Datamined Pet / Pet NPC Models

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Datamined Pet / Pet NPC Models
2020-06-06 02:11:07
Hello, there! Seems like it's been a while since we've had a nice pet update from the Alpha, and you'd be correct.

However, we've come across some sneaky models listed under NPC > Battle Pet, instead of just finding them in the Battle Pet section. This could mean they are purely NPC pet models of potential battle pet-type tamers, and/or their pets. However, we might also see these as player pet models at some point, and I'm certainly excited about some of them!

Before we get started, though, obligatory SPOILER WARNING:






And off we go!

0.1 Animated Tome

  • Drop: Scrivener Lenua
  • Zone: Revendreth

Beware awakening the power of knowledge.

0.2 Bound Lightspawn

  • Drop: Light Elementals
  • Zone: Revendreth

Lightspawn can always be found amongst the battlefields of the Light.

0.3 Burdened Soul

  • Drop: Hidden Crypt
  • Zone: Revendreth

A soul burdened with the sins of the past.

0.4 Court Messenger

  • Vendor: Mistress Mihaela
  • Faction: Court of the Harvesters - Revered

The stone fiends were created to serve as messengers and spies for the realm of Revendreth, and those of the Court of Harvesters serve that role extremely well.

0.5 Dal

  • WQ: A Stolen Stonefiend
  • Zone: Revendreth

0.6 Emotional Leecher

  • Drop: Leeched Soul, Manifestations of Wrath
  • Zone: Revendreth

Drawn from an overabundance of pride and wrath, these manifestations seek even more to sustain themselves.

0.7 Primordial Sludge

  • Drop: ??
  • Zone: Revendreth

The sludge that can give rise to dredgers has been known to coalesce and run a muck.

0.8 Raw Emotion

  • Drop: Sanguine Depths
  • Zone: Revendreth

Manifesting in the catacombs and depths beneath Revendreth due to vile rituals and practices, the souls' emotions are left to rampage.

0.9 Rose Spiderling

  • Drop: Tomb Burster
  • Vendor: Funguss
  • Zone: Revendreth

The crypts and tombs of Revendreth offer the perfect breeding ground for spiders, and Tomb Burster's brood has become fiercely territorial of their foothold in Dredhollow.

0.10 Trapped Soul

Limbo never looked so adorable.

0.11 Trapped Stonefiend

  • Drop: Bleakwood Chest
  • Zone: Revendreth

Trapped in a chest and forgotten for years, this stone fiend is mad and looking for a fight with all its faculties.

And those are all the new models!

Just as a refresher, here are some of the previous models that have been listed under Battle Pets specifically:

0.12 Renny

  • Location/Source: Unknown

If you received points for causing mischief while teleporting around as a tiny, adorable vulpin, Renny would be top of the leaderboard.

0.13 Plagueborn Slime

  • Quest: Maldraxxus

In Maldraxxus, garbage has a strange habit of finding its way back to you.

0.14 Pocket PHA7-YNX / PHA7-YNX

  • Profession: Engineering

Inspired by the Kyrian Phalynx, Engineers have modified the design to be approximately 300% more adorable.

What we believe to be an NPC & their team:





So, what do you think of some of the new models? Do you have a new favorite?

Well that's all for now, so until next time, everyone: happy battling!

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wrote on 2020-06-06 17:40:43

Phalynx still OP!

Now there is no lore (maybe Legion TW) reason to see imps anymore, I've been wondering if either limbed gargos or the grell could become their successors :P

As weird as it sounds, really nice to see a new soul model. The emotions look a little emotionless…? though.
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wrote on 2020-06-06 10:51:51

Can't wait to get me some tiny Gargoyle companions :D