Patch 10.2.5 Compilation - Updated 1 February

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Table of Contents:

1. Shiny Pet Charm Conversion & Charm Changes
2. Battle Stones Now Stack to 200
3. New Pets
3.1 Azerothian Archive Achievements
3.2 Hearthstone 10th Anniversary
3.3 Love is in the Air Revamp
3.4 Noblegarden Revamp
3.5 Shop Pet
3.6 Trading Post

Patch 10.2.5 Compilation - Updated 1 February


2023-11-16 22:13:26
Here's everything we have coming for Patch 10.2.5!

1. Shiny Pet Charm Conversion & Charm Changes

  • All your Shiny Charms will get a 1:1 conversion to Polished Pet Charms, and will show up in the mail

  • All the vendors that originally sold items for Shiny Charms will now take Polished charms

  • All WQs and Dailies that rewarded Shiny Charms will now reward Polished Pet Charms

  • Polished Pet Charms will now stack to 5k (is currently 1k)

  • The Shiny Pet Charmer achievement will become a Feat of Strength, so if you haven’t done it yet you’ll want to start working on that soon!

2. Battle Stones Now Stack to 200

3. New Pets

3.1 Azerothian Archive Achievements

From Lazey:

The Big Dig: Traitor's Rest

You can grab this Weekly (without doing any of the Azerothian Archives introduction quests) from Eadweard Dalyngrigge in two locations:

/way #2024 26.96 46.46 Traitor's Rest
/way #2025 61.57 31.32 Azerothian Archives Thaldraszus

Every hour on the half-hour, the public event "The Big Dig: Traitor's Rest" will start in the Traitor's Rest area of the Azure Span and last for up to 12 minutes. You can mouseover the event's horn icon on the map to check for its next uptime or potential rewards for your next participation.

The only thing needed to complete The Big Dig: Traitor's Rest is a Doomshadow defeat!

We'll probably only get the 5000x Mysterious Fragments for the first completion of this Weekly per account!


It is bewildering how the most arrogant and stuck up of the Azerothian Archivists can't help but create the most adorable arcane familiars. Perhaps Nirobin does have a soft side...

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Feedback, Cleansing Rain, Deep Research, Ott Breath, Otter Breath, Ottest Breath


Even Nirobin, a self-proclaimed genius of the highest caliber, could not deny the cuteness of his arcane creation.

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Feedback, Frenzy, Drain Power, Powerball, Deep Research, Swarm

3.2 Hearthstone 10th Anniversary


When he's not hanging out with Harth Stonebrew or winning competitions at the tavern, Sarge loves to stow away in the backpacks of visiting adventurers.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Windfury, Wild Magic, Stampede, Scratch, Burrow, Survival
  • Promotion: Hearthstone 10th Anniversary

3.3 Love is in the Air Revamp

Heartseeker Moth

Whereas some moths are attracted to light, this particular moth seems attracted to warm, fuzzy feelings. Some say the phrase "butterflies in your stomach" actually refers to an infestation of Heartseeker Moths.

  • Family: Flying
  • Abilities: Slicing Wind, Preen, Dazzling Dance, Focused Beams, Dust Cloud, Moth Dust
  • Source: Love is in the Air Vendor
  • Cost: 40 Lovely Tokens

3.4 Noblegarden Revamp

Lovely Duckling

Of all the shades and colors of ducklings that come forth in the spring, the most prized are the pink ones. There are many theories about why, but it's likely just because pink is awesome.

  • Family: Aquatic
  • Abilities: Water Jet, Egg Barrage, Pump, Surge, Wild Magic, Flock
  • Source: Noblegarden

3.5 Shop Pet


The Retail version of Hoplet does not yet have a model. The above is the Wrath Classic model.

Because it's her favorite holiday, Hoplet wears her Lunar Festival outfit year-round.

  • Family: Magic
  • Abilities: Trenchant Claws, Arcane Riposte, Moon Tears, Flurry, Moon Dance, Nibble
  • Source: In-Game Shop

3.6 Trading Post


Yellow maidenbugs are often mistaken for other yellow insects. This happens even more often to Beetriz, and she doesn't understand why.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Skitter, Acidic Goo, Swarm, Rake, Shell Armor, Survival
  • Source: Trading Post


Farmers will often release maidenbugs to battle the pests that threaten their crops. Buggsy was so good at this that she decided to go pro.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Scratch, Nibble, Swarm, Rake, Stoneskin, Deliberate Retreat
  • Source: Trading Post
  • Cost: 250 Trader's Tenders


Though fully-grown maidenbugs are able to fly, Nelle is just a bit too young for that. She's happy to skitter alongside you all the same.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Scratch, Adrenal Glands, Swarm, Rake, Survival, Apocalypse
  • Source: Trading Post
  • Cost: 250 Trader's Tenders


Teele's grandparents told him they were the mice that discovered Azeroth. They were also champion fibbers.

  • Family: Critter
  • Abilities: Scratch, Nibble, Survival, Comeback, Stoneskin, Powerball
  • Source: Trading Post
  • Cost: 350 Trader's Tenders


wrote on 2024-01-18 02:15:57

Sarge, on a Hearthstone anniversary promotion?

I wonder if they're going to make us play several games of HS to get that pet.


wrote on 2024-01-18 03:11:29

I hope not; I'm really terrible at most games ^^'
Maybe it'll be like Baa'lial, attached to an event in-game with a really good droprate?


wrote on 2023-11-18 16:40:57

I just destroyed 5000 shiny pet charm because they were taking up too much space in my bank for years... I am a bit devastated now :(


wrote on 2023-11-18 17:50:46

Can you use Item Restoration on them? Probably not, but worth a look.


wrote on 2023-11-19 03:42:36

Why didn't you move stuff to a bank alt with a Gbank?


wrote on 2023-11-19 08:33:50

You can't use a Guild Bank to hold BoA items like Charms and Stones.

However, you can make low-level alts and equip them with bags.

I have well over a thousand slots of storage on alts filled with with caged pets, charms, stones, bandages.


wrote on 2023-12-12 06:18:17

I tried restoring, but you cannot restore whites or greys. But nevermind, it is what it is. Thanks for the advice anyway :)


wrote on 2023-12-24 22:01:35

Hit the pet dailies steady for a month and you'll likely replace most of them. I leveled a few toons that way because I was just tired of questing


wrote on 2023-11-20 04:26:10

i still have 900+ shiny. any idea when it starts counting to 500? i assume that existing shiny charms won't auto complete the FOS. if the time frame is real short, idk if it is worth it to grind that hard..


wrote on 2023-11-20 05:03:54

You might already have the achievement. It hasn't moved to the Feat of Strength yet. You can check for it under the main Pet Battle tab where all your pet dungeon achievements are at.


wrote on 2023-11-22 02:17:04

yup from 2017 when i wasn't collecting pets lol. those legion mission tables added up

Nessahelyan wrote on 2023-11-21 16:23:58

OH FINALLY ...i have tons of the old ones.


wrote on 2023-11-19 23:37:17

Hearthsone's 10th anniversary is March 2024? So awhile to wait for Sarge. When is Patch 10.2.5? I assume that's when the pet charms conversion will take place?


wrote on 2023-11-20 01:31:29

I imagine it'll have to be before February 5th since we're getting a Love is in the Air revamp from it. And yes, the conversion will happen in 10.2.5 (edited)


wrote on 2023-11-19 23:36:54

I did not see that coming. I was expecting this way back in BFA. It should be much easier to collect over 5k for some [expensive!] pets. (edited)


wrote on 2023-11-19 22:24:08

Interesting, I think I spent all my Shiny charms way back when we knew they'd, sort of, be deprecated. But, cool, farming up the 15k needed for just two pets will be a bit easier.


wrote on 2023-11-17 19:29:16

Was going to ask if this is the same Sarge we'd already gotten. But that was the mount and this is a pet. Nice :-)


wrote on 2023-11-17 06:32:34

On a different note, the achievement "Shiny Pet Charmer" was changed to a FoS (previously Pet Battles) and the tooltip changed. I checked on WoWDB PTR and the Shiny Pet Charm item was marked deprecated on Blizzard's end.

I checked on the PTR and the Shiny Pet Charms I store in an alt's bank were outright removed. (Nor were there any converted into Polished Pet Charms.)

Also can confirm that the vendors that formerly required Shiny Pet Charms now use Polished Pet Charms instead.

If you have any unspent Shiny Pet Charms still, make the most of them now. (edited)


wrote on 2023-11-17 06:37:48

I'd only checked the achievement portion real quick, but that's good to know!


wrote on 2023-11-17 07:19:57

They'll be in the mail! And thank you; I've updated the article ^^


wrote on 2023-11-17 19:28:50

Weird, weren't in the mail when I checked last night... Good to know though. :) (edited)

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