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Dyz wrote today on: News
Once I have loaded the "team" there is nowhere to add a script and, even if it did update all battles as you desribe, there is no way to just start an autobattle sequence or even to store a "memo" of the fight so you can just read it. Luckily most of the battles I know by heart, especially Environeer Burt ,because the script here did not work so Baelzebub rewrote it and I tested it and he posted it and he never got credit for "fixing" it, but that is by the by and ... [continue reading]
Could be RNG, but Enchanted Lantern did work as well in place of shadow. (Picked Burn instead of Shadow Shock)


wrote today on: Jeremy Feasel
Since Dragonflight the script shows the following error: - - Found error: Invalid Condition: `self(#2).active` (Not found cmd: `self.active`)
Failed my first try with a H/P Scabby but won my second try because of a nice crit, Scabby killed the Anubisath Idol
-- Script: - - use(Gelassenheit:254) [self.speed.fast && enemy.aura(Fliegend:341).exists] - use(Leerengeschoss:2358) [round=3] - use(Leerengeschoss:2358) [round=10] - use(Huschen:626) - use(Dunkelheit herbeirufen:256) [self.round=1] - use(Säureglibber:369) [enemy.aura(Säureglibber:368).duration=1 && !enemy.aura(Fliegend:341).exists] - use(Säureglibber:369) [!enemy.aura(Säureglibber:368).exists] - use(Absorbieren:449) - change(next)
drsimpatia wrote today on: Jeremy Feasel
Alright, done :) Works perfectly now! Tyvm


wrote today on: The Grand Master (Magic)
worked well, np 2 Eye Beams were gr8 to finish off the fight, tyvm


wrote today on: The Grand Master (Critter)
Ok so after the last Skitter, i did Skitter again and died, then sorta repeated the other fights, so Haunt, then Nut Barrage then died and used Crouch and then Burn, gl hope this ending works for you, tyvm


wrote today on: The Grand Master (Undead)
Didn't have a problem with these 3, gl, tyvm


wrote today on: Eye of the Stormling
woah nice, didn't know that :D thanks!

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2022-11-27 22:59:17
At 3pm PST on 28 November, Dragonflight will launch across the world, and whatever your priority on launch is we at Xu-Fu's have all the pet battling resources you could hope for!

For the initial collecting rush, we have our Dragonflight Compilation article here. This has all the information currently available to us about battle pets, and will be updated as more information is discovered. Maybe you'll be the person to discover one of the Hidden pets!

If you're looking to collect the lovely Lady Feathersworth, we have our Family Battler of the Dragon Isles section. Whether you're looking for one strategy or the whole collection, you'll find everything you need to complete the Family Battler of the Dragon Isles achievement. While you're there, feel free to add some strategies of your own! And don't forget: if you've imported your roster to the site, you can go to the Family Battler of the Dragon Isles main page and hit the 'All Families' button. The site will match all the best strategies that match your roster, and provide you with a mass import Rematch string to load all your teams into Rematch!

For those of you who are racing to reach max level and hit that reputation grind for the faction Renown, we have our World Quest section, and just like the Family Battler section you can hit the 'Load Pet Table' button to snag all the best strategies based on your roster.

New patches and expansions breaking addons is as regular as the sunrise, and pet battle addons are no exception! However, this also ushers in the chance for improvements and some of the addon creators in the community have done just that. We used to need two addons--tdPetBattleScripts & tdPetBattleScripts Rematch--to run tdscripts in Rematch. Now they've been combined into a single addon called Pet Battle Scripts! So a big thank you to Super and all those who collaborated on this to update the addon! Note: Please read the Getting Started section on Curseforge before you download or remove addons

If you're not quite to the point where you're using level 25 strategies and you're looking to get started on your pet battle journey, you should head to Valdrakken and visit Jyhanna's Pet Battle Introduction quest chain. By the end of this chain you'll have 3 level 25 Rare battle pets, which will make it much easier for you to pick up caged 25s on the Auction House to expand your collection for more battles!

As we move into a new expansion, we at Xu-Fu's want to thank our wonderful community for all your support and contributions to the site, and we look forward to seeing you on the Dragon Isles: happy battling!
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2022-11-20 12:08:42
Tables groan beneath the weight of a variety of dishes, and boisterous conversation fills the air over many a tankard of drink. Stories of glory and thanks are traded like precious gold, as friends new and old take their seats. Every cook and kitchen within the capital cities tirelessly churn out platter upon platter of food, as the citizens of Azeroth make the pilgrimage from far and wide to celebrate the week of Pilgrim’s Bounty.

Just as you lean forward to take the first bite of your favorite dish, something warm lands on your head. As the conversation at your table quiets, a substance that looks suspiciously like candied sweet potatoes runs down and lands on your plate. When you look up at the person across from you, you’re met with mischievous eyes and a barely suppressed grin. You bare your teeth in return, and then grab a handful of cranberry chutney as you utter a cry of; “Food fight!”

It’s Pilgrim’s Bounty week on Azeroth, and it’s, ‘…a time to reflect upon one’s good fortune and share with all around you’. It’s one of the major holidays celebrated in-game, and it runs for just under seven full days.

2020: 11/20 10:00 a.m. – 11/27 09:00 a.m. (based on NA times and dates)

Pilgrim’s Bounty offers two: Bush Chicken & Plump Turkey. Below, we’ll detail how you can get these two holiday pets, and add these delicious—I mean adorable!—pets to your roster.

1 Bush Chicken

"Following their introduction to the mainland by the goblins, Bush Chickens have become the entre du jour for Pilgrim's Bounty due to their high deliciousness and low intelligence.

The Bush Chicken is the easiest to get of the two. This pet is cageable, so one of the ways is to purchase one off the Auction House.

The other way is to complete the dailies for Pilgrim’s Bounty:

  • Can’t Get Enough Turkey
  • Easy as Pie
  • She Says Potato
  • Don’t Forget the Stuffing!
  • We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?

Each daily will require 20 of each food item.

These dailies reward an item called Pilgrim’s Bounty, and it’ll be filled with seasonal fare for the holiday. Among these items is the Frightened Bush Chicken, which will, of course, teach you the pet. Wowhead reports there’s about a 3% chance for the pet to drop.

If you’re looking to complete everything for the holiday, your best bet is to do the dailies every day, and if you don’t manage to get the drop you can purchase the pet off the AH. By the end of the holiday, the market has usually flooded with the holiday pets, so the prices should see a nice drop at that point.

2 Plump Turkey

He's humble, clairvoyant, and delicious with cranberry sauce.

The Plump Turkey is the more time-consuming of the two, since it’s one of the rewards for the meta achievement for the holiday: Pilgrim.

This pet is not tradeable, and is unique, therefore you can only learn one.

There are 9 sub-achievements for the meta achievement, and we’ll tell you how you can complete each one. It may seem a touch daunting, but most of them are fairly easy, so never fear!

2.1 Sharing is Caring, “FOOD FIGHT!”, & Pilgrim’s Paunch

These achievements are generally the easiest of the lot, and you can complete them as you make the rounds to all the capital cities doing your cooking dailies & quests. For Horde, this means starting in Undercity, and for Alliance it’ll be Stormwind.

However, none of the dailies send you out to the 4th capital needed by each faction: Silvermoon City & The Exodar. So, once you complete your cooking dailies & quests, head out to these capitals to finish Pilgrim’s Paunch.

Sharing is Caring & “FOOD FIGHT!” can be completed at about the same time, as long as there’s another player at the table with you. When you sit down, you’ll get a special interface bar, like when you’re in a vehicle, and it’ll give you the option to eat or share. If other food has been passed to that chair, it’ll be an option to eat that food, too.

For Sharing is Caring, all you have to do is share each dish (5) found at the table with another chair, doesn’t matter which one. Simple as that. If you’re looking to get the “FOOD FIGHT!” achievement, target a player/chair, and share the food until you get the achievement. It’s that simple! However, a player does need to be in the chair.

For Pilgrim’s Paunch, you need to eat 5 stacks of food from each chair to gain the Spirit of Sharing buff, and do this at all four of your faction's listed capitals.

If there aren’t any people around, I tend to pass all the food to one chair, and sit at that one to make getting your Spirit of Sharing quest a little easier. If there are people around, your best bet is to just sit at each chair individually.

2.2 Now We’re Cookin’ & Pilgrim’s Progress

These achievements require you to have a cooking skill of at least 280 in your Old World Recipes section to cook ALL the recipes, but fear not! This holiday is generally used by people to level their alts’ cooking skills, because each recipe you’re given will have enough points to get you to the next one.

There will be some traveling required to purchase ingredients, but the quest chain will lead you to each subsequent city. For the non-daily quests, make sure you have the quest before you cook the items. The dailies don’t have the cooking as part of the quest completion, but the non-dailies do.

Your dailies were mentioned in the Bush Chicken section above. The non-daily quests will send you to each capital city, in the order of the recipes that will progress you through your cooking skill. For Horde, you’ll start off in the Ruins of Lordaeron (Phased), and for Alliance it’ll be outside the gates of Stormwind.

Once you’ve picked up your cooking skill, or if you already have it, you’ll need to at least learn the Spice Bread recipe from the cooking trainer. After that, find a Pilgrim’s Bounty vendor, generally located near the Pilgrim’s Bounty tables outside the capital cities, and purchase a Bountiful Cookbook for 1 silver. This cookbook will contain all the recipes you need for this holiday:

  • Spice Bread Stuffing – Cooking Skill 1
  • Pumpkin Pie – Cooking Skill 100
  • Cranberry Chutney – Cooking Skill 160
  • Candied Sweet Potatoes – Cooking Skill 220
  • Slow-Roasted Turkey – Cooking Skill 280

Part One

For Spice Bread Stuffing, you’ll need the Spice Bread recipe and Autumnal Herbs. The herbs can be purchased from the Pilgrim’s Bounty Vendor.

Once you’ve learned this recipe, be sure to pick up the Spice Bread Stuffing quest. For Horde, this will come from Miles Standish (Undercity, Phased), and for the Alliance it’ll be from Gregory Tabor (Stormwind).

Now that you have the quest and you’ve learned the Spice Bread Stuffing recipe, you’ll need to make at least 30 of these for the first day, (20 for the daily & 10 for two different non-daily quests).

If your cooking skill is at 1, make as many as it’ll take for you to learn your next recipe: Pumpkin Pie (Cooking 100).

Now you can turn in your Spice Bread Stuffing quest. For the Horde, you’ll turn it in to William Mullins, and for Alliance it’ll be Jasper Moore. These NPCs will give you your next quest: Pumpkin Pie.

But don’t go anywhere yet!

You’ll need to purchase your Ripe Tirisfal Pumpkins from your Undercity bountiful vendor, and Ripe Elwynn Pumpkins from your Stormwind vendor. Honey can be bought off any of the vendors, but you might as well buy that while you’re here, too. You need 1 Pumpkin & 1 Honey for each Pumpkin Pie.

If your cooking skill is already maxed, you’ll need 25 Pumpkin Pies for the day. (20 Daily & 5 Non-Daily)

If your cooking skill is at 100, you’ll need to get to at least 160 for the next quest. If this is the case, I’d recommend sitting at the Stormwind/Undercity area, and making Pumpkin Pie until you hit 160 after you’ve picked up the Pumpkin Pie quest.

NOTE for ALLIANCE PLAYERS: If you already have your Old World cooking skill at 280+, head out to Elwynn Forest and hunt 25 Wild Turkeys now. Cook them up with the Slow-roasted Turkey recipe. It’ll save you the extra trip to Ironforge at the end.

With that done, Horde will need to head to Orgrimmar, and Alliance will head to Ironforge.

Part Two

Once you get to the next city, you’ll turn in your Pumpkin Pie quest and pick up Cranberry Chutney. Horde’s turn in will be with Francis Eaton, and Alliance it will be Edward Winslow.

You also need to make sure you pick up and turn in your Don’t Forget the Stuffing! daily while in these cities. For Horde this will come from Ondani Greatmill, and for Alliance it will be Caitrin Ironkettle.

You can pick up your Can’t Get Enough Turkey quests from these NPCs, too, but we’re not quite to the turkey yet. The exception here is the Alliance players who have already hunted & cooked their turkeys to save a trip.

Once you’ve picked up your Cranberry Chutney quest, find the Pilgrim’s Bounty vendor and purchase your Tangy Southfury/Wetlands Cranberries. You need 1 Tangy Cranberry & 1 Honey for each Chutney.

If your cooking skill is already maxed, you’ll need 30 Cranberry Chutney for the day. (20 Daily & 10 Non-Daily for two quests)

If your cooking skill is at 160, you’ll need to get it to at least 220 for the next quest. So, as before, sit at the vendor and make as many Cranberry Chutney as it takes to get to 220 after you’ve picked up the Cranberry Chutney quest.

With that completed, Horde will be heading to Thunder Bluff, and Alliance will go back to Stormwind.

Part Three

Once you’re in the next capital city, turn in your Cranberry Chutney quest. This is where the next quest somewhat diverges for the factions.


You’ll turn in your quest to Dokin Farplain, and pick up the Candied Sweet Potatoes quest. You’ll need to purchase Mulgore Sweet Potatoes, Honey, & Autumnal Herbs from the Pilgrim’s Bounty Vendor there.

If your cooking skill is maxed, you’ll need to make 25 Candied Sweet Potatoes for the day. (20 Daily & 5 Non-Daily)

If your cooking skill is at 220, you’ll need to get to 280 for the next recipe. So, as before, sit at the vendor and make as many Candied Sweet Potatoes as it takes to get to 280 after you’ve picked up the Candied Sweet Potatoes quest.

Also, don’t forget to pick up and turn in your Easy as Pie daily from the NPC Mahara Goldwheat.

From here, you’ll head to Orgrimmar.


You’ll turn in your quest to Edward Winslow, and pick up the They’re Ravenous in Darnassus quest. This will require 5 Spiced Bread Stuffing and 5 Pumpkin Pie. You should already have these in your bags from cooking earlier.

Don’t forget to pick up and turn in your We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney Again? Daily from the NPC Ellen Moore.

Now, head to Darnassus (Phased).

Part Four


You’ll be heading to Francis Eaton once again, and turning in your Candied Sweet Potatoes quest. You’ll then pick up your quest Undersupplied in the Undercity. This will require 5 Spiced Bread Stuffing and 5 Pumpkin Pie. You should already have these in your bags from earlier, so head over to the Undercity.


Once in Darnassus, you’ll turn in your quest in to Isaac Allerton, and pick up Candied Sweet Potatoes. You’ll need to purchase Teldrassil Sweet Potatoes, Honey, & Autumnal Herbs from the Pilgrim’s Bounty Vendor there.

If your cooking skill is maxed, you’ll need to make 25 Candied Sweet Potatoes for the day. (20 Daily & 5 Non-Daily)

If your cooking skill is at 220, you’ll need to get to 280 for the next recipe. So, as before, sit at the vendor and make as many Candied Sweet Potatoes as it takes to get to 280 after you’ve picked up the Candied Sweet Potatoes quest.

While here, don’t forget to pick up and turn in your Easy as Pie daily from the NPC Mary Allerton.

Now head back to Stormwind, again.

Part Five


Once in Undercity, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Turn In: Undersupplied in the Undercity
  • Pick Up: Slow-roasted Turkey
  • Pick Up & Turn In: We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney Again? With NPC Roberta Carter
  • Pick Up & Turn In: She Says Potato with NPC William Mullins

And now, we hunt…Turkey.

Head out into Tirisfal Glades. If you look around, you’ll see some Wild Turkeys strutting about. You can try to combine your farm of these delicious fowl with the achievement The Turkinator, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that during peak play hours.

For the cooking, you’ll just need to kill and loot 25 for today, and 20 each day after for the dailies.

Once you have your 25, and your Slow-roasted Turkey quest, cook them up. Then, head back to Orgrimmar.


Once in Stormwind, you’ll need to:

  • Turn In: Candied Sweet Potatoes
  • Pick Up: Slow-roasted Turkey
  • Pick Up & Turn In: She Says Potato with NPC Jasper Moore

And now, we hunt…Turkey.

Head out into Elwynn Forest. If you look around, you’ll see some Wild Turkeys strutting about. You can try to combine your farm of these delicious fowl with the achievement The Turkinator, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that during peak play hours.

For the cooking, you’ll just need to kill and loot 25 for today, and 20 each day after for the dailies.

Once you have your 25, and your Slow-roasted Turkey quest, cook them up. Then, head back to Darnassus.

At this point, both of the factions should have earned the Now We’re Cookin’ achievement—grats!

Part Six


You’ll be turning your final quest in to Francis Eaton. Then, head over to Ondani Greatmill to pick up & turn in the Can’t Get Enough Turkey daily.

For Horde characters, this completes your achievement Pilgrim’s Progress—congrats! You’re free to move on to the other achievements now.


You still have some travelling to do. Your quest Slow-roasted Turkey will be turned in to Isaac Allerton in Darnassus.

Then, you’ll need to head back over to Ironforge to pick up and turn in the Can’t Get Enough Turkey daily if you haven’t already.

Now you’ve completed your achievement Pilgrim’s Promise—congrats! You’re free to move on to the other achievements now.

And then there were four…achievements left.

2.3 Terokkar Turkey Time

For this achievement, you need to have a Pilgrim’s Hat, and either a Pilgrim’s Dress, Robe, or Attire.

These items drop from the Pilgrim’s Bounty item received from completing Pilgrim’s Bounty cooking dailies.

Once you have these items, it’s just a matter of going to Sethekk Halls and killing Talon King Ikiss while wearing the above clothing. Remember, it needs to be the hat AND the chest piece.

For those who are well above Outland-level dungeons, head in on heroic mode and you’ll have a chance at the Raven Lord mount. This mount only drops on heroic mode from the boss Anzu.

2.4 Pilgrim’s Peril

Once you have a Pilgrim’s Dress, Robe, or Attire, you can head to the capital cities of your opposite faction enemies, and take a seat at their tables.

These items drop from the Pilgrim’s Bounty item received from completing Pilgrim’s Bounty cooking dailies.

For Horde:

  • Darnassus (Phased)
  • The Exodar
  • Ironforge
  • Stormwind

For Alliance:

  • Orgrimmar
  • Silvermoon City
  • Thunder Bluff
  • Undercity (Phased)

All the tables will be ‘outside’ the respective cities.

For Darnassus you have to go through the city to the clear area between the Warrior’s Terrace and the Tradesman’s Terrace.

For the Exodar, you’ll need to take the portal at Rut’theran Village from the western dock.

For Undercity, it’ll be in the Ruins of Lordaeron.

2.5 Turkey Lurkey

For this, you need to blast a rogue of each race, except Pandaren and Allied Races, with your Turkey Shooter.

These items drop from the Pilgrim’s Bounty item received from completing Pilgrim’s Bounty cooking dailies. You also have the chance to receive the Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter as a toy, which will not be consumed on use like the Turkey Shooter.

DO NOT shoot a rogue who is already a turkey – it won’t count.

DO NOT shoot a rogue who is in a ‘vehicle’ type mount – it won’t count.

This achievement is obviously easier in expansions where we share a main hub, like Dalaran or Shattrath, and somewhat more difficult during expansions where we’re separate. Your best bet will still be the shared capitals.

2.6 The Turkinator

This will probably be the most difficult achievement of the lot. Not because killing turkeys is difficult, but because killing the spaced apart turkeys while everyone else is killing spaced apart turkeys can cause a person to /head desk. There were more than a few occasions where I was thwarted at 38 or 39 killed.

Essentially, you need to kill 40 Wild Turkeys within 30 seconds of each other, and achieve Turkey Triumph. For Horde this will be in Tirisfal Glades, and for the Alliance it will be in Elwynn Forest.

If you look up the achievement on Wowhead, there are plenty of scripts in the comment section you can put in Macros of your Game Menu to help out with this. The one in particular I use is this:

/tar Wild Turkey
/script if (charm == nil) or (charm < 6) then charm=9; end; charm=charm-1; if (charm==6) then SetRaidTarget("target", 0) else SetRaidTarget("target", charm); end

If you have a favorite turkey murdering macro, feel free to post it in the comments!

And that’s everything! If you’ve made it to the end and managed to get all the achievements, you should now be a proud owner of a Plump Turkey and likely a Bush Chicken. Congratulations!

From all of us at Xu-Fu’s to all the pet battling denizens of Azeroth, we’re thankful for everyone who works to make this page the best source for pet battle strategies, and we wish you a Happy Pilgrim’s Bounty!
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2022-11-16 21:04:47

1 tdScript Addon Update

New patches and expansions breaking addons is as regular as the sunrise, and pet battle addons are no exception!

However, this also ushers in the chance for improvements and some of the addon creators in the community have done just that. We used to need two addons--tdPetBattleScripts & tdPetBattleScripts Rematch--to run tdscripts in Rematch. Now they've been combined into a single addon called Pet Battle Scripts!

Note: You must delete the old addons directly from your addon folder, and not through an addon manager. You can also reference Skull's comment here.

So a big thank you to Super and all those who collaborated on this to update the addon!

2 Pre-Patch Only Pet: Primal Stormling

Phase Two of the pre-patch is underway, and with it we get a new pet: the Primal Stormling!

While this pet is cageable, the quest it is a reward from will only be available during pre-patch, so if you don't want to have to purchase one at a later date on the AH you'll need to log in soon!

This pet requires multiple, short quests to unlock A Primal Threat from Khadgar:

1. The Dragon Isles Await
2. Aspectral Invitation
3a. The Dark Talons (Horde) / The Obsidian Warders (Alliance)
3b. Expeditionary Coordination
4. Whispers on the Winds
5. A Primal Threat

It doesn't matter which Primal Storm you go to for the ten motes for the quest A Primal Threat.

We at Xu-Fu's wish you all the best in your pet collecting endeavors, and happy battling!
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2022-11-08 14:01:39
The timeline is once more in danger, and the Bronze Dragonflight has called upon the heroes of Azeroth to venture into the swirling mists of Pandaria. Perhaps we'll also find a few pets hiding amidst the timeways?

This week's timewalking vendor offers two pets: the Paradox Spirit & the Infinite Hatchling, and they both cost 2200 Timewarped Badges from the vendor Mistweaver Xia on the Timeless Isle.

However, there's also an Achievement reward pet from Stormstout Brewery: the Hopling.

It's a reward from Ling-Ting's Herbal Journey

Here's a link to the comments on Wowhead for the achievement. It also offers a workaround for the one that might be bugged beneath the stairs. For that one it'd be best to wait until the instance is clear. Or, since you'll be heading out to the Timeless Isle anyway, drop by the Valley of the Four Winds on your max-level character for an easy clear, and easy pet!

Happy collecting!
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2022-11-06 14:55:02
Happy 18th Anniversary to World of Warcraft!

Another year has come and gone for the denizens of Azeroth, (and beyond), and the first day of the anniversary event has launched!

This year we have two pets available from the vendor: Timeless Mechanical Dragonling & Corgi Pup

Both pets will cost 200 Timewarped Badges each at Historian Ma'di, so don't forget to check your mail for your celebration package, which will have 200 Timewarped Badges in it. Essentially, you get a pet for free!

12th Anniversary Pet: Corgi Pup

17th Anniversary Pet: Timeless Mechanical Dragonling

Once again, we at Xu-Fu's wish WoW a very happy birthday, and hope for many more in the coming years!

Happy Battling, everyone!
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wrote on 2022-10-26 14:14:40

Will tdBattlePetScript Rematch and tdBattlePetScript be updated?
They seem to cause issues with the prepatch stuff :(


wrote on 2022-10-26 17:03:25

Pretty sure they will be. Usually it just takes a bit before the authors had the chance to make the necessary changes to it and release a new version


wrote on 2022-10-27 01:32:27

Indeed, a horrible experience without tdBattlePetScript. Had to do pet battles today by clicking the correct ability button each round! On top of that, BattlePetBreedID seems broken too. Guess I'll suspend my pet activities until someone fixes these ;)


wrote on 2022-10-27 08:22:06

Manually clicking ability buttons!? The madness.
TD script is in the works, that much I know for a fact. The others I'm sure will follow soon :)


wrote on 2022-10-27 14:49:19

Oh cool, Thank you for the answer!

Manually clicking buttons is the hardest thing I've had to do in a while >:


wrote on 2022-10-28 07:04:33

UPDATE: Super has just confirmed it is now available on Curseforge.

Hrmph, this Younger Generation who find it too much work to click different buttons... Arrr, when I was young, we had to click ALL our buttons while trudging in the snow all the way around Pandaria , and it was uphill both ways! (Shakes stick and yells at clouds.) (edited)


wrote on 2022-10-28 08:28:13

Ayyy, updating the files manually from GitHub fixed all the issues I had :D

No more button clicking!

Shadow11 wrote on 2022-11-01 19:19:28

Was tdBattlePetScript Rematch updated? Mine still says out of date and curse says it was last updated Dec 14 2018.


wrote on 2022-11-01 20:21:00

Are you getting any actual errors with tdBattlePetScript Rematch, or is it just saying out of date? Because if it's working and you are not getting errors, I wouldn't worry about it.


wrote on 2022-11-08 16:23:45

tdBattlePetScript Rematch works fine for me.

@Shadow11, Blizz's "Outdated" check is a fake check, as it just reads a number in the addon's index file (toc). That is, if my addon is completely incompatible with a new game version because of API changes, I can make it "updated" for Blizz' check by just updating that number, even if the addon crashes your game, freezes your computer and drinks your beer.

Many addons that haven't seen updates for months or even years are still 100% compatible. Maybe they are truly abandoned (and still work or not), or maybe the author just decided to not waste his time with toc updates, if the addon is not affected by the last patch changes.


wrote on 2022-11-09 22:09:58

Note there is a new tdBattlePetScript version. It's called "Pet Battle Scripts" PBS. tdBattlePetScript Rematch is no longer needed.


wrote on 2022-11-12 20:00:08

There should be a news article made to highlight this. Who should I tag? :P


wrote on 2022-11-14 17:42:43

I'll be making one tonight ^^


wrote on 2022-11-17 22:22:47

Yes, it is really reassuring to know that we now have an actively developed continuation of the old addon. I've always dreaded the day when tdBattleScript stops working and no one can fix it.


wrote on 2022-11-11 03:01:16

There is an error in Magpie. Something about the API not updating. TSM link indicates API hasn't updated for 2 months but I haven't had this message that long. Is it just me or does everyone have the same error icon. Thanks

EDIT: Icon is gone and everything is good. Magpie updating and current. Thanks


wrote on 2022-11-02 06:23:30

Hi, when will the feature to import the pet collection be back online? It keeps telling me it's deactivated & to check again in a few hours, but when I try again a few hours later I get the same message :)


wrote on 2022-11-02 10:55:34

Hello, i have the same problem since yesterday, i tried different times, but no luck


wrote on 2022-11-03 12:01:40

Problem solved ... thx a lot for the fast response, nice work


wrote on 2022-07-03 18:46:45

I give up. Is the auction house checker gone now or can I just not find it?

I love that feature. It's so helpful for me in growing my collection.


wrote on 2022-07-03 19:44:24

Hey! Magpie hasn't come out of maintenance, yet. It will be back as soon as possible. Apologies for the delay.


wrote on 2022-07-04 02:07:59

No worries! Thank you for the answer! :)


wrote on 2022-07-07 17:54:07

It's back :)


wrote on 2022-06-10 10:53:38

Hello, great website, is there a way to sort all pets by owned % ?

I'm trying to figure out the rarest pets i have but can't seem to find a way to figure it out without having to manually scroll each of my pets on the website

Thanks !


wrote on 2022-06-10 11:31:50

Hey, yes there is!
If you go here https://www.wow-petguide.com/Profile/Collection you'll see a blue "Export to Excel" button. Download the sheet, open it in Excel (or google sheets or whichever you prefer) and you'll have a much more detailled list of all pets. It has the ownership percentages included in one of the columns towards the right and you can sort/filter to your liking.

Fair warning though, this percentage is only taking collections into account that are present here on Xu-Fu's, that means mostly people who are into pet battles. The numbers across all WoW are likely much lower.


wrote on 2022-06-10 18:18:24

Thanks a lot Aranesh ! :)


wrote on 2022-05-26 16:28:21

does anyone have a list of pets found within all dungeons throughout all of azeroth?


wrote on 2022-05-26 16:55:37

We don't have a dedicated list for them but if you go through each Dungeon section, the pets you can get are listed in the articles. And if you hover over each of them you can see if you already have it or not :)


wrote on 2022-04-24 16:59:03

I am looking for help with something, I had an addon once that let you see battle pets on your map and lost it can anyone tell me of one. Thank you and yes I use Pettracker but it is not allowing me to see pets


wrote on 2022-03-25 15:34:29

You listed today (3/25/22) as Squirt Day in NA, but it was actually yesterday. Thanks for making me miss it. :-(

MarkC wrote on 2022-03-27 03:43:16

No they didn't -- the problem is on your end. It is and always has been listed as 3/24.


wrote on 2022-03-27 11:12:18

There seems to be a bug where it shows different dates depending from which timezone you open the page. I'm looking through that code at the moment to figure out what's going on exactly. Sorry for the confusion!


wrote on 2022-03-27 18:24:50

Thanks for looking at it. If it helps, when I checked few weeks ago (from the same computer), I think it actually said 3/24. But changed before the actual day-of. Perhaps some new code got deployed?


wrote on 2022-03-28 08:52:56

My current theory is that the server move changed it. New server appears to treat daylight savings and timezones differently. I've added a bunch of tracking and logging to it now so I can see what exactly is happening.

But in all honesty, I'll probably have to rewrite most of that widget... yay! :D


wrote on 2022-04-08 20:34:15

It's back to working again. Thanks for the fix!


wrote on 2022-04-18 12:34:32

I've rewritten the entire thing now and added a few new features. It should behave properly now :D


wrote on 2022-04-09 07:33:47

hmm not sure whats going on it says no leveling quests active... but there are 2 up on EU realms. :)


wrote on 2022-04-09 12:02:30

Have you clicked on EU? Shows 2 for me.

Silverthorn wrote on 2022-01-11 21:07:14

Click Here to see Older News just hid the option and nothing appeared. I suppose there could just be no older news (previous to the Snowy Owl) that made the port, but idk. Thanks for the site!


wrote on 2022-01-11 22:05:37

Should load now. Can you give it another try now please?

Allison wrote on 2022-04-02 16:44:09

I just tried it, and it is still hidden when you click on it...


wrote on 2022-04-02 17:13:07

It shows ok for me when I click on it.


wrote on 2022-04-02 17:38:17

I wonder if it's a logged in versus not logged in thing?


wrote on 2022-04-03 01:58:35

Nice one! When I log out and try, clicking on Older News just closes the Older News line without opening the list.


wrote on 2022-04-03 10:00:10

Thanks Dragons... it was indeed a problem with not being logged in. I fixed it though, it should now load fine no matter if you're logged in or not :-)


wrote on 2022-03-25 13:03:48

I wish that it was possible to export/mass export teams including the TDPetBattleScript strings in one press. Albeit, I understand that this is a limitation of the addons, not the site. (edited)


wrote on 2022-03-09 18:44:24

Ive sent a personal email a while back explained how MUCH this has helped me getting over a stroke. I was so confused i couldnt even do pet duels. With the one click thing and this page. My memory has actually jimproved and that *fear* of talking to people has been dialed back a bit . THANKS


wrote on 2022-03-11 13:25:32

I'm happy to hear that you are recovering, and still enjoying pets. Be well! If you want more conversation with pet battlers, who are the friendliest community in WoW, you would be welcome in Xu-Fu's Discord, a link to which which ts above this on the right-hand side, or in the Warcraft Pets Discord.

Both are pretty quiet by Discord standards, but always friendly. :D


wrote on 2022-03-10 17:09:17

Squirt day is listed incorrectly as today (10 Mar 2022) and it was actually yesterday... I missed it. :(


wrote on 2022-01-24 17:01:47

I'm looking for an add-on, that automatially revives and/or heals my pets, if no cooldown with "Revive", else with a bandage. Probably there's nothing like this - or I'm simply to blind... Any suggestions (no regarding my blindness :P )?

Stoke wrote on 2022-01-27 12:37:19

Don't think your able to cast that action from automatic scripts, and only from secure buttons. You probably could make a WA instead that tells you wether you have dead pets when not in combat


wrote on 2022-02-02 09:31:06

Found something: https://wago.io/Wgg3egWcr.

MichaelHop wrote on 2022-01-25 18:18:17

Wow! Nice!


wrote on 2022-01-09 23:28:20

Can we get a section to get all the taming achievements like "Taming Kalimdor"?


wrote on 2022-01-19 01:49:38

Have a look at the Elekk Great Big Adventure achievement https://www.wow-petguide.com/Section/12/An_Awfully_Big_Adventure

If you have a roster of the standard Level 25 pets, you will probably find a suitable strat in there. Not so much for Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms, because any Level 25 Blue will just destroy everything you face.