Updated Article for Twitch Drops & Support a Streamer! [Updated 23 Nov 22]

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Table of Contents:

1. Drops & Times Infographics
1.1 Times for Different Time Zones
1.2 Specific Drop Schedules
2. Viewer Eligibility
3. Pet Community Streamer Schedules
3.1 WonderWez
3.2 DragonsAfterDark

Updated Article for Twitch Drops & Support a Streamer! [Updated 23 Nov 22]


2022-11-06 14:16:12
As most of you have heard by now, Blizzard will be participating in Twitch Drops & Support a Streamer to celebrate the upcoming release of Dragonflight! We now have a list of eligible streamers for Ichabod!

The complete list can be found here, and I (DragonsAfterDark) am on the list! Feel feel to peruse the list for your favorite streamers, as Blizzard included over 4,500 creators ^^

That being said, let's get started!

1. Drops & Times Infographics

Below we have some wonderful infographics provided by Logan to help with times and when drops will be happening.

If they are too difficult to view here, you can visit Logan's Twitter thread here for them.

1.1 Times for Different Time Zones

1.2 Specific Drop Schedules

2. Viewer Eligibility

To participate in Twitch Drops & Ichabod, you need to link your Twitch Account to your Battle.net account:

Login to BattleNet > Account Settings > Connections > Twitch > +Connect

According to Blizzard's Eligibility:
If you have changed your password or made any changes to your Twitch or Battle.net account, you will have to relink your accounts. When you relink, there will be a 7-day cooldown before you can relink a new Twitch account.

The streamer you watch or gift subs to mush have their drops turned on and be streaming in the World of Warcraft category.

Once you've watched for x amount of time, and/or gifted two subs, you get a notification on your Twitch dashboard at the top right that you are eligible for the Drop. Click it to claim your drop!

Note One: The drop MUST be claimed by the time the campaign ends on Twitch or else it expires!
Note Two: Once claimed, you must have your Battle.net linked within 7 days or your reward will expire!
After you've claimed your rewards on Twitch, please make sure you're logging into the Battle.net region you'd like to receive the drop(s) on, as the first region you log into will be where your items are delivered. It can take up to 24 hours to receive your reward(s) in game after claiming.

3. Pet Community Streamer Schedules

Some of you have been asking about streamers in the pet community for the up-and-coming Twitch Drops and Support a Streamer, so WonderWez and I got together to spread out the streaming hours between us to the best of our schedules' abilities! Below will be our Twitch links and schedules.

For mine, I'm open to one weekend stream each week. Given when the drops occur I imagine Saturday would be best. If you're interested in me adding a Saturday stream, just let me know below!

In no way are you obligated to visit our streams for the Drops or Ichabod, we just wanted to offer this to the community members who were interested. So please, visit your favorite streamers and celebrate Dragonflight's upcoming release with them!

3.1 WonderWez

WonderWez's Twitch Link

3.2 DragonsAfterDark

DragonsAfterDark's Twitch Link

My times will show here in CST. You can visit my Twitch page to see the times in your localized time zone (I'm pretty sure).


wrote on 2022-11-12 22:40:55

I've never used Twitch before, how do i "Gift a Subscription" to someone?


wrote on 2022-11-13 03:53:39

Here are Twitch's articles on the process:


If you have any questions not covered by the article just let us know and we'll do our best to answer them. ^^


wrote on 2022-11-18 18:55:20

So if I have all the required things done, all I have to do is watch your channel for 4 hours?


wrote on 2022-11-19 19:40:08

Sorry I didn't see this until now, but for drops 1 (which was over last night) & 2 you can watch 4 hours of anyone streaming in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight category, not just me. ^^

For the 3rd drop & Ichabod we're waiting for Blizzard to release their list of eligible streamers.


wrote on 2022-11-22 14:19:22

Thank you. Hopefully I'll see you then for the mount.


wrote on 2022-11-19 15:46:31

Am I understanding correct?
Buy these "gift subs" for money and grant them to some streamer and you get the pet?
OK, i will never get this - I will not offer my banking information to that twitch.tv site.
Very sad :-(


wrote on 2022-11-16 07:43:36

how does channel support work? i noticed the drops but... the gifted subs? is blizz choosing from big names? i could see it helping some smaller streamers if they do i ichabod like the others.


wrote on 2022-11-16 18:28:08

I think they're trying to make it as widely available as possible, so I don't think it'll just be the big streamers.


wrote on 2022-11-17 11:04:50

I grabbed a random channel that had drop enabled in the title. Then left it running for over 4 hours.


wrote on 2022-11-18 02:22:11

@ dragons: TY!!! any chance we can get blue to confirm?


wrote on 2022-11-17 05:45:06

I got the Dragon Kite today. I noticed something interesting, the old one I got from TCG long ago is cageable, the new one from Twitch is not cageable! So maybe there are really 2 variation of this pet, cageable and non-cageable versions?


wrote on 2022-11-17 06:31:52

I believe the WoW team somehow managed to flag one of them as cageable, and one as uncageable. Aside from that they are exactly the same ^^

Nessahelyan wrote on 2022-11-13 18:45:32

I'm so confused.


wrote on 2022-11-11 19:36:25

Thank you so very much for clear info, you make it looks like even an old fogie like me can follow your instructions and get it done :)


wrote on 2022-11-11 20:21:06

Happy to help! ^^


wrote on 2022-11-08 18:09:33

Thanks for the info as I had the wrong date for the Feldrake :-)


wrote on 2022-11-08 19:13:16

No problem! ^^


wrote on 2022-11-06 20:07:55

looks like my days of making BIG gold buying the dragon kites from the BMAH and re-selling them are over lol. thanks for making extra streams available!


wrote on 2022-11-07 02:03:51

No problem at all ^^


wrote on 2022-11-06 21:43:32

Thank you for making these streams available :)


wrote on 2022-11-07 02:03:41

I'm happy to help ^^

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