A Short Hunt

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A Short Hunt


2022-01-09 06:57:54
Another Treasure Hunt is coming!

A really short one, this time. It will run from Jan 14 to Jan 16, starting and ending at 23:59 GMT (meaning from Friday to Saturday at midnight to the end of Sunday).
Mostly the same rules apply as last time with the only difference, no covenants this time. So don't hoard those Coins, spend them, stash them, defend them!

Whoever has gathered the most Anima at the end of the game will win the little s Destruidorzinho.
Among all other players who generated Anima, a Grimório Soprante and a XTzinho do Landro will be raffled out.
Anima counts like a raffle ticket so the more you have the higher your chances.

Why, you ask? Over the last weeks Xu-Fu moved not only to a new webhosting company but also moved server, twice! After fixing tons of smaller issues that hapened, largely in the background, it looks extremely promising and stable. Better than expected actually! So why not try a little ... load test :D That's what this Treasure Hunt is going to be!
Thanks for participating and good luck!

Kapacity escreveu em 2022-01-10 04:38:16

The community interaction and feedback here and the Discord is phenomenal. As a long time player I really appreciate all the hard work you all put into this.

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