Pet Sim, meet Xu-Fu!

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Pet Sim, meet Xu-Fu!


2024-05-26 09:49:37
I am happy to announce a new feature, or rather a collaboration between Xu-Fu and Pet Sim!

If you don't already know Pet Sim, you have to give it a try! It is a powerful simulator for pet battles, created by Nightmane, that lets you test your teams and scripts very easily.
Or, you can let the simulation run a number of times to see how reliable the strategy works despite any random factors. Yes, looking at you there, Darkness!

Pet Sim has been linked to from Xu-Fu's for a good number of months now, but in the background we have worked on a proper collaboration and integration, and that is live as of now!
On many strategies (most of Dragonflight, Shadowlands and BfA, to be precise), you can now see the Winrate displayed in the info box. Clicking on the Link also opens the team directly, letting you skip the pet selection over at Pet Sim.

The winrate is also now visible in the strategy selection screen, making it easy to filter for and providing a much better sense of reliability than the "RNG" tag of olden times!

Massive kudos to Nightmane for building this amazing webpage and sharing it with the pet battling community here as well!


wrote on 2024-05-29 19:36:01

I am pleased to see a change to the RNG tag so users can have a better grasp of the degree to which a strategy is reliable. Too many strategies either didn't have the tag when they should, or had people complaining about lack of one when it wasn't really justified (e.g. Family-style fights).

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