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wrote today on: Мар'куус (Гуманоид)
Your 3rd pet must have less hp than the imp. Follow that and the strat will work for you.
logicdropper wrote today on: PvPIntroduction
Does anyone have a decent PVP team that consists of super rare pets? I want to play with them and there aren't many I am missing. Just for funzies...has anyone made a cool team with really hard to get pets?
FYI- this strat also worked with an SB Voidglower; 1st time. Thanks!
I used an HP Croaker and a PB Octopode and I got it after 5 tries. It does work when everything goes your way. Thank you!
Worked as written
Works in DF.
Works in DF.


wrote today on: Lyver
Chrominius 2 1 1 - Wood Wasp 2 1 3 1 - Gilded Mechafrog 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 - Dead
Still works, DF.
Still works in DF.

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2023-09-19 11:40:50
Here's everything going on for you and your pets this week in WoW!

1 Brewfest Holiday Begins 20 September!

You can find all our Brewfest pet information in our article here.

2 Weekly Event: Sign of the Emissary

Sign of the Emissary awards bonus reputation with the appropriate faction for completing World Quests.

Dragonflight Renown Pets:

Iskaara Renown 9: Древозуб-плавоспин & Шмыгунчик
Dragonscale Renown 11: Черный стрекожук & Серый мармони
Valdrakken Renown 18: Багровый протодракончик & Чарокус
Maruuk Renown 8: Копытолиз
Niffen Renown 15: Ранго & Поли
Niffen Renown 20: Почт-и

3 Maw Assaults

Night Fae: Полный энергии эфирный змей (A Shady Place NOT up to access treasure) & Назойливый жужжальщик (Assault Cache) until the mid-week reset.

At the mid-week reset, this will transition to the Venthyr, which offers no pets.

4 Battle for Azeroth Islands & Salvage

4.1 Battle of Azeroth Islands: Whispering Reef, Snowblossom Village, Havenswood

4.2 Battle of Azeroth Islands Salvage: Crestfall, Molten Cay, Whispering Reef

5 Battle for Azeroth Zone Assaults

Vale of Eternal Blossoms - N'Zoth Assault Rares: The Forgotten (К'расавчик) & Will of N'Zoth (Зараженное щупальце)

At mid-week reset the assault in Uldum will transition to the Aqir Assault Rares: Skikx'traz (Акир-проходчик) & Lord Aj'qirai (Гнилодых)

6 Vol'dun Assaults

Vol'dun Assault - Many Fine Heroes: Восстановленный механопаук (Horde) & Восстановленная робогорилла (Alliance)

NA Time: 5 am Pacific on Thursday, 21 September
EU Time: 5 am CEST on Thursday, 21 September
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2023-09-17 14:10:19
With a slight delay, the winners are selected of our most recent Giveaway!
The stories were all so heartwarming, wonderful and familiar that it was impossible to pick one, so instead we've raffled all three codes out. And the lucky winners are:


Congratulations! You'll receive the code in your DMs :-)
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2023-09-10 02:02:12
Thanks to the Secret Finder's Community, all the Satchels for Tobias have been found!

All the coordinates will be posted below, so if you're figuring this out on your own, turn back now!

Alright, let's go!

Event: Secrets of Azeroth
Achievement: Community Rumor Mill

  • Satchel #1: Eastern Plaguelands

/way #23 51.58, 65.14 Plague Plaque
/way #23 55.26, 59.46 Loose Dirt Mound

  • Satchel #2: Felwood

/way #77 42.2, 48.1 In the Water

  • Satchel #3: Thousand Needles (Under Water)

/way #64 44.11, 37.19 Cave Entrance
/way #64 42.77, 30.62 Loose Dirt Mound

  • Satchel #4: Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor

/way #539 35.31, 48.95 Inside the Tree

  • Satchel #5: Netherstorm - Requires 3 people with the Torch of Pyrreth!

/way #109 26.26, 68.57 Three Red Crystals

  • Satchel #6: Valley of the Four Winds

/way #376 56.74, 21.47 Mogu Waterfall's Mouth

  • Satchel #7: The Azure Span

/way #2024 25.25, 71.48 Snowman (Requires Torch)

  • Satchel #8: Dragonblight

/way #115 63, 72 Under Skeletal Dragon Hand

  • Satchel #9: Northern Barrens

/way #10 46, 50.5 On Top of Hill

  • Satchel #10: Blasted Lands

/way #17 64.65 55.4 Skeleton Circle on Mountain (Requires Torch)

You now have your Tobias, grats!

We at Xu-Fu's wish you all the best in your pet collecting endeavors, and happy battling!

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2023-09-07 20:28:10
Patch 10.2 hit the PTR today, and here's everything we have to far for Battle Pets!

1 New Pets


At a young age Aura donned her magic hat, took her crystal staff, and set off for adventure into the unknown.

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Surge, Amplify Magic, Surge Power, Feedback, Shriek, Pump
  • Source: Trading Post


If you ever have an outdoor feast in the Emerald Dream, look out for wild blueloos. A blueloo won't steal your picinic basket, but it will politely ask for some snacks.

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Scratch, Feathered Frenzy, Maul, Peck, Ironskin, Entangling Roots
  • Achievement: Friends in Feathers
  • World Quest: Claws for Concern

Dream Badger

A brown dream badger is a rare sight. Not so rare a smell though.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Scratch, Toxic Fumes, Stench, Rip, Rake, Emerald Dream
  • Source: Pet Battle

Dreamborne Scarab

Compared to a fully grown dreamborne scarab, this is the lesser of two weevils.

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Scratch, Consume Magic, Emerald Dream, Rake, Stoneskin, Swarm
  • Vendor: Elianna
  • Cost: Dream Infusion x 1


Be sure to sleep with some grass under your pillow so you can give this critter a snack while you dream.

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Emerald Bite, Tranquility, Headbutt, Stampede, Amplify Magic, Emerald Dream
  • Vendor: Elianna
  • Cost: Dream Infusion x 1


Is it a snail? Is it a dream? Is it the dream of a sleeping snail?

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Ooze Touch, Stoneskin, Emerald Dream, Absorb, Wild Magic, Shell Armor
  • Vendor: Elianna
  • Cost: Dream Infusion x 1


Dustites scavenge among the roots of great trees for any small leavings they can find.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Scratch, Wild Magic, Stampede, Flurry, Arcane Storm, Survival
  • Vendor: Sylvia Whisperbloom
  • Cost: Seedbloom x 800


Elmer once ate a whole cake all by himself. It wasn't even his cake.

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Face Bite, Cute Face, Food Coma, Hunting Party, Exposed Wounds, Bloodfang
  • Vendor: Sylvia Whisperbloom
  • Cost: Seedbloom x 800


The first thing you might notice about this creature is its huge expressive eyes. This is a mistake. Instead focus on its razor-sharp claws.

  • Family: Beast
  • Abilities: Peck, Feathered Frenzy, Maul, Roar, Ironskin, Rampage
  • Source: Pet Battle

Fol'ya Pup

Keep it out of your backpack or it will eat all your food and then take a nap.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Bite, Cute Face, Burrow, Scratch, Bash, Emerald Dream
  • Source: Pet Battle


Since you rescued her from Larodar, this grateful little doe hasn't stopped following you around.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Emerald Bite, Fire Shield, Headbutt, Stampede, Wild Magic, Bleat
  • Raid Achievement: Don't Let the Doe Hit You On the Way Out


Juniper's unique coloration makes it hard to hide from predators in the Emerald Dream's lush green foliage. She therefore made the wise decision to travel with you instead.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Emerald Bite, Call Blizzard, Headbutt, Stampede, Wild Magic, Bleat
  • Renown: Renown Rank 15 with the Dream Wardens
  • Cost: 375 Dragon Isles Supplies


Rescued from the Druids of the Flame's onslaught upon the Emerald Dream, this juvenile faerie dragon has taken a liking to you -- and to your food. Don't leave your snacks unattended!

  • Family: Dragonkin
  • Abilities: Arcane Blast, Emerald Dream, Moonfire, Slicing Wind, Call Darkness, Nocturnal Strike
  • Additional Information: You will need to pick up the quest Burning Out from Solarys Thorngale on the southern road into Amirdrassil at /way 50.86, 63.62. The quest A Passed Torch appears to be optional, as when I turned in Burning Out the A Silver Lining quest from Kery'nael Thorngale will pop up immediately after.


This little one likes cheese, but most fawn do.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Emerald Bite, Tranquility, Bleat, Stampede, Nature's Touch, Headbutt
  • Source: Pet Battle


It is said that some animals dream in black and white. This animal only dreams in green.

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Scratch, Wild Magic, Swarm, Bite, Bash, Emerald Dream
  • Vendor: Elianna
  • Cost: Dream Infusion x 1


When she grows up, Mitzy wants to guide Greatfather Winter's sleigh just like Metzen, her famous dad. Until then, she's more than happy to come with you on your adventures.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Snowball, Ice Barrier, Headbutt, Stampede, Wild Magic, Call Blizzard
  • Source: Trading Post


This creature could sleep through another Cataclysm.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Sleeping Gas, Cute Face, Nap Time, Bite, Bash, Burrow
  • Vendor: Sylvia Whisperbloom
  • Cost: Seedbloom x 800

Pale Slumbertooth

A white-coated slumbertooth is a rare find, so if you want to find one you'd best bring friends.

  • Family: Beast
  • Abilities: Bite, Mud Rake, Devour, Hunting Party, Exposed Wounds, Bash
  • Source: Pet Battle


If you think the skunks of the Emerald Dream smell bad, pray that you never smell the skunks of the Emerald Nightmare.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Scratch, Toxic Fumes, Stench, Rip, Rake, Swarm of Flies
  • Source: Pet Battle


The duck of your dreams... or perhaps someone else's dreams.

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Surge, Consume Magic, Pump, Emerald Bite, Amplify Magic, Emerald Dream
  • Vendor: Elianna
  • Cost: Dream Infusion x 1


Sapnibblers are always up for a game of hide and squeak.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Scratch, Shell Shield, Stampede, Flurry, Emerald Presence, Survival
  • Source: Pet Battle


Seedles burrow beneath plants in the emerald dreams and nibble at their roots.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Scratch, Wild Magic, Stampede, Flurry, Emerald Presence, Survival
  • Vendor: Sylvia Whisperbloom
  • Cost: Seedbloom x 800

Sergeant Quackers

When enemy combatants fly overhead, there's only one thing to do. Duck.

  • Family: Aquatic
  • Abilities: Weakening Blow, Shield Block, Clobber, Surge, Counterstrike, Pump
  • Raid Achievement: Ducks In A Row


As younglings, these critters need a lot of naps. Fortunately, adventurers' backpacks make good napping spots.

  • Family: Beast
  • Abilities: Bite, Leap, Devour, Hunting Party, exposed Wounds, Bloodfang
  • Source: Pet Battle


Such toof. Such snaggle.

  • Family: Beast
  • Abilities: Peck, Entangling Roots, Maul, Roar, Ironskin, Rampage
  • Source: Pet Battle


Snoots has a supernatural sense of smell. It's not any better than normal, it's just supernatural.

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Face Bite, Cute Face, Devour, Hunting Party, Exposed Wounds, Bloodfang
  • Vendor: Sylvia Whisperbloom
  • Cost: Seedbloom x 800


Snoozles was once given a choice between life in the timeless beautiful snowfields and life in a warm home with pet treats. We know which one he chose.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Tail Sweep, Cute Face, Headbutt, Bite, Bash, Emerald Dream
  • Vendor: Sylvia Whisperbloom
  • Cost: Seedbloom x 800


Wyvern whelps are sleepy by nature. The dreams of wyvern whelps are doubly so.

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Tail Sweep, Consume Magic, Emerald Dream, Breath, Amplify Magic, Deep Breath
  • Vendor: Elianna
  • Cost: Lesser Dream Infusion x 1


Dream on. Dream until your dream comes true!

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Scratch, Wild Magic, Stampede, Flurry, Emerald Presence, Emerald Dream
  • Vendor: Elianna
  • Cost: Dream Infusion x 1


What Spruce lacks in speed, she makes up for with sheer stubbornness.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Emerald Bite, Autumn Breeze, Headbutt, Stampede, Wild Magic, Bleat
  • Renown: Renown Rank 15 with the Dream Wardens
  • Cost: 375 Dragon Isles Supplies

Time-Lost Salamanther

This Salamanther met itself while lost in time. The two hung out on a rock together for a few hours. It was nice.

  • Family: Aquatic
  • Abilities: Water Jet, Surge, Nap Time, Flurry, Bubble, Bend Time
  • Source: Trading Post
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2023-09-05 13:01:35
13/09/2023 - The giveaway is now closed, and the winners will be selected shortly! There will be a separate news post about it so you don't have to refresh this one. Watch our Discord news channel if you want to get a notification about it :)

Welcome to Fury Incarnate! To celebrate, Xu-Fu is hosting a little giveaway for everyone playing on the European servers, sponsored by Blizzard EU.
You can win one of three gift codes for the Steamscale Incinerator mount.

WoW is all about exploration and secrets are some of the best things out there, but perhaps you have your own story to tell about something you discovered in the game? We want to hear about it!
Between now and September 12th (end of day), write a comment below this news post, telling us your favorite, your funniest, or your most memorable story around exploring the world of Azeroth.

After the 12th, we will raffle out two codes randomly among all entries, and the third will be given by the Xu-Fu team to the story that most inspired us.

Keep in mind to post with a registered account so we can contact you please.
Big thanks for participating, we are looking forward to reading from you!
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