Welcome to the Shadowlands!

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Welcome to the Shadowlands!
2020-11-23 13:58:27
The gateways are open! Hope you are ready to explore new lands, experience new stories, and - how could it be any different - battle and collect many new pets!

As usual the team behind Xu-Fu has gathered all the information you need to fight your way through the new quests and achievements. Here's just a quick summary with links to the individual sections:

1. New Pets

More than a hundred new pets are available in Shadowlands and this compilation lists them out with images and descriptions.

2. World Quests

Once you have unlocked world quests, the following guides give you strategies to all the new pet battle quests:

3. Achievements

A new family achievement is around as well and you will find tons of strategies in the section for the Family Exorcist

Happy battling and collecting!

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