Pandaren Spirit Tamers

The Pandaren Spirit Tamers

Those four tamers represent the elements of Pandaria: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.
Similar to the pet trainers, once you beat them in an initial quest, they offer a daily with a satchel that can contain the pet version of the Spirit Tamers:

Pandaren Fire Spirit
Pandaren Water Spirit
Pandaren Earth Spirit
Pandaren Air Spirit

Those are some nice looking pets and the Pandaren Water Spirit has a special place in our hearts. He was one of the most important pets in most collections because of the famous "Howl-Bomb" strategy, which however was made impossible in patch 7.0.3.

Below you will find a list of pets that are suitable to beat all four spirit tamers. You do not necessarily need those pets, but with them you can use the first alternative listed here on every fight:





Teroclaw Hatchling



Level PetTeroclaw Hatchling is used against:
Flowing Pandaren Spirit


Any Snail



Level PetAny Snail is used against:
Thundering Pandaren Spirit


Darkmoon Zeppelin



Level PetDarkmoon Zeppelin is used against:
Thundering Pandaren Spirit


Nexus Whelpling



Level PetNexus Whelpling is used against:
Whispering Pandaren Spirit


Anubisath Idol



Level PetAnubisath Idol is used against:
Burning Pandaren Spirit


Silkbead Snail



Level PetSilkbead Snail is used against:
Thundering Pandaren Spirit





Level PetChrominius is used against:
Whispering Pandaren Spirit

Anonymous wrote on 04/03/2017

I've done all the quest and i still can't fight them there is a daily quest called "What We've Been training For" do i also need to do this quest i got the title Tamer and Achievements Taming Pandaria, Taming Azeroth and I Choose You all at once after i defeated Master Aki but i have no more quest?

Never mind i figured it out i went back to Stormwind when i should of gone to shrine of seven stars gives me a quest called Beasts of Fable

Dominia wrote on 01/07/2017

/way Townlong Steppes 57.13, 42.09 Burning
/way Vale of Eternal Blossoms 67.79, 15.21 Thundering
/way Jade Forest 28.91, 36.03 Whispering
/way Dread Wastes 61.18, 87.52 Flowing

Frizle responded on 09/08/2017

Thanks for these way points. Helped me to get a route planned to do these with the Books of Fable. One minor improvement, /way Vale of Eternal Blossoms:Pandaria 67.79 15.21 Thundering

Frizle responded on 09/08/2017

Also /way Jade Forest:Pandaria 28.91 36.03 Whispering
The other 2 seem to still be ok. Blizz likes to use area names more than once, just to make us work harder, I guess :)

Anonymous wrote on 11/10/2016

Why won't these guys fight me??


responded on 11/13/2016

You will have to complete the pet quest chains first. Check your quest log for any pet related quests. If you don't have any, perhaps check the pet trainer in your capital (Orgrimmar or Stormwind) to pick up the next quest. Hope this helps!

Baptism responded on 12/31/2016

The quest chains are available in your faction's Shrine. Alliance's quest giver is Sara Finklesworth.

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