The Deadmines

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If you have beaten the Wailing Critters dungeon before and your character is at least level 45, Breanni in Legions Dalaran will offer you a breadcrumb quest to fly to the Deadmines in Westfall.
There, Marcus "Bagman" Brown will greet you and send you to the actual dungeon.

The dungeon's 9 fights are much more diverse in comparison to the Wailing Critters, but are overall very comparable in difficulty. If you have a large roster of pets, you won't have any trouble beating it.

The unlocked challenge mode works exactly like before - no healing or reviving pets within the dungeon. Completing it however will grant you one Old Bottle Cap, a new currency that you can directly turn it at Marcus for three new pets:

Foe Reaper 0.9 (1 bottlecap)
Tricorne (2 bottlecaps)
Pocket Cannon (3 bottlecaps)

To get all three (non-tradeable!) pets, you will therefore have to run the dungeon 7 times. Once on normal mode and then 6 challenge modes.
Good luck and enjoy the new dungeon!
Xu-Fu can scan this section for the most suitable strategies according to your preferences and show the required pets.
The Regular option will allow using pets multiple times.
Heroic mode will use each pet only once due to the restriction of no healing.


wrote on 2023-08-05 14:15:21

The first choice of all strats require you to have 4 Teroclaw hatchlings. That doesn't work.


wrote on 2023-11-03 02:58:52

Teroclaw hatchlings are pretty good at healing themselves, and all pets get a slight heal whenever they complete a fight without dying too. It definitely works.


wrote on 2024-02-28 21:54:34

@Cala62 - how can you have 4 of them (edited)


wrote on 2023-05-26 21:12:29

My first pet battle dungeon challenge. I spent the previous day making sure I had all the required pets, in duplicate if need be, and leveling the ones that weren't maxed. The strats were flawless. Cake-walked through this without a single problem. Next stops for me: Wailing Caverns and and Gnomeregan. (edited)


wrote on 2023-05-26 23:47:39

Congratulations! Onward and upwatd!


wrote on 2023-05-27 02:01:09

Thanks. This is all new content for me. The last time I played retail was WotLK. I have many achievements dated 2008 and 2009. Haha. But I'm loving pet battles. Great addition to the game. Glad Blizzard didn't abandon it.


wrote on 2023-05-27 08:46:45

It is great content. And this is a great site to learn about it. You can join the Discord too, to meet up with others.


wrote on 2020-09-06 20:25:46

So the heroic table selects Teroclaw for 4 fights (Unfortunate Defias, Cookie's Leftovers, Klutz's Battle Rat, Mining Monkey)... Anyone have a substitute for one fight?


wrote on 2020-09-27 10:07:28

I just did it with 3x Teroclaw. When I got to the last boss (Cookie's Leftovers), they all had 100% HP. So don't worry.


wrote on 2020-09-28 00:45:21

Yeah that's how it went for me! :) I think I also moved some fave strats around for it to give me the all clear!


wrote on 2020-11-22 08:36:05

It only takes 1, but used 4 times. It keeps capping itself back up on health. (edited)


wrote on 2021-01-22 19:55:55

I've just done with one, i've ended up using something else for mining monkey, to be fair, i don't remember what i did :D


wrote on 2022-08-05 22:15:29

Yeah I'm getting warnings that Teroclaw is overused, and my Anomalus is not high enough. I have 3x L25 Teroclaws and a L1, L2, and L25 Anomalus. Bit annoying.

PhD wrote on 2021-09-19 10:56:12

So today something very weird happened

I battled the foe reaper and defias, and then after that I could no longer use rematch because my character was "in combat" with what I could not tell. Not sure how that happens. But I had to leave the instance to break aggro and get the UI working again (edited)


wrote on 2021-09-19 13:00:02

I think there are a few critters in the Deadmines and other pet dungeons. If you somehow aggroed one of those, that would account for it.


wrote on 2021-10-18 03:09:03

Same just happened to me after foe reaper, couldn't use rematch. Found out was getting attacked by defias. simple just kill him (edited)


wrote on 2022-01-23 04:15:24

Confirming that "Defias Shadowguard" was the problem for me. Killed a few rats before noticing him. /tar Defias and then any attack should handle him.


wrote on 2021-07-20 06:34:47

Can replace little black ram with Summit Kid for the Heroic Run (:


wrote on 2018-10-08 19:16:49

Just a note -- you no longer get a bottlecap for the initial normal run. Instead, you're given an ultimate battle-training stone, which means you'll have to run the dungeon an extra time now.


wrote on 2018-10-09 06:59:44

That has always been the case.


wrote on 2018-08-07 13:32:17

I have only run the Deadmines Pet Battle four times so not a large test sample, however, even with the nerf to the Terowclaw Hatchling I have still never lost any of the pets battle using the suggestion on this website and I do it on the "Challenge Mode". A few fights I had to be creative maybe finish off the fight with a third pet and move the Hatchling to the back row with Nature's Ward active to help it heal up or make sure you use Ravage to kill one of the opponents. I have also never used the Dodge move set. Yes some battle dialogues need to be updated but you should still be able to complete the achievement with what is listed on this page. WELL DONE.

Loxwolf wrote on 2017-06-21 02:10:18

I understand you have your guide up, but I like to try my own things, this set up is 100% success, I have used and done this 2 weeks running and not even close to a failure.

"Captain" Klutz:3KJG:121316M:21171A7:22161IM:
Angry Geode:3KHE:11281H0:122919C:222814F:
Cookie's Leftovers:3KJF:1225QC:111818O:222814D:
Foe Reaper 50:3KJH:2213170:22131NH:21181BK:
Klutz's Battle Bird:3KHG:2226140:12281LQ:2129ME:
Klutz's Battle Monkey:3KHH:1117AI:12281LQ:2129ME:
Klutz's Battle Rat:3KHF:212415R:12241LQ:2129NH:
Mining Monkey:3KHD:12141BB:11131HI:222414F:
Unfortunate Defias:3KHI:121B1NI:222814F:222616I:
Foe Reaper - Ironbark, Photosynthesis, Stun Seed; refresh Photosynthesis @ 1 round left, keep Stun Seed on CD, Ironbark for the easy win.
Unfortunate Defias - Normal Rabbit strat, Dodge, Scratch, Burrow, Keep Burrow and Dodge on CD, there is a round where Dodge is usable but Unfortunate Defias is stunned so free Scratch, then repeat strat, Clean up crew is up to you.
Angry Geode - Water Jet, Dive, Nature Ward, Spam Water Jet, Use Dive on CD, Refresh Nature Ward @ 1 round left unless it is round to Dive. Clean up crew is up to you
Mining Monkey - Toxic Smoke, Wind Up, SuperCharge, Wind UP, Toxic Smoke. Clean up crew is up to you.
Captain Klutz - Curse of Doom (when available to, will get stunned this is ok, just pass till Curse of Doom is cast), Haunt, Bring in Macabre Marionette, Death and Decay, Dead's Man Party
Klutz's Battle Rat - Black Claw, Hunting Party. Clean up crew is up to you.
Klutz's Battle Monkey - Shock and Awe, Missile till Shock and Awe off CD, Repeat. Clean up crew is up to you
Klutz's Battle Bird - Arcane Explosion x 3, Ancient Blessing, Repeat and keep Ancient Blessing on CD, Clean up crew not needed. Chrominius Solos this fight.
Cookie's Leftovers - Decoy, Breath till you fall asleep, bring in Nexus Whelping, Breath till win or if it dies, bring MPD back, Breath
If you don't use rematch to import and auto load teams - These are my teams/Set up. My moths/proto-whelps/dream whelplings are my clean up crew. 1 fight where i use lesser voidcaller as clean up crew to same effect .Also some pets are not used just in team eg Yu'la
Foe Raper 50 - Blossoming Ancient - 2,2,1; Broot - 2,2,1; Crazy Carrot - 2,1,1
Unfortunate Defias - Dust Bunny - 1,2,1; Emerald Proto-Whelp - 2,2,2; Lesser Voidcaller - 2,2,2
Angry Geode - Puddle Terror - 1,1,2; Ashwing Moth - 1,2,2; Emerald Proto-Whelp - 2,2,2
Mining Monkey - Iron Starlette - 1,2,1; Cerulean Moth - 1,1,1; Emerald Proto-Whelp - 2,2,2
"Captain" Klutz - Unborn Val'kyr - 1,2,1; Macabre Marionette - 2,1,1; Grotesque - 2,2,1
Klutz's Battle Rat - Zandalari Anklerender - 2,1,2; Dream Whelpling - 1,2,2; Garden Moth - 2,1,2
Klutz's Battle Monkey - Darkmoon Tonk - 1,1,1; Dream Whelpling - 1,2,2; Luyu Moth - 2,1,2
Klutz's Battle Bird - Chrominius - 2,2,2; Dream Whelpling - 1,2,2; Luyu Moth - 2,1,2
Cookie's Leftovers - Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling - 1,2,2; Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon - 1,1,1; Nexus Whelping - 2,2,2

Nelle wrote on 2018-07-31 13:35:25

Super tactic and team. Worked 100% - 6 more weeks to go :)

Fashaw wrote on 2017-06-24 20:01:47

Best site I have found! Only thing better would be an in game add on that lights up the ability we need to use next. Love this place, and the people that use it. We all work together to make killing these pets so much easier.


wrote on 2017-08-02 11:09:54

Or even better, the addon called TDBattlePetScripts :D
Check out this post for instructions how to use it: https://wow-petguide.com/index.php?m=1&jumpto=101


wrote on 2018-06-19 15:50:12

This link seems not valid anymore, it sends to main general page, could you update please? I would like to read some info :)


wrote on 2018-06-20 04:42:19

Hey! Yeah the page upgrades made this link invalid by now. An article explaining TDScript is in the works, but not online, yet. This might help:

Immortaliti wrote on 2018-04-29 15:39:19

Worth noting, after you finish the initial quest (The Deadmines Strike Back), you learn Manaproof Link: Westfall. You can visit Manaproof in Breanni's shop in (legion/new) Dalaran, and he can port you straight to Westfall.

dngnb8 wrote on 2017-08-04 18:49:53

Throughout this dungeon, you will see Teroclaw Hatchling and Anypet as your 2nd and 3rd options. Pick pets with Wish as your 3rd option. I prefer the Hyjal Wisp with Evasion and Wish. The evasion allows you a round of freedom to cast wish if when need it. It also allows you to dodge things like Whirlpool. Also remember, park your Teroclaw on low health but with Nature's Ward active. NW still heals it on the bench. Between Wish and NW, you should never lose your Hatchling.

Other pets with Wish, Celestial Calf, Magic Lamp, Magical Crawdad and Zao

Tyrsa wrote on 2017-06-27 13:59:20

It's not obvious but you'll need to be level 110.
The breadcrumb quest in Dalaran was unavailable to my 106, and despite the following quest being account-wide, the 106 was unable to queue for the scenario. Just a heads up.
My 110 is just fine.

Anonymous wrote on 2017-06-24 10:11:43

You didn't mention that you also get a mining monkey pet for completing the dungeon

Cupcake wrote on 2017-06-23 06:28:20

Firstly and most importantly, thanks for an amazing site, I really appreciate the hard work that must have gone into it.

I think we need to have some alternative strategies up for the challenge mode, Teroclaw Hatchling is used 6 times but we can only have 3 of them.


wrote on 2017-06-23 06:32:35

The challenge mode is for now a setup purely from my side, how I went through it fine. The non-challenge mode will (as far as there's a need and I get suggestions) host more alternatives.
When it comes to the Teroclaw, the way it is used here means it will come out of those fights at full health :-) I only have one and the strategies work fine with just one. Give it a try, you might be surprised :-)

Cupcake wrote on 2017-06-23 09:59:31

I knew the Teroclaw was awsome, I hadn't realised it was that good lol. Thanks, I'll give it a go :)

BrickJAK wrote on 2017-06-13 16:01:19

I'll have to find a way to beat the challenge without Unborn. The RNG gods despise me. I've never seen one in the wild (camping alts on multiple servers and hitting each on daily reset) and they're NEVER on the auction house.

Love the work you put in for us. I just always have to find alternatives to Unborn.

BrickJAK wrote on 2017-06-13 17:29:52

AHAHAHAHA, you're a good luck beastie Xu-Fu.

I got one today, finally!
Off to level her.

Danvash-Sargeras wrote on 2017-06-16 16:09:52

You just substitute Unborn Valkyr for another pet that has whatever move the author says to use. I use either Ghastly Kid or Ghastly Skull depending on whether that is Ascension or Haunt.

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