Legion Ready-Checker

Using this tool you can check if your pet collection has all the pets needed for the strategies listed on Xu-Fu.

Important: Please be aware that the tool currently cannot check breeds!
Be careful when hunting pets that come in multiple breeds and better doublecheck on the strategy pages directly!

Argus Beasts:
Broken Isles World Quests:
Family Familiar:

Flashk wrote on 10/15/2017

I love this tool (and all this site in fact) and I also love the tool which shows you in how many combats a pet is being used, I would love to have both tools in the same place: adding a column to the table displaying the number of combats on which the pet is being used.

That way I wouldn't need to be changing from one tool to another.

Kathleene wrote on 10/12/2017

I love this tool. When I started working on my Legion pets and Family Familiar, it was invaluable in zeroing in on the pets I needed to acquire and to level. Without it, I'm sure that I'd still be floundering around without a solid base to work from. Also, it gave me a goal beyond the in-game achievements - to bring my collection up to Xu-Fu's requirements. The in-game achievements are a long time coming; while, very time I obtained or leveled a pet on my Xu-Fu list, I felt an immediate sense of accomplishment.

While I still don't have a Searing Scorchling (and may never have one), I only have to level my final Frog up to 25 and my personal accomplishment will be complete! Thank you, Xu-Fu! (And now, I get to start on Argus - Arggggh!)

Zoezoe wrote on 09/30/2017

Your site has saved me much heartache! I will be joining once you are live! I do have a hope though. I would prefer to donate through paypal to support you than seeing your site got the way of others like wowhead that I dread going to from bad adds awful jobs and ad junk. Your site is the first one I've ever felt that of. How many hits of "add revenue" does it take to get $5 every now and again from a supporter> I'm sure there are other supporters that feel the same way.


responded on 10/02/2017

Hey :)
Thank you very much for your kind words. It's amazing to know and hear about the support from the community. The ads I have are very limited, because I don't want the page being ad-riddled. They are enough to pay for the server cost. Not anything more but that's okay.
On the home page I have a donation button if you're interested. Do you think I should make that more prominent?

Macgam wrote on 09/15/2017

Will Fel Flame work in place of Searing Scourge. They have the same moveset (as does Spirit of Summer) but of course the breed will not match.

Modreyn wrote on 09/13/2017

There appears to be an error now.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /kunden/426045_85652/webseiten/Petguide/classes/checker.php on line 219

This is the error. I can see website is mispelled, perhaps that is the problem?

Modreyn responded on 09/14/2017

It appears to be working again, not sure if you guys fixed it or I am just a dumbass. But thanks either way!

Rhaom wrote on 09/01/2017

This tool is fantastic :D Does this also track rarity or just level? (if not is it possible to make a check to see if the level pet is also rare quality)


responded on 09/01/2017

It also checks rarity. You can see it in the color code. If a level 25 pet is not rare quality, it will show up in the "not maxed" list

Anonymous responded on 09/01/2017

That is awesome, great job on the tool! :D

Anonymous wrote on 08/31/2017

Any plans on updating this for the new argus achievement? I love this thing ;)


responded on 08/31/2017

I'm afraid not. Added a disclaimer on top about this topic. I plan to create a much better tool in the (near-ish) future, but this one won't be updated in the meanwhile, sorry.

Ainsley responded on 08/31/2017

Why not just add a notation next to those Family Fighter on Argus pets, that says "MUST BE XX BREED" so people can check? You already do this at the top of the current iteration...

Tubbychaser (Archimonde) responded on 09/01/2017

Why not just let him make a new better tool instead of asking him to waste him time figuring out every single pet battle because you are too lazy to test some things yourself?


responded on 09/01/2017

Keep it civil, please.
It's indeed not that easy to add this information to the table. I would estimate 2h development and then another 2h copy/pasting info around. Plus additional changes whenever a strategy is modified or added.
That's 4h+ out of the free time I have available for Xu-Fu, spent on something that I will scrap at a later point anyway. And it's not like this is my main job, it sadly doesn't pay ;-)
Hope you understand!

Macgam responded on 09/15/2017

We love your work Aranesh - ty for this and all your guides.

Ligeia wrote on 08/24/2017

Hi, the checker tells me my tolai hare is only 21 (which it is) but my tolai hare pup is 25 and has exactly the same abilities. Just curious if there is some difference or I need both?

julianne wrote on 07/29/2017

i found 2 fights with robert craig as part of the flock together achievement that ask for stormwing. i have one he is level 11 but he doesnt come up on the list of pets to max, do u only cover the first alternative in this ready checker ? otherwise extremely helpful tool


responded on 07/30/2017

Yes this only checks the first alternatives

julianne responded on 07/31/2017

ok thanks for that, thanks for the great work tho it has helped me tremendously.


responded on 07/31/2017

Great to hear that, thanks for the feedback! :-)

Dougula wrote on 07/29/2017

I am curious regarding the need to max out pets I have listed, in both cases it shows a less than rare variety on a pet of which I also have as a rare but in different breeds and lower levels. Since you point out "The tool here is not yet able to check for breeds" my assumption has been that the tool simply defaults to the higher level pet rather than by rarity. Is my assumption accurate?


responded on 07/30/2017

That is correct, yes. It was my first attempt for such a tool. The newer version which you can find under Tools => Collection Viewer is much more advanced and can check for breeds.

Dougula responded on 07/31/2017

Thank you! Both tools have been tremendously helpful.

JhonnyDough wrote on 07/18/2017

very nice and helpfull tool for me this...
just wondering if the API lets u add another option
if u can look deep enough in achievements can you have filter option to only show the ones u still need to do? (for family Familiar that is ofcource)


responded on 07/18/2017

Hey :)
Yes, that is definitely possible, with a few limitations, but mostly it is possible. I am currently building a much more advanced system (see the blog or the new Collection Viewer under Tools) and I definitely thought about adding an achievement checker. It will be at the very end of everything though.

Valtear wrote on 06/23/2017

The Legion Ready-Checker has been very helpful to me! One minor issue: pet family is being duplicated in the drop down filter for 'Pets not maxed:' for each of the families from the drop down filter for 'Pets missing:' For example If I'm missing a mechanical pet and I also have a mechanical pet not maxed, then the filter will list mechanical twice. The list still functions, it just get extra long and a little confusing for users like me first discovering this awesome feature.


responded on 06/23/2017

Good spot. I won't fix it though... a much, much better tool is in the works and aaaaalmost done :-)
Thanks for the feedback nevertheless!

Perveneficus wrote on 06/05/2017

Oi can i beta test the ready checkeers for panda/dreanor as wel ?


responded on 06/05/2017

Not yet, that feature is still a bit further down in the development, sorry.

Merinstone wrote on 04/29/2017

I might just be bad at looking but I could really use a up to date guide to level the pets on this list, any suggestions?

Merinstone responded on 05/02/2017

I'll answer my own question, the wowhead legion prepatch Pet Battling Primer has an excellent section on leveling your pets http://www.wowhead.com/legion-pet-battling-primer


responded on 05/06/2017

Thanks! That is indeed a really good resource :-)

Archi wrote on 04/29/2017

This is so awesome! Could you add one for Draenor and Pandaria please?


responded on 04/29/2017

That is in the works ;-)
Send me a mail if you're interested in a beta-test and I'll show you the current status of it

Rezack wrote on 04/21/2017

any hints on what breeds i should aim for the pets?


responded on 04/25/2017

These strategies are almost all breed independent :-) If you are unsure, hover over the Paw and you see the fights the pets are used in, you can check those strategies if they say anything specific about the breed. It is perhaps 2 pets though, and in my eyes not worth checking individually, just go for whatever breed you have or find first :-)
In a future update the breeds will also be shown in the table directly, wherevery required.

Unnatural wrote on 04/17/2017

I like your site so much, I'm ignoring any alternative strategy and just collecting and leveling pets just aiming to fully passing this page check! :D


responded on 04/17/2017

:D Thanks for the praise! Hope everything will work out fine for you!

Droz wrote on 04/06/2017

This site is fantastic. Would love to see this turned in to an addon! I'd definitely donate to that!


responded on 04/06/2017

Thanks :) It would certainly be possible but sadly I lack the coding abilities to do that.

Valinar wrote on 04/03/2017

So can you sub a grizzly squirrel for the squirrel listed above?

Truidiata wrote on 03/31/2017

This tool is awesome, but would it be possible to compare it to my actual achievement progress. For example I'm 60% done with family familiar, with flying the only sub-achievement completed. But the tool still lists flying pets in the requirements lists.

I would like to see a lists of pets just based on the potential fights I have remaining to complete family familiar.


responded on 03/31/2017

Hey! From a technical point of view that is definitely possible... and within the direction I'm developing this to currently. But it will take a long time and probably longer than you need to finish Family Familar. Sorry but the idea is great!

Minet wrote on 03/17/2017

Great tool! I have all the pets for the strats, but still it was fun to do! And just another reason to recommend this site to my friends and guildmates.

Malekith wrote on 03/08/2017

Congrats for your awesome work!


responded on 03/09/2017

Thanks :)

Gary responded on 03/10/2017

This is an amazingly useful app, thank you! It would be even better though if results could be served via querystrings, for example: https://wow-petguide.com/index.php?m=LegionChecker&region=EU&realm=Draenor&name=Blocky I have been making websites for more than 15 years and I really admire the work you've invested here! Cheers


responded on 03/10/2017

Hey Gary!
I'm working on a different implementation right now, a user system where you simply save your character and won't have to add it manually anymore. Check my blog if you're interested in some more details.

And thank you very much for the praise. It's very encouraging and appreciated :-)

Pet Enthusiast responded on 03/17/2017

would be great if u could then implement the same for the older sections, like celestial tournament and Tiny Terrors, Celestial Tournament and Beast of Fable
but of course i do love and appreciate all your hard work. i use your site a lot :D

Luiz wrote on 02/14/2017

Just want to congratulate you on the site!
Started using it to build up my collection and completed yesterday, for the first time, the celestial tournament!
Proud owner of Chi Chi, sorry about that.... But Xu-Fu is the next on the list!!
Thank you very very much!


responded on 02/14/2017

Hey thanks for the feedback and congratulations! :) I'm always happy to hear when Xu-Fu is able to help someone out in completing an achievement or quest :D

ben responded on 02/16/2017

i turned my wow friend onto your site and we used the pet week to train up 50 lvl 25s and take on the celestials. alot of fun!


responded on 02/18/2017

That's really cool to hear!

Asher Marx responded on 03/02/2017

I also have recently found your site and I'm 1/4 of the way through Family Familiar thanks to your help. Love the site.


responded on 03/03/2017

Thank you :-)

Ana wrote on 02/13/2017

Awesome site! Are you doing a ready checker for battle pet dungeons?


responded on 02/13/2017

Hey! Thank you :-)
I will probably not create a pet check for the dungeon at this time. My development time goes into a "Xu-Fu 2.0" version that will have the ready-checker functionality everywhere, including the dungeon. And I also don't think it's necessary for the dungeon because it's not that difficult from what I can see

Lordy wrote on 02/10/2017

What a fantastic set of guides, thank you ever so much for making this awesome site! I've just got my first character to 110 and have begun doing the daily's and have only 5 more pets to level to 25 to complete your family familiar list. (Phew that took some doing. I did so many pet battles getting and levelling the team I dinged lvl 110 half way through the first zone in the broken Isles!) Cheers Aranesh.


responded on 02/10/2017

You're welcome :-) Happy battling and hope you'll get the Family Familiar achievement soon!

Brad wrote on 02/07/2017

any chance to get a ready checker like this for the old xpac's?


responded on 02/10/2017

Yep, on it! But will take a good amount of time to finish

Brad responded on 02/10/2017

no problem, love the site! and the guides!, basically the only thing I have on my third monitor now.


responded on 02/11/2017

Thank you :) Very happy to hear it!

tmptris wrote on 01/29/2017

Awesome site for help. My one suggestion would be to place a "-" char for those pet abilities that are not used and do not need to be set. Many times a 1 will show - so I reset my pet from using 2 to using 1 (or vice-versa), and then 1 is never used in the fight - so I could have left it at the more often used 2 ability. VERY minor nit. Thanks for the help.


responded on 02/01/2017

Hey tmptris! Thanks for the feedback. I'd need to rebuild the system to allow wildcards.. quite a lot of work to do! It's unlikely I'll do that anytime soon, sorry.
If it makes it easier for you though, I recommend installing the addon Rematch. You can use the "Rematch String" button at any strategy here and just copy paste it into the addon - that automatically sets the pets and correct spells for you. Much easier :-)

Anonymous wrote on 01/26/2017

Whew. 101 pets just for the recommended strategies.


responded on 01/26/2017

Yeah, it's a lot because of the family restriction.

Kif wrote on 12/27/2016

I'd just like to say a huuuuuge thank you for this guide, I finally got family familiar today and this was invaluable to me :)


responded on 12/28/2016

Congrats!! :)

Mia wrote on 12/27/2016


Got some odd thingie (see screenie) when I typed in the details for my toon... the remaining info about which pets I have/need ect is still there just further down the page.


responded on 12/28/2016

That is a very weird issue. Can you please send me your character name and realm that you used? Via mail is fine as well if you don't want to write it here :-) xufu@wow-petguide.com
Thank you!

Mia responded on 12/28/2016

Character name: Jagûar on Draenor EU - Horde.
I got a ^above the u in my toons name.

It's worth mentioning that it's the first time it's ever happend, so if you've changed something on the list within 3-4 weeks, it might be worth looking through any data in that time frame. I apologize if it's alot, but I regulary check the list to see if yo've added other needed pets, or removed any.


responded on 12/31/2016

That was a bit nasty to figure out, but it's fixed :) Thanks for bringing it up and providing the details I needed for the investigation!

Mia responded on 01/04/2017

It's fixed.

Thank you. And thank you for this amazing site. Pet-battle's made easy :)


responded on 01/05/2017

Not too easy though, I hope ^^

Dennis wrote on 12/09/2016

So will you share a list of replacement pets for certain hard to get pets? i have no idea how to get a lil' deathwing for example. And how about the recently released new pets?

Gráinne responded on 12/09/2016

Wow. I had to look that up. Even I don't have Lil' Deathwing, and I do have Family Familiar, so I wondered where he came in.

He is used only for the Flummox battle in Dragons! It is the only strat for Dragons!, and I haven't even seen Flummox yet. If I ever do see Flummox, I'll be sure to try to find another Dragonkin strat. I'm sure Aranesh will as well. Aranesh responded to a question about that on the relevant page:

In general, when I want to find a replacement for something, I go into my Rematch addon, select the Family I'm looking for, right-click the (missing) pet I want to find a replacement for, and select Find Similar. That gives me a list of pets that might fill the bill.

However, I see that the Flummox strat hinges on Elementium Bolt, and no other dragonkin has Elementium Bolt, so no direct replacement would be possible; you'd need a different strat.

Gráinne responded on 12/09/2016

If you have other pets you need to find replacements for, you might try asking here, or on the page of the battle that uses them, or on the Pet Battle forums on battle.net or on WarcraftPets.com - pet battlers are a helpful bunch, and will be likely to come up with suggestions.


responded on 01/02/2017

I can only agree with Gráinne here :-)
If you need some advice or help, just ask! There's many helpful people around the pet battling community!

And regarding Lil' Deathwing - now that Flummox was active again we could do some more testing and found a strategy that uses different dragons :-)

Emelie wrote on 11/17/2016

Oh my goodness... This has become my most favorite website EVER because of this page right here. Thank SOO much for all of your work in the website!


responded on 11/17/2016

You are very welcome, I'm happy it works well for you, even though it's mostly a prototype :-)

Donald responded on 12/01/2016

Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth information you provide. It's good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same unwanted rehashed information. Excellent read! I've saved your site and I'm adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

Joseph responded on 12/02/2016

Excellent blog here! Also your web site loads up very fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

Raythe responded on 12/05/2016

Some of the worlds most awesome solutions were "prototypes". Functionality is key, and this has functionality in spades. Love your strategies, your site is very well organized. Not just this page, but the whole site.


responded on 12/05/2016

Thank you :-)

George responded on 12/06/2016

I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I'm not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are wonderful! Thanks!

Tyr® wrote on 11/06/2016

Great site!

Just a note that when using this checker, keep in mind that many of the pets have exact replacements/stand-ins, potentially called something else so don't waste time or stones leveling them, unless of course you're a completionist.

For example, I am "missing" Cerulean Moth and Crimson Moth, in terms of not having them at 25 however, the Vale Flitter would be a perfect replacement for the Cerulean Moth and an Amber Moth (I think) can replace the Crimson Moth - I already had these rare and at 25. I'm not a completionist per se, so working the others up for use in Family Familiar would have been a time waster for me.

Likewise, the rabbit, roach, strand crab, frog, elfin rabbit, foxes, squirrels and some other animals all have exact copy replacements in-game that you likely already have, albeit named something else.

For roach there's creepy crawly, beetles or scarabs.
For rabbit there's the hare and hare pups.
For strand crab there are various other crabs.
For frog there are various other frogs and toads, jubling and mojo.
For squirrels there are chipmunks.

I'd recommend an addon like Rematch that would allow you to find similar pets in your journal before going through and leveling your "not 25 or missing pets" list.

Good Luck!


responded on 11/06/2016

Very good post, thank you.
I already built in an "Any Moth" feature for moths and several other pet types, most of the ones you mentioned. Exact duplicates however I'm not tracking, yet! It will be a very hard undertaking, because even pets with the same spells can behave very different due to their secondary stats (example: Fel Flame vs. Searing Scorchling).

This ready-checker was my first attempt and I learned a lot doing it. The next iteration will take a long time until completion, but it will hopefully include all you ask for.

Tyr® responded on 11/07/2016

It's an excellent feature as it is, you've put in awesome work and this is a phenomenal resource! It's been so useful for me, even for past battles that I've done - it's well thought out and just all out fantastic.

My post was just so that folks knew to check their journal for some of the "common" pets with copied abilities so they don't spend stones or time leveling the recommended ones (fro the checker, not necessarily the ones in the fight profiles, you've done a great job with that as well) in case they have the others in their care.

To be honest, having an upgraded version would be cool but I wasn't even recommending that - it's awesome as it is, as long as folks just use some due diligence and do some checking first.

What I WOULD love to see if possible (I know it'd probably be a helluva lot of work) is some alternative strats including pets that not everyone may have (like store bought pets, raid pets, achievement pets, etc) - for people that do have them.

Anyway, thanks again and awesome, awesome job on this website. I recommend it to all my pet battling pals in WoW.

Mark responded on 11/11/2016

I really enjoy the blog post. Great.

Donald responded on 11/12/2016

I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. Ill bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I'm quite certain I will learn plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

Wannasticku wrote on 11/06/2016

Love the Site!!!! Has been a huge help in the Battle Pet area of the game. My question is -- Where does the legion checker check for our pets at?? I have updated armory by logging out, refreshed Wowhead etc, but Legion Checker seems to be far off from real time data. I would love to know if there is a way to force an update so we can more easily track our current pets. Thanks much!!


responded on 11/06/2016

It's mostly a problem with the armory. Try one of your other characters!

Sneaks wrote on 11/06/2016

Would it ever be possible to add in an indicator for how many battles a certain pet is needed for? While there are some, like the frog, cricket, and moth, that have multiple versions I've already got, there are others with unique skillsets that I have yet to level. I'm just wondering how much of a priority those will be, or if they have substitutes, especially if used for only one fight.

Other than that, this is a fantastic tool on a fantastic site. I've already started spamming my poor unleveled pets with the handy dandy Andurs battle to get them boosted; we'll see how many more I can get done before the week is over.


responded on 11/06/2016

To simply answer your question: Yes :-) Working on it!

Ronin responded on 12/07/2016

You rock Aranesh! I simply adore your site, and your utilities! This tool is excellent, can you explain if the number column is simply an arbitrary reference number, or listed by importance?


responded on 01/07/2017

The number on the left is just a continues numbering. The order of the list however is based on how often a pet is used in the strategies, meaning the top spot is kind of also the most important pet - or at least the one used most often.

Fairelife wrote on 11/05/2016

This is so awesome. Love the site, and now you have the ready checker. Ubsurd....and loving every minute of it. That checker jsut saved me a mountian of time trying to hunt through my pets and get everything I wanted done, done. Ty for this place.


responded on 11/06/2016

You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!

Azurewren wrote on 11/03/2016

Is it possible to have a Ready Check for Draenor and Pandaria like you do for Legion?

ch4ndy responded on 11/03/2016

The pets that are required for Draenor and Pandaria are much smaller in number than Family Familiar, so I imagine that's why there isn't a tracker for that. If you hover over say 'Draenor', and then click on 'Draenor Master Tamers', scroll down just a bit and it'll show that there are only 9 pets required. Rinse and repeat for the others you're curious about :)

radarcassy responded on 11/05/2016

Xufu has stated they would like to do an uber-checker some day but that t would take a lot of time.

piekid wrote on 10/27/2016

'Character name' field doesn't seem to allow special characters, which makes me sad. Just used an alt's name instead, but I figured I'd mention it.


responded on 10/27/2016

Hey! It should work fine with special characters! Can you let me know which name you were trying? I'd like to know to fix it :-)

piekid responded on 11/09/2016

Nevermind, I got it to work, I'm just dumb.

Verges wrote on 10/20/2016

Love, love, LOVE the site and the Legion ready checker is plain awesome! One thing though, is there a sub for the Ghostly Skull? Darahir who sells it is now MIA for the moved Dalaran so there appears to be no way to buy this save for the off chance someone stashed some for the AH

Gráinne responded on 10/21/2016

Darahir is still where he always was, in the Black Market area of Dalaran (Northrend) Underbelly. I just went there to check and I'm standing in front of him, and he's still offering the Ghostly Skull for sale at 40 gold each. Search Wowhead for Darahir to get a map.

Verges responded on 11/01/2016

Ah, total derp moment and forgot to go back to Northrend's Dalaran. All good now, ty!

Mel wrote on 10/18/2016

Is there a sub for Lil' Deathwing? I mean, a small amount of ppl will have him

ch4ndy responded on 10/18/2016

No, there isn't a sub for Lil' Deathwing. But I believe he's only used in one fight. So in this case, for the Dragons! achievement, just skip the fight that requires him since you only need to defeat 12/15 trainers for the achievement anyway. :)


responded on 10/18/2016

ch4ndy is absolutely correct here. I do not have a sub for lil'deathwing - yet! He is only used against Flummox and it's a fight you can safely skip. Once the fight is back up I'll do some testing and hopefully can take lil'deathwing out of the list here

Mel responded on 10/19/2016

Thank you guys! And Xufu, you're the best, man, I come to your site everyday. Is there any other way to support what you do here?


responded on 10/20/2016

Hey Mel!
Thank you for the kind words :-)
As in support, yeah, absolutely. There's lots of things going on in the background in terms of testing, proofreading, coding etc. - and I'm setting up some systems so moderation is easier. It really depends though if you do have some time you'd like to invest, and what you would like to do. Becaus I'm a strict believer of doing this out of passion and therefore I do not want to dump any annoying tasks on anyone!
Send me a mail if you're (still) interested and we'll figure something out!

Saryas wrote on 10/10/2016

Why specifically Squirrel and Shimmershell Snail. For example I have like 2 snails maxed and a Grizzly Squirrel and they have the same abilities. Is there anything special with those 2?

Saryas responded on 10/10/2016

Also I noticed the Silkbraid Snake...is it a requirement specifically? :D

Saryas responded on 10/10/2016

Also I noticed the Silkbraid Snake...is it a requirement specifically? :D


responded on 10/10/2016

For the Squirrels I don't have the code included to say "Any Squirrel", so to put strategies up quickly I just added the regular Squirrel but of course you can pick any of them.
In regards to the Shimmershell Snail, that's a bug :O
Thanks for pointing me to it! You can use any snail of course.

Saryas responded on 10/11/2016

And the Elfin Rabbit...or can it be any rabbit? :P

GnuclearGnome wrote on 10/07/2016

Nice feature! Unfortunately I received the following error messages when I tried to use it and the it told me I was missing all of the needed pets.

Warning: file_get_contents(https://us.api.battle.net/wow/character/Uldaman/Tabbilox?fields=pets&locale=en_US&apikey=brkusr6scmjrzt3macdjj6e5avt89y5k) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 504 Gateway Timeout in /kunden/426045_85652/webseiten/Petguide/classes/checker.php on line 190

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /kunden/426045_85652/webseiten/Petguide/classes/checker.php on line 208

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /kunden/426045_85652/webseiten/Petguide/classes/functions.php on line 821

The last warning was repeated a ton of times, more than I wanted to count but I'll bet it was once for every pet on your list. I kmow I'm not missing them all, lol, I currently have 734 unique pets, 648 of them at level 25.


responded on 10/10/2016

It appears at the time the Blizzard API was down. Should not be happening anymore :-)

Demonicca wrote on 10/05/2016

Your site is always a good read and I have a suggestion to make - in many legion fights there are different alternative set ups. My suggestion is you add a like button for alternative teams, therefore everyone could save some time by trying the most quick / successful one.

Demonicca wrote on 10/04/2016

Your site is always a good read and I have a suggestion to make - in many legion fights there are different alternative set ups. My suggestion is you add a like button for alternative teams, therefore everyone could save some time by trying the most quick / successful one.


responded on 10/05/2016

Hey Demonicca!
Thank you very much. I am actually planning something very much like what you suggest :D
I think I'll make a blog post soon about my plans for the future, and your suggestion will be included there :) Hope you'll like it!

Potkaniak wrote on 09/24/2016

This is fantastic, thanks. I have made most dailies already but list here is helpful a lot anyway, will make things much more easier. I have just dwelled into this pet business so I am happy to have list of what I should level up and it is good I do not need to make ton of searches on wowhead ^_^ one great feature I would welcome is ability to filter pets in these lists based on their aquisition: if they drop in raids, from pet battles, etc. :D Thank you for all this! ^_^


responded on 09/29/2016

Hey Potkaniak! Thanks for the feedback :-)
What you're asking for is currently way out of my scope. I think warcraftpets.com does a much better job in that regards! My focus is more on providing the strategies and I put most of my time into that. Maybe in the future though :-)

Potkaniak responded on 09/30/2016

Np, it was just idea, that filter that would be applied on this list based on where we can get pets would be nice :D but mouse hovering over them is easy, im over halfway through the list, mostly raid and rare drop pets left for me :D one question though, in description you mention H/H Lost of Lordaeron, but it does not show on list of pets I am missing when I load character and also not on list of what I have already. Were strategies changed and this pet is no longer needed?


responded on 09/30/2016

That is very possible. I am constantly changing strategies since many of them are not ideal or some people just come up with amazing other ideas that work so much better. I check so not too many pets from the roster here change - and I try not to introduce any new ones, but it could be that some just fly off the list. Sorry if that caused any confusion!

Rzzr wrote on 09/23/2016

Just wanted to say thanks very much for this guide. It must have taken some time to put together and it will save me loads of time knowing what pets to level!

^^ responded on 09/30/2016

Agreed, thank you so much for all your work Xu-fu

Zaymaa wrote on 09/21/2016

Did I tell you how much I love this checker??? I use it daily now. Best thing ever. FYI, for all those interested in the Enchanted Broom, it only takes about four days of dailies and the opening quests, along with some runs of the Heroic dungeon there to grab enough tokens.

Psynêrgy wrote on 09/21/2016

Since the cost of the Enchanted broom is way over priced on my realm, and I don't have a Horde toon, will there be an alternative for it at some point?

Anna wrote on 09/20/2016

This Ready-Checker doesn't work for Russian realms, does it? It's a shame, I'd really like to give it a try (I have 100+ pets 25 lvl, it's getting really hard to keep track).
Anyway, I love the website, keep up your amazing work!


responded on 09/20/2016

Hey Anna!
It does work for Russian players as well! You have to chose Europe as a zone, and I think you can use both the English or the Russian version of the realm - give it a try! I tested it with some Russian profiles and it worked fine :-)

Anna responded on 10/01/2016

Thank you! Yes, it works indeed, but I had to type in the server name in English, when I tried to insert the Russian one, some mistake kept popping up (though I'm not sure I put it in correctly).

alcaras wrote on 09/17/2016

I'd love to see a checker like this for the other achievements -- Family Familiar, and the Draenor and Pandaria ones -- or one uber-checker that lists all pets used in any of your guides.

Thank you again for this incredible site.

alcaras responded on 09/18/2016

Woops, just noticed there's a toggle for Family Familiar :) Still would be cool to see ones for the Draenor + Panda achievements as well.


responded on 09/18/2016

That uber-checker is the one I'd like to go for. But it will take a lot of time to develop for me...

Marsieh wrote on 09/16/2016

Thank you for this :)
Just wanted to add that Sprite Darter Hatchling can be substituted for Nether Faerie Dragon and Crusher for Ore Eater. Those have the exact same abilities.

Zaymaa wrote on 09/13/2016

Thanks much for all of this!

Radek wrote on 09/12/2016

Lil Deathwing? O.O
that's .. not an easy pet to get :<
Pushing 100 bucks and taking gamble on the code. What fight is he used for, and I'll help work on an alternative...


responded on 09/12/2016

He's used against Flummox: http://wow-petguide.com/index.php?m=LDragonkin&s=245
I already have another strategy in mind but can't test it right now. Lil' Deathwing is a super cute pet but certainly not one I want to have in the core strategies permanently :-)

Johne974 responded on 09/12/2016

Thanks so much for sharing this excellent info! I'm seeking forward to see much more posts! aafedcdddbfd

Radek responded on 09/15/2016

Ah! The pet breaker! :P
Excellent. I'll have a poke when he decides to show up, and thankyou mew! :3

RexPrimus wrote on 09/09/2016

I would like to thank you, this blog is a must have for legion pet battles. I would also like to ask for a substitute for Core Hound Pup, if ofc there is any.

Camille wrote on 09/08/2016

This is very helpful, thank you!

King Dan wrote on 09/07/2016

Thank you so much for this.

Mini wrote on 08/30/2016

This site is so amazing! Thanks for all your hard work!

Karolina wrote on 08/29/2016

It's like SUPER amazing this pre-legion checker! Thousands of thanks!

Saryas wrote on 08/28/2016

Thanks very much for all your work! I love your website and thanks to you i've started to actually enjoy pet battles <3

Hopelesshobo wrote on 08/28/2016

Is there any chance of getting this ready checker in the other parts of the website too for the people who have not done the celestial tournament and whatnot?


responded on 08/30/2016

Most definitely :-) It was a first try, and I learned a lot. I have some rather big plans, but it will take a good amount of my time I'm afraid.

Emarka wrote on 08/26/2016

Great site, can definitely tell how much hard work you've put into it.

Only suggestion I have is adding the pet breeds to the Legion Ready checklist, when it's pertinent. That way people don't go out and grab the suggested pet, only to find on the specific trainer strat page that they needed a certain breed.


responded on 08/26/2016

Hey Emarka! Very, very good thought. I didn't think of it. Right now I lack the time to actually code that in. This tool is just a very simple first try at an armory integration and mostly a learning for myself for the future.
I however added a clear disclaimer and special note about the pets where breeds are required. It's only 3, hopefully not a big hassle for many.

Avesther wrote on 08/25/2016

Great site. Your hard work is appreciated by this novice pet battler!

Snippits wrote on 08/24/2016

Is there a sub for Harpy Youngling? I have been trying to camp for it for a few days but nothing is spawning.

Dumb Rabbit responded on 08/25/2016

Yes as Xufu stated, as you can start doing the invasions at lvl 10, best option here would be to start a new character probably orc, get to lvl 5-6 so harpy's don't kill you, and they should spawn for you then as the invasion won't be active.


responded on 08/25/2016

Hey Snippits! This seems to be due to the Legion Invasion. Try with a lower level character that doesn't have the invasion pre-quest. Worst case you'll have to revisit after Legion release.

Cyruzthevirus wrote on 08/24/2016

I am not sure if its just me, but when I try to enter my name with a alt code. It can not find the character.


responded on 08/25/2016

That's a problem with the page that I haven't figured out yet, sorry. You can enter one of your other characters without any special characters in it (or create a death knight for that purpose). It should work then!

Leliel wrote on 08/23/2016

Thank you for your work!
I just have one question:
Are there any good replacements for enchanted broom for non horde players?


responded on 08/23/2016

I'm afraid there aren't. The Broom is a fantastic pet for the magic family that is in my opinion a must have for the family familiar achievement, sorry :/

Karolina responded on 08/26/2016

What if you are mainly starting with the world quests? Is there any alternative then?


responded on 08/30/2016

I'm very sure there will be alternatives at some point! For me the Broom was invaluable, but give it time and go for some other families first. I'm sure people will come up with great other strategies to make it work!

Iziey wrote on 08/23/2016

The page is showing all the HTML coding at the moment. Just wanted to give you a heads up! Thank you for all you do!


responded on 08/23/2016

Whoops! Fixed :-) Thanks for the heads-up!

Skapegoat wrote on 08/23/2016

Ever consider putting up a forum so we can exchange info with each other?


responded on 08/23/2016

I thought about it but there are so many different pet battling forums around, from the official ones over wowhead and mmo-champion up to the most active one on warcraftpets.com, yet they all struggle with low activity. That's why I didn't really think about it a lot. Perhaps something for the future :-)

Skapegoat wrote on 08/23/2016

Really appreciate what this site has done for me, thanks alot!

Saint wrote on 08/21/2016

There an issue with special char search ? I am one of those ppl with mutliple chars with the same name but just changed the vowels with different declination's , ie: Sáint

Venar wrote on 08/21/2016

Great tool, thank you for doing this!

Quick question, the pets not maxed has a Death Talon Whelpguard in it, but I have one of them at level 25 and one at level 1. Those pets are on both lists. Do I need two of them for any of the pet battles?


responded on 08/22/2016

Hey Venar! Interesting case. You only need one Death Talon Whelpguard for sure, and I built the tool to check for such duplicates. Seems there is an issue here that I'll have to look into!


responded on 08/22/2016

Okay seems I found the issue and it's working now :-)

Venar responded on 08/23/2016

I'm glad it was an easy fix!

Saint wrote on 08/21/2016

There an issue with special char search ? I am one of those ppl with mutliple chars with the same name but just changed the vowels with different declination's , ie: Sáint


responded on 08/21/2016

Hey Saint! Yeah, there is sadly an issue. I haven't found a solution yet. A workaround for you is to use a different character with no special characters in it. Since pets are bound to your account, it doesn't make a difference for the pet checker. Sorry for the inconvenience though!


wrote on 08/20/2016

Thanks everyone for the great comments :-)
A small edit: the Searing Scorchling is replaced by a Fel Flame! Much easier to obtain and should be equally effective.

Vulder responded on 08/20/2016

Thank you so much, for the work you put into this site. It is nothing short of amazing.

Shim wrote on 08/20/2016

Any replacements for Lost Netherpup? I just got a friend into pet battling and I figured at this point it'd be easier to get him ready for Legion and then work his way backwards.


responded on 08/21/2016

Hey! The Lost Netherpup is a really versatile pet and very useful for the Beast challenges. I'm afraid I don't have an alternative for it. Although you can of course skip those fights for the start and just add the Netherpup later on!
Many of the pets I'm using here are very useful for the older fights as well. Would make sense for your friend to at least unlock the Pandaria dailies, they are still one of the best sources for pet XP :-)

Bawk wrote on 08/18/2016

There aren't enough words to expresss how much I love you, Xu! This tool is as awesome as your battle strategies. Thank you for putting all that effort into bring us everything about battle pet's world. God bless you!

Bawk @Azralon

Ayren wrote on 08/17/2016

Thank you so much for this awesome tool! You are a godsend when it comes to pet battles. This site is so wonderfully easy to navigate. Bless you!! <3

Orphos wrote on 08/17/2016

This is completely amazing. Thank you!

Odracir wrote on 08/16/2016

Thanks for the tool, my chars are on EU Server Aggra (Português) and I cant import the info, maybe some tweaks are needed? :) Thanks for the tool anyway!!!


responded on 08/17/2016

Hey Odracir!
There is a problem indeed with the server name, and I haven't figured out what the issue is, yet. While I look into this (and I have no idea how to fix this right now :S) you can try entering a different character on another realm. Not the nicest solution but it should still work. If you create a deathknight for example that should turn up very quickly on the armory on any realm and with that you should be able to use the tool. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Odracir responded on 08/17/2016

Thanks for the tip, didn't even remembered to use another char from another server. The tool works and it seems all im missing are Searing Schorchling and Direhorn Runt for now :)

Moikila wrote on 08/16/2016

Fantastic tool.
Now i can throw out my handwritten list :D

Radek wrote on 08/16/2016

Oh gods is this useful!
Thankyou Xu! An entire bag of star cookies for you. :D


responded on 08/16/2016

Thanks :D Cookies are always a good thing!

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