Community Rumor Mill: All Satchels for Tobias Found!

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Community Rumor Mill: All Satchels for Tobias Found!


2023-09-10 02:02:12
Thanks to the Secret Finder's Community, all the Satchels for Tobias have been found!

All the coordinates will be posted below, so if you're figuring this out on your own, turn back now!

Alright, let's go!

Event: Secrets of Azeroth
Achievement: Community Rumor Mill

  • Satchel #1: Eastern Plaguelands

/way #23 51.58, 65.14 Plague Plaque
/way #23 55.26, 59.46 Loose Dirt Mound

  • Satchel #2: Felwood

/way #77 42.2, 48.1 In the Water

  • Satchel #3: Thousand Needles (Under Water)

/way #64 44.11, 37.19 Cave Entrance
/way #64 42.77, 30.62 Loose Dirt Mound

  • Satchel #4: Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor

/way #539 35.31, 48.95 Inside the Tree

  • Satchel #5: Netherstorm - Requires 3 people with the Torch of Pyrreth!

/way #109 26.26, 68.57 Three Red Crystals

  • Satchel #6: Valley of the Four Winds

/way #376 56.74, 21.47 Mogu Waterfall's Mouth

  • Satchel #7: The Azure Span

/way #2024 25.25, 71.48 Snowman (Requires Torch)

  • Satchel #8: Dragonblight

/way #115 63, 72 Under Skeletal Dragon Hand

  • Satchel #9: Northern Barrens

/way #10 46, 50.5 On Top of Hill

  • Satchel #10: Blasted Lands

/way #17 64.65 55.4 Skeleton Circle on Mountain (Requires Torch)

You now have your Tobias, grats!

We at Xu-Fu's wish you all the best in your pet collecting endeavors, and happy battling!

Snuff wrote on 2023-09-23 12:16:31

Hey Folks, having a little trouble finding:

Satchel #4: Shadowmoon Valley
/way #539 35.31, 48.95 Inside the Tree

Seems to take to a random road without a tree in sight.

Many thanks, S

Snuff wrote on 2023-09-23 12:31:24

Solved my own stupidity - For those of you having the same problem and end up wandering around without a tree in sight...its the new shadowmoon valley in draenor...not the old one in outland :DDD


wrote on 2023-09-23 16:19:40

I'm so sorry! I made sure to specify in my video, but forgot for the article. It's been updated. ^^'


wrote on 2023-09-16 16:33:22

Bummer that this was not soloable.


wrote on 2023-09-17 05:06:20

I haven't added any of the new Satchel coordinates, but there are others!

Check out the Secret Finder's Discord if you want to view them now. The extra Satchel coords will be in the pins for the Secrets of Azeroth channel ^^



wrote on 2023-09-15 03:43:43

Thank you!

I got my Tobias after #10, but I'm carrying on with the rest of the satchels because ... you never know what may be at the end!

Gravec wrote on 2023-09-14 12:22:06

For those who are having trouble with the Netherstorm one, additional satchels have been found. In Outland Nagrand there is a floating island with one at /way 57.8, 26.3


wrote on 2023-09-14 02:20:45

I cant find the 2nd waypoint


wrote on 2023-09-14 02:21:06

I found the first one


wrote on 2023-09-13 23:27:08

Thank you for the awesome guide and all the awesome things you do for this community =D xxx


wrote on 2023-09-14 01:45:13

Thank you for your kind words, and I'm happy to help ^^


wrote on 2023-09-13 09:17:00

I found that marathon enjoyable. I started the entire thing late. I only learned about the pet and secret event five hours ago. I thought I might have to complete it before the event finished today, but as someone else on this journey informed me, Blizzard wouldn't be that cruel.


wrote on 2023-09-13 16:25:30

I mean, I wouldn't put it past them, lol, but all the secret stuff will be obtainable even once the event ends ^^

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