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Thousands of years ago, ten magisters were exiled from Highborne society for seeking power in the corrupting darkness. In the wilds, they found hunger, desperation, and Kosumoth.
Zone: Eye of Azshara - World
Drop: Kosumoth the Hungering

Hungering Claw is a WoW secret battle pet added in Patch 7.0. This puzzle was originally solved by the WoW Secret Finding Discord.

Guide for unlocking the WQ from Nerfz on Wowhead:

To obtain the World Quest you have to meet certain criteria:

  • Speak to Drak'thul, he's located at the Broken Shore around 37, 71
  • Find Weathered Relic which is located at the Broken Shore at the cave around 57, 52
  • in order to enter the cave you probably have to die first and enter the cave as a ghost.
  • At the end of the cave you will find a tiny little pile which you have to loot.
  • Go back to Drak'thul (Broken Shore 37, 71) and speak with him again.

(Note: You'll have to speak with him several times)

  • Activate the Orbs in this order:

Cave Entrance Orb#1: Fly to Azurewing Repose (Azsuna) and go to 37.96, 37.41

Cave Entrance Orb#2: Fly to Lorna's Watch for Alliance (Stormheim) / Crimson Thicket for Horde (Suramar) and go to Stormheim 32.92, 75.90

Cave Entrance Orb#3: Fly to Lorlathil (Val'sharah) and go to 41.51, 81.18

Cave Entrance Orb#4: Fly to Dalaran and glide down to the Broken Shore (Broken Shore) at 29.16, 78.57 and dive until you will see the underwater cave entrance

Cave Entrance Orb#5 Orb is litte bit hidden: Fly to Felblaze Ingress (Azsuna) and go to 59,37, 13.13

Orb#6: Fly to Shield's Rest (Stormheim) and swim north until you see this:

Cave Entrance Orb#7: Fly to Skyhorn (Highmountain) and go to 55.84, 38.47 (you need to jump down a bit)

Cave Entrance Orb#8 Orb is a bit hidden: Fly to Azurewing Repost (Azsuna) and go to 54.02, 26.18

Cave Entrance Orb#9: Fly to Eye of Azhara (Eye of Azshara) and go to 79.52, 89.31 and swim down to the sunken ship

Cave Entrance Orb#10: Go back to Drak'thul (Broken Shore 37, 71) next to him is the last orb

  • Last Step

Go to Kosumoth (Eye of Azshara 46, 52) and now you should see the World Quest Kosumoth

Slay him
Last Update: 2024-01-29 06:13:38 (Patch 10.2)
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