Welcome to the Shadowlands!

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Welcome to the Shadowlands!
2020-11-23 13:58:27
The gateways are open! Hope you are ready to explore new lands, experience new stories, and - how could it be any different - battle and collect many new pets!

As usual the team behind Xu-Fu has gathered all the information you need to fight your way through the new quests and achievements. Here's just a quick summary with links to the individual sections:

1. New Pets

More than a hundred new pets are available in Shadowlands and this compilation lists them out with images and descriptions.

2. Changes to Pet Battles

We've also seen quite a few changes to abilities, which are detailed here.

3. World Quests

Once you have unlocked world quests, the following guides give you strategies to all the new pet battle quests:

4. Achievements

A new family achievement is around as well and you will find tons of strategies in the section for the Family Exorcist

Happy battling and collecting!

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oziii wrote on 2021-06-16 22:18:22