New Pet Battle WQs in 8.3!

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New Pet Battle WQs in 8.3!

2019-11-11 00:04:39
It seems as though a new pet dungeon isn't all we'll be getting in 8.3--we'll be getting some new WQs in the corrupted zones, too!

There's four different battles per zone, against single enemy pets, who are Legendary quality with the Elite Buff, (Reduces Damage by 50%).

The new WQs have been added in the BFA > BfA World Quests tab on the site!


  • Dune Buggy

Defeat the Aqir Sandcrawler

This WQ can be found to the right of the Temple of Uldum, at coordinates 35.50, 31.50

Family: Critter

Power: 395, Speed: 403, HP: 2840

Abilities: Scratch, Burrow, Locust Swarm

  • Retinus the Seeker

Defeat Retinus the Seeker

This WQ can be found east of Ramkahen, right above the 'BE' in Obelisk of the Stars. Coordinates: 62.11, 31.77

Family: Magic

Power: 320, Speed: 399, HP: 3090

Abilities: Chaos Beam, Nightmare, Void Crash

  • Watch Where You Step

Defeat Blotto

This WQ can be found on the east end of the Vir'naal Dam, on top of one of the 'pillars'. Coordinates: 57.59, 43.54

Family: Magic

Power: 278, Speed: 375, HP: 3246

Abilities: Ooze Touch, Void Slap, Devour

  • I Am The One Who Whispers

Defeat Whispers

This WQ is west of the Halls of Origination, east of the river, at the foot of the cliffs. Coordinates: 61.74, 54.39

Family: Beast

Power: 473, Speed: 197, HP: 2856

Abilities: Vicious Fang, Ravage, Void Tremors

Vale of Eternal Blossoms

  • Brain Tickling

Defeat Tormentius

This WQ can be found south of the Golden Pagoda, near the leg of the bottom, giant Mogu statue, at coordinates 57.37, 54.49

Family: Magic

Power: 413, Speed: 141, HP: 2856

Abilities: Beam, Nether Gate, Torment

  • Flight of the Vil'thik

Defeat the Vil'thik Hatchling

This WQ can be found all the way to the left side of the map, along the wall, northwest of The Five Sisters. He will be on TOP of the pavilion, not under it. Coordinates: 7.36, 31.91

Family: Flying

Power: 458, Speed: 450 (Flying Racial) & 300 < 50% health, HP: 3402

Abilities: Slicing Wind, Cyclone, Omnislash

  • Living Statues are Tough

Defeat Baruk Stone Defender

This WQ can be found at the Ruins of Guo-Lai near the edge of the cliff leading down to the Guo-Lai Halls. He'll be outside the walls of a broken corner of a building. Coordinates: 28.54, 34.95

Family: Humanoid

Power: 323, Speed: 366, HP: 2504

Abilities: Crush, Stone Rush, Rock Barrage

  • Tiny Madness

Defeat K'tiny the Mad

(Hopefully they'll fix this poor pet's name before live.)

This WQ can be found north of The Golden Pagoda, northeast of the mogu statue's ponytail, and southwest of the Shrine of Two Moons. Coordinates: 56.15, 28.30

Family: Humanoid

Power: 350, Speed: 334, HP: 2621

Abilities: Feedback, Deflection, Twilight Meteorite


wrote on 2019-11-15 20:25:46

As a heads-up, a blue post went out a short while ago regarding some changes to pet battling in general for Patch 8.3.0.


(Edit: Unrelated, why is it showing my post as being on the 16th instead of the 15th? =/ ) (edited)


wrote on 2019-11-15 20:43:07

Yep, I put a separate article up about it. :)


wrote on 2019-11-15 20:43:41

Time difference. It is the 16th in Europe. :)


wrote on 2019-11-11 03:52:27

dune buggy gave me 75 reputation with the uldum accord. so maybe we're gonna see increasing prices for the most popular world quest pets in the ah again ;) (edited)


wrote on 2019-11-11 03:42:34

surprisingly they are just elites so far, no bosses

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