New Blackrock Depths Pet Dungeon!

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New Blackrock Depths Pet Dungeon!

2019-11-08 23:33:30
You've battled your way through multiple pet dungeons, against a wide variety of foes, and you've been victorious. However, in the beginning of your journey you couldn't help but notice there was something not quite right with the enemy pets, as though they'd somehow been changed. Then, your suspicions were confirmed in Gnomeregan, as you encountered sinister figures cloaked in shadows. Now you've cornered them in Blackrock Depths, and you'll finally get to see what these fiendish villains have been plotting...and building.

Welcome to a look at the new pet dungeon: Blackrock Depths! This is a 9-stage pet dungeon, and there doesn’t seem to be much walking inside this one. Rejoice!

That said, if you’d like to try your hand at this, you’ll need to download the PTR, and copy your account data and character. After that, find Radek Fuselock (Horde) or Tizzy Gearjolt (Alliance) to pick up the breadcrumb quest: Shadowy Showdown

Once you’ve picked it up, you’ll need to head over to Blackrock Mountain. Blackrock Mountain can be accessed from either Searing Gorge or Burning Steppes. Once inside, find the chain that connects downward toward the lava, and has two doorways.

Take the doorway without the elf, and cut left toward the Grinding Quarry. Once inside, your map changes, and you should be able to see the entrance to Blackrock Depths.

The NPC you’re meeting—Burt Macklin, not Sean Wilkers as the quest indicates—is just before the entrance to the BRD dungeon, and to the left. His text reads:

“My superior investigation techniques have followed these shadowy figures just inside. Another massive case solved, just days before I retire. Checkmate, bad guys.”

When you hand in Shadowy Showdown, he says; “These Shadowy Figures have been an annoyance for too long now. Get in there, and stop them.”

You then need to accept the quest: Shadows of Blackrock. Once you accept, head on in!

Our BRD strategies page can be found here.

The information below is obtained from the PTR, which means it has the potential to change. Information will be updated as new builds come in, and will be finalized once the patch goes live.

Stage 1: Enter the Arena

Walk your character into the arena area ahead of you.

Stage 2: The First Challenger

  • Defeat Horu Cloudwatcher

Horu Cloudwatcher is your first opponent. He also claims to be the best pet trainer on Azeroth, and the creator of the Black Claw and Hunting Party combo.

Horu has three pets: Bomber, Beta, & Alpha

  • Pet 1:

Bomber – Dragonkin

Power: 350, Speed: 280, HP: 1391

Abilities: Howl, Twilight Meteorite, Tail Sweep

  • Pet 2:

Beta – Beast

Power: 324, Speed: 284, HP: 1566

Abilities: Black Claw, Hunting Party, Strike

  • Pet 3:

Alpha – Beast

Power: 324, Speed: 280, HP: 1500

Abilities: Black Claw, Hunting Party, Rend

Stage 3: Uncaged

This is a single pet fight, and you have three potential opponents: Rampage, Liz, & Ralf

  • Opponent 1:

Rampage – Beast

Power: 273, Speed: 324, HP: 2270

Abilities: Thrash, Bash, Banana Barrage

  • Opponent 2:

Liz – Beast

Power: 249, Speed: 355, HP: 1978

Abilities: Toxic Bit, Poison Fang, Chomp

  • Opponent 3:

Ralf – Beast

Power: 249, Speed: 355, HP: 1978

Abilities: Savage Talon, Cyclone, Rain Dance

Stage 4 – Futile Resistance

Defeat Therin Skysong

Therin has determined he’ll destroy you with Logic and Math, which also happen to be the names of his pets. Also, his pets have not only the boss buff, but a permanent Unstable Engineering buff, too.

  • Pet 1:

Logic – Mechanical

Power: 355, Speed: 333, HP: 1850

Abilities: Overcharge, Mega Jolt, Zap

  • Pet 2:

Math – Mechanical

Power: 350, Speed: 311, HP: 1806

Abilities: Whirling Gears, Laser, Interrupting Jolt

Stage 5 – Desperate Measures

Defeat 2 Caged Creatures

At this point, the shadowy figures have determined they need a team meeting, so they unleash some pets to keep you busy. This stage has 2 sets of 3 random pets, which means you'll battle 1 random pet from each set.

The first set has: Char, Wilbur, & Tempton (Charlotte’s Web theme)

The second set has: Splint, Shred, & Ninn Jah (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme)

  • Set 1:

Char – Undead

Power: 287, Speed: 324, HP: 2197

Abilities: Brittle Webbing, Leech Life, Mudslide

Wilbur – Beast

Power: 255, Speed: 324, HP: 2270

Abilities: Pig Out, Mudslide, Swarm of Flies

Tempton – Critter

Power: 329, Speed: 324, HP: 1978

Abilities: Flank, Vengeance, Rabid Strike

  • Set 2:

Splint – Humanoid

Power: 224, Speed: 394, HP: 1978

Abilities: Whirlwind, Burrow, Flurry

Shred – Mechanical

Power: 312, Speed: 324, HP: 2110

Abilities: Shredder Blade, Build Turret, Feed

Ninn Jah – Aquatic

Power: 291, Speed: 355, HP: 1978

Abilities: Tail Sweep, Spiked Skin, Whirlpool

Stage 6 – They Have a New Plan

Defeat Alran Heartshade

This guy doesn’t care if he wins or loses—he just hopes it ends quick.

  • Pet 1:

Frill – Magic

Power: 271, Speed: 376, HP: 1762

Abilities: Magma Trap, Immolation, Fade

  • Pet 2:

Ruddy – Humanoid

Power: 245, Speed: 254, HP: 2200

Abilities: Clobber, Take Down, Mighty Charge

  • Pet 3:

Wanderer – Elemental

Power: 311, Speed: 302, HP: 2139

Abilities: Scorched Earth, Quick Sand, Crush

Stage 7 – Smash it up

Defeat Zuna Skullcrush

Zuna is ready to crush you beneath her rocky pets, and avenge Horu.

  • Pet 1:

Crushface – Elemental

Power: 311, Speed: 245, HP: 2007

Abilities: Toxic Fumes, Leech Seed, Contagion Strike

  • Pet 2:

Fozling – Elemental

Power: 367, Speed: 245, HP: 1981

Abilities: Photosynthesis, Sunlight, Poison Lash (Yes, it’s THAT kind of fight)

  • Pet 3:

Tremors – Magic

Power: 329, Speed: 192, HP: 1964

Abilities: Toxic Fumes, Sludge Claw, Stone Shot

Stage 8 – The Final Countdown

Defeat Tasha Riley

Tasha has finally revealed the name of this group: Council of Chaos!

  • Pet 1:

Presto -- Undead

Power: 342, Speed: 315, HP: 1526

Abilities: Necrotic Bomb, Raise Ally, Skull Toss

  • Pet 2:

Fury -- Magic

Power: 267, Speed: 306, HP: 2200

Abilities: Howl, Surge of Power, Netherblast

  • Pet 3:

Glitzy -- Dragonkin

Power: 350, Speed: 293, HP: 1828

Abilities: Arcane Storm, Mana Surge, Tail Sweep

Stage 9 – They Spent Years on That?

Battle Against Pixy Whizzle and Defeat their “Powerful Weapon’.

Yes, they really have been working seven years on that.

  • Gigacharged Mayhem Maker

Family: Mechanical

Power: 403, Speed: 206, HP: 13,319

Abilities: Mega Discharge, Mayhem, Double Zap

This boss is also in possession of a special, un-dispellable buff: Unstable Circuits

Achievements & Rewards

There are two achievements to be had from the BRD pet dungeon ~~ Pet Challenge: Blackrock Depths & The Shadows Revealed.

The Shadows Revealed is the meta achievement for the completion of all the pet dungeons, minus the Celestial Tournament.

The rewards for these achievements will be two toys: Shadowy Disguise & Mayhem Mind Melder.

The Shadowy Disguise is the reward for the BRD Challenge version of the dungeon, and the MMM is the reward for the meta achievement. The disguise will give you the same look as the shadowy figures from Gnomeregan & Stratholme pet dungeons.

Pets for Shadowy Gem Currency

There are three pets available for purchase with this dungeon currency:

  • Wailing Lasher - 1 Shadowy Gem
  • Tiny Claw - 2 Shadowy Gems
  • Experiment 13 - 3 Shadowy Gems

As per usual, there is also a supply crate for purchase with one shadowy gem.

And that’s everything! Best of luck to you all, and happy battling!


wrote on 2019-12-11 01:58:12

Rampage, Liz and Ralf are excellent, well, Rampage easter eggs.
The Charlotte's Web and TMNT themes are also cool.

Man, can't believe it all wraps up here; but I can't wait to play it!


wrote on 2019-11-12 05:09:09

Can't wait for a new pet battle dungeon at last! They are always such a blast :D


wrote on 2019-11-11 18:45:05

That reminds me i have have work to do for the last dungeon. And then im exited for this one. Thx for all the info. (edited)

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