The Celestial Tournament

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Last updated 2022-10-31

The Celestial Tournament is a special instance and by most seen as the pinnacle of pet battle challenges.
You can do it once a week and inside, you will face three pet battle masters, followed by the four Celestials to fight against. The three masters change every week and there's a total of three sets of them rotating through.

Doesn't sound that hard, but what makes it tricky is that once you're in, you cannot heal your pets anymore! That makes planning ahead very important.
Xu-Fu can scan this section for the most suitable strategies according to your preferences and show the required pets.
It is recommended to check the tables week by week since you won't have to face all 9 tamers in one run.
The tool will use every pet only once due to the restriction of no healing.

US: Week 3 with Sully "The Pickle" McLeary, Dr. Ion Goldbloom and Lorewalker Cho
EU: Week 1 with Taran Zhu, Wrathion and Chen Stormstout


wrote on 2024-05-18 14:30:41

I'm trying to click on links in the page, but ads have screwed up the site for me. Frames are misalligned and weekly links are unclickable.


wrote on 2023-06-28 10:25:58

i play wow Since 2013 and for Years i avoided this, but Today, i got the last Pet. So thank you for this Guide this made it possible for me to get those. (edited)


wrote on 2023-06-28 12:19:12

Congratulations! It's a wondetful achievement!


wrote on 2023-06-10 20:03:41

I am forever greatful to the people behind this site. (And everyone who uses it.) This is one of those things I just assumed I would never ever get done. Today, I have my Xu-Fu pet, after so many years of wanting him.
I love Ban-Lu. But I'd far rather have both.
Much love to you all. <3


wrote on 2021-09-28 05:16:52

Today I could do the Clestial Tournament two times and got 2 coins.
Didn't think about it, as I did my first tournament some years ago and only got Xu-Fu.
Wanted to do it a third time, but this was not possible.
I don't know if this was an error, a feature or just luck.


wrote on 2021-10-01 03:57:58

Something seems to be wrong..
Yesterday I did the Clelestial Tournament again.
Then tried to do it a second time.
There WAS the quest, but after accepting, it was not in my quest log and I couldn't start.
The NPC had still the "!" above its head.

Needs more investigation.
Could the old gods be the source of this behaviour?
Or is it something from the maw that irritates the celestials?

Verrrrry strange!


wrote on 2020-12-07 23:31:50

Works like a charm! Xu-fu now is mine!


wrote on 2021-07-16 18:00:33

Me too. So so happy.


wrote on 2021-06-20 21:56:49

I know a million people have said it but thank you SO much. It's taken me this long to finally start the tournament (embarrassing, I know) but thanks to this site I know it'll be a breeze! Already got my kitten. Just 9 weeks and the last three shall be mine. :D


wrote on 2021-05-04 15:34:19

Love this new layout and setup! Awesome work!


wrote on 2020-12-22 10:14:47

Thank you for you work on this amazing tool :D
Is there any way to get the TD Scripts along with the rematch strings in a single "go" ?


wrote on 2021-02-20 04:43:56

Unfortunately no. Those are two separate addons that don't support "cross-import" (yet?)


wrote on 2021-01-07 11:09:08

this site is the muttz nuts now got all 4 celestial pets with these strategies thank you so much you are great & brilliant. (edited)


wrote on 2020-12-26 16:24:05

Thank you for all the hard work for this guide (and all pet guides). I just did my first time through the tournament and all these battles worked! Proud new owner of Xu-fu!


wrote on 2020-11-10 03:20:36

I used this amazing tool for week 2 yesterday, but found a bug because the tactic used for shademaster kiryn is basically empty! https://www.wow-petguide.com/index.php?Strategy=10216. Another thing is that the yu'la tactic https://www.wow-petguide.com/index.php?Strategy=154 doesn't work in the shadowlands pre-patch, mr bigglesworth can't bring yu'la down by himself anymore.


wrote on 2020-11-10 05:15:59

Thanks for the note :) The empty strategy should not have been published, I unpublished it so it doesn't interfere with the tool anymore. Not really a bug, more a... result of a user not following the strategy creation rules ^^'
If there is a particular fight in a section that you want the tool to use, give it a favourite (the green heart at the top) - it will then always be used no matter what.

I've also marked and unpublished the Yu'la strategy so we can test it properly internally. Thanks!


wrote on 2020-01-18 08:42:06

Lol, how i can exit when won to deliver quest?


wrote on 2020-01-18 12:41:59

Same as with a dungeon. You can right click either the dungeon eye on your mini-map, or your character portrait, and select 'Leave Instance'.


wrote on 2020-09-26 23:21:16

Just to add to this, if you are AFK too long in here, or get DC'd and come back, your "Leave Instance' will be gone. You'll have to hearth to return.


wrote on 2020-06-23 21:04:16

So I finally attempted the tournament today. Your strategies are spot on. Had to use some other groupings beside the 1st options but worked amazingly well. Thank you. Xu-Fu now belongs to me. (edited)


wrote on 2020-06-20 19:08:47

I love your site and your strategies. I did my first round of the Celestial Tournament last night and sailed through without a hitch. I am so happy to finally have my very own Xu-Fu!

theredone wrote on 2020-06-12 16:08:44

I do not have a lot of pets to do these without pets dying and oftening needing that pet for another battle.. log out.. switch toons.. revive/heal.. log back over.. you are where you left off.


wrote on 2020-06-16 07:12:25

that works... wow. I'm gonna try it now.


wrote on 2018-10-24 23:59:31

You need 2 Scourged Whelplings, 2 Anubisath Idol and 2 Darkmoon Tonks to use this strategy guide.

Dentarthurdent wrote on 2019-09-06 03:20:54

Funny, I don't have 2 of any of those, and have still used this guide with success 10 times so far (2 coins to go for my final pet).

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