Family Brawler

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Última actualización: 2022-05-06

In 7.3.5 a new set of PvP achievements was added to the game: Family Brawler. The meta-achievement requires of you to complete 10 sub-achievements; one for each family of pets. Every one of those asks you to win 10 PvP pet battles through 'Find Battle' with a full team of level 25 pets of just one family. (e.g. Humanoid Brawler)

Completing them all rewards you with the Master Trainer's Tabard. But don't think this will be an easy task! With a team that consists of just one family you will not only have to deal with three times their strengths, but also three times their weaknesses. To help you find a setup that will get you through this grind as fast as possible we offer you a whole collection of strategies to outdo your opponents.

Good luck!

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