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With the introduction of Mechagon in 8.2 pet battlers were not left out. On this new island there are 8 new legendary pet battle opponents.

This time there is no family achievement to be done for the new fights. Instead we got a task that is a lot easier than most of the previous achievements. Beating every pet battle boss in Mechagon grants Mighty Minions of Mechagon which on its own doesn't give you anything.
However it is one of the 4 requirements to Team Aquashock; a meta achievement that rewards you with the awesome pet Nagalgue!
To get this you'll have to beat all the legendary pets and capture every wild pet in both Mechagon and Nazjatar.

Nonetheless those fights are unexcitingly easy and you can beat most of them with the exact same strategy.
Since the isle is not very big it's easy to find most of them, but if you are using TomTom you can copy those coordinates to locate every legendary opponent.

/way Mechagon Island 59.2 50.9 Creakclank
/way Mechagon Island 60.7 46.5 Sputtertube
/way Mechagon Island 65.4 57.7 CK-9
/way Mechagon Island 72.1 72.9 Unit 17
/way Mechagon Island 64.7 64.6 Gnomefeaster
/way Mechagon Island 60.6 56.9 Goldenbot XD
/way Mechagon Island 51.1 45.4 Unit 35
/way Mechagon Island 39.5 40.1 Unit 6

Xu-Fu peut scanner cette section afin de déterminer les stratégies les plus adaptées à vos préférences, et lister les mascottes requises.
En fonction du nombre de combats dans la section, l'exécution du scan peut durer jusqu'à une minute.

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