you are doing a pet battle with a team previously saved on Rematch.
After starting the fight, open Rematch, right click over the corresponding team and select 'Write script'.
It will open a new window, the 'Script editor'. During the battle, and while the script editor is active it is possible to write a script using the auto-complete feature.

With the script editor opened and during a fight, start typing the desired action and it will soon show an dropdown list.

After selecting an action (type Enter or click over the action) a new list with the abilities available to the active pet will be shown.

Again, select the desired ability and if needed add the conditions when this action will be executed. Start by typing a bracket '[' followed by the first letter of the condition. Options are a target (self, enemy) or weather.

Anyway, a new list will be shown, it there is any.

In case there are additional required parameters, as with auras, a new list will be shown. As before, select the appropriate option.

Once you are familiar with the commands, you might just type the command followed by a dot to activate the dropdownlist with the available options. Remember to close the condition with a bracket: ']'.

Writing and editing a script is not difficult itself since the addon makes it very easy with the dropdown lists. Good luck!

3.2 Actions

ability/use: casts an ability
change: changes active pets
catch: catches a pet, if possible
standby: pass a round
quit: quits the fight

3.3 Conditions

Conditions are written between brackets ([condition]):
if & endif

3.4 Target

self: checks a condition on your own pets
enemy: checks for a condition on your enemy's pet

3.5 Functions

dead (boolean)
exists (boolean)
hp (compare)
hp.can_explode (boolean)
hp.full (boolean)
hp.high (boolean)
hp.low (boolean)
hpp (compare)
aura.exists (boolean)
aura.duration (compare)
weather (boolean)
weather.duration (compare)
active (boolean)
ability.usable (boolean)
ability.duration (compare)
ability.strong (boolean)
ability.weak (boolean)
ability.type (equality)
round (boolean)
played (boolean)
speed (compare)
speed.fast (boolean)
speed.slow (boolean)
level (compare)
level.max (boolean)
power (compare)
type (equality)
quality (compare)
id (equality)
is (boolean)

4. Pratical examples

Although the script helps a lot with its auto-complete feature, it won't be enough to write good scripts. It is a good idea to choose a fight and play with the script editor until you feel more confident with the commands and becomes able to write more complex scripts. Below there will be some examples taken from pet battlers using specific strategies. It is assumed that the team is loaded, the abilities are the ones mentioned on the strategy guide, and that the recommended pet is being used, not an equivalent.

4.1 Wailing Critters

The Wailing Critters dungeon offers a nice opportunity to start improving your skills. Until you win the last fight the dungeon is repeatable and you might leave the dungeon, heal, and restart. There is also some random pets in the back row, but only a few families and abilities. The first 3 fights require only one pet with a fixed set of abilities, turning it into a nice place to practice your skills. The script might work for most of the fight where the same pet+abilities are being used, making it a very useful script. The link for the strategy is here.
The strategy:
Prio 1: Keep Emerald Presence active
Prio 2: Use Emerald Dream when you drop below ~1000 health
Prio 3: Emerald Bite

use(Smaragdgrüner Traum:598)
As it is written, the script will cast Smaragdpräsenz every time it is available. This ability does not have a CD, so we have to add a condition that prevents it from casting if the aura is already present.
The only conditions available are the 'aura(Emerald Presence).exists' or 'aura(Emerald Presence).duration'. The condition that seems to fit the strategy better is the first one.
After writing it, we would have use(Smaragdpräsenz:597) [self(#1Smaragdgrüner Protowelpe).aura(Emerald Presence).exists], which could be read as "cast Smaragdpräsenz if my Smaragdgrüner Protowelpe has Emerald Presence active".
We want the opposite of that, so deny the condition by using a '!' before the target: use(Smaragdpräsenz:597) [!self(#1Smaragdgrüner Protowelpe).aura(Emerald Presence).exists], translating into "cast Smaragdpräsenz if my Smaragdgrüner Protowelpe does NOT have Emerald Presence active". Yay!

use(Smaragdpräsenz:597) [!self(Smaragdgrüner Protowelpe).aura(Emerald Presence).exists]
Next step: as of now, the script will cast Smaragdgrüner Traum on CD, which might not be required, specially at the beginning of the fight. Let's add the condition that will cast the ability once your whelp is low on health.

use(Smaragdgrüner Traum:598) [self(Smaragdgrüner Protowelpe).hp<1000]
You might choose to heal your whelp if it is below an amount expressed in percents, and not a fixed amount:

use(Smaragdgrüner Traum:598) [self(Smaragdgrüner Protowelpe).hpp<50]
This last condition will cast Smaragdgrüner Traum if your Whelp is below 50% health.
The final script:

use(Smaragdpräsenz:597) [!self(Smaragdgrüner Protowelpe).aura(Emerald Presence).exists]
use(Smaragdgrüner Traum:598) [self(Smaragdgrüner Protowelpe).hp<1000]
If your proto-whelp dies you may change it to another equivalent pet with the same abilities, and the script will keep working. To change pets add the following line: change(#2) [self(#1).dead] (change to pet number 2 if my pet number 1 is dead)

Now, some remarks about the way the script is written.
  • If your team has two Smaragdgrüner Protowelpe, the script might not work as expected if you change pets. To avoid problems, instead of naming it, give it the team position, or just use the 'self' target. This will also allow you to use a different pet with the same skills, like the Traumwelpling or the Smaragdgrüner Welpling
  • Do not use a slot number for abilities. It might cause problems if you use an alternative pet whose abilites are on different slot positions, like the Zandalari pets where the abilites Jagdrudel and Schwarze Klaue sometimes are on a different tier.
  • Use either the ability's code number or both name and code. Some players might use a localized version of the game, and for them the script will not work if you use only the name of the abilities
  • You might leave only the abilities code number, which will result in a shorter script, but it is not necessary

A suggestion for all scripts (change to the appropriate team slot):

change(#2) [self(#1).dead]
use(Smaragdpräsenz:597) [!self.aura(Emerald Presence:823).exists]
use(Smaragdgrüner Traum:598) [self.hp<1000]

4.2 Small fragments

Scripts are written for a specific strategy, but there are many common actions that can be use in many scripts. Adjust them to your needs, checking for the right conditions, and apply them when suitable.
  • Pass on first round:
standby [round=1]
  • Change pet to leveling and back (change slot numbers where appropriate):

change(#2) [self(#1).dead & !self(#2).played]
change(#3) [self(#2).active]
  • Use a dodge ability to block an enemy's ability (in this case, Eingraben)

use(Abwehr:490) [enemy.aura(Underground:340).exists]
  • Change the use of abilities depending on active enemy pet

If the enemy's pets are the first or second, you pet will cast Atem. Once the third pet enters the fight, your pet will cast Bomberangriff on CD and Lockvogel if your enemy uses Eingraben

if [enemy(#3).active]
use(Lockvogel) [enemy.aura(Underground:340).exists]

5. Resources

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