Patch 9.2.5 - Updates to Jingles

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Patch 9.2.5 - Updates to Jingles


2022-05-30 15:45:59
...And that's about it as far as we can see for 9.2.5 for pet battles.

Here's the content update note for Jingles:
Fixed an issue where Jingles battle pet would display as "Unknown" when summoned and its wreath and candy cane accessories were the incorrect size in the Pet Journal.

This should fix the issue with using level stones on Jingles, as well as its name not displaying properly.

That's good news!

The bad news, however, is we haven't heard anything about the missing wreaths and candy canes for people with naked Jingles. It seems like things went awry when trying to make it like the reindeer, where the festive gear only displays during Winter Veil.

Also, you still cannot destroy or cage Jingles.

Wain, who runs Petopia and Warcraft Mounts, also pointed this out:
...the issue is that Jingles has two display IDs in the database, one has added Winter Veil decorations (added via a spellkit), and one is plain. There's a 50% chance of ending up with one or the other. If this was intended, the problem remains that you can only have one of this pet for some reason and you can't crate/delete it, so you're stuck with whatever appearance you opened first. So, allowing players to own multiple Jingles, and for them to be crateable/deletable would help.

It's also possible the two IDs were originally intended to be used on the same pet at different times of year (like, only decked out in Winter Veil gear at Christmas) but if so they never implemented it that way.

Hopefully we'll see them continue to work on these issues, and personally I'd like to see Jingles cageable like the other pets received from the presents.

Now, we have seen some updates to 'invalid' pets, like Tezpet, which might mean something is encrypted that will only show up once the patch goes live. Unfortunately it could also just be for internal testing reasons.

So, nothing new for the pet community as far as we can see, and likely nothing until the Dragonflight pre-order / pre-patch.

We at Xu-Fu's wish you all the best in your pet endeavors, and happy battling!


wrote on 2022-05-31 03:32:13

Good to know most of the issues with Jingles have been corrected. Now if Lucy's icon would stop disappearing...

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